School's out, fun's in! It's back to your dearly-missed vacations this June holidays! ? No matter how far or near those destinations are, it's time to take a break with your kids! We got you covered with a roundup of cities you should visit; from your favourite destinations to even less-travelled places you can check out! ?

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14 Best Places To Travel With Kids This June Holidays

1. Johor, Malaysia

Malaysia is truly a perfect place for a getaway, no matter how long your vacation is! Malaysia is a one-stop destination for a fun day out with the kids. From various kid-friendly hotels and resorts, some of which with built-in theme parks, themed rooms and more, to delicious halal options all within reach, you'll have a hassle-free trip that promises non-stop fun for the little kids ? One popular destination will be Legoland Malaysia Resort in Johor! The theme park is having its first vehicle- and racing-themed festival, 'Build The Thrills'. From now till June 26, let your kids test out their inner F1 racing skills at the all-time favourite Driving School, which now features a wider variety of kid-friendly vehicles! ? There are even other noteworthy attractions your kids will love, such as the iconic Lego Ferrari 512 M model, Pit Stop Building to build your dream vehicle, meet-and-greet sessions and opportunities to win prizes! P.S. Here are more articles to help you plan your next trip!

2. Singapore

Singapore might be small, but it packs on a whole lot of adventure for kids! Now that many of us can head out during the June holidays, you'll be spoilt for choice! Your kids love thrilling rides? Universal Studios Singapore or Sentosa will be the spot! ? Looking for a chill picnic spot for a nice break afterwards? Choose from any of these 22 (and counting!) places! Whether you're just looking for a staycation (with exclusive deals you can enjoy if you click this link) or you're planning to visit Singapore since it's nearby and convenient for you, your kids will never get bored ?We have so many ideas for your itinerary this June; all you have to do is search for it up on our HHWT website! We collated a list of articles below for you to check out and get started:

3. Phuket, Thailand


Dreaming of somewhere with the perfect balance of the sun, sand, and sea for you and your children? Look no further than Phuket! There's a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities perfect for the entire family, and plenty of halal food options around for you and your kids to dig into! ? Need some travel tips? We got you covered right here with these articles:

4. Bali, Indonesia


Everyone knows that Bali is the perfect location for a romantic honeymoon or weekend getaway. But wait a minute, did you know that there's more to Bali than that? ? With its beautiful beaches, intriguing historical, and cultural locations and dozens of attractions, Bali is also a perfect place for a family vacation! ? The best thing is that it also has plenty of family-friendly options when it comes to accommodations and itineraries, and it suits both the lowest to most luxurious budgets ?

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5. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is more than just a playground for lovers of all things Korean; it has plenty of vibrant parks and kid-friendly attractions such as Lotte World waiting for you to explore! ? What's even better is that if you travel within the city, you'll enjoy a hassle-free trip since almost everywhere in Seoul is conveniently located near public transport, so say goodbye to long traffic and fussy kids! ?

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6. Hong Kong

If you haven't been to Hong Kong just yet, well, this is the perfect time to do so! With an increasing number of prayer facilities and halal restaurants serving local cuisine, exploring Hong Kong has never been this easy ?Moreover since we can't go to Japan just yet, Hong Kong's Disneyland and DisneySea theme parks will definitely keep your kids entertained the entire day! P.S. Excited to finally head out to Hong Kong? We got you covered with these articles!

7. Vietnam

Travel can be educational as much as it is relaxing, so why not take the family to explore hidden gems in Vietnam! Vietnam is an exciting and rewarding destination perfect for you and your kids who are always up for an adventure! ? From the limestone cliffs and crags of Halong Bay to the bustling streets of Hanoi and even their thrilling amusement parks in Dalat, the sights of Vietnam are a great mix of unforgettable landscapes, fascinating history and rich culture. Did you know that Vietnam is actually the most-searched destination for travellers according to Google Trends this year? Your family definitely can't miss this! ?

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8. Western Australia

There’s so much to love about Western Australia. Brimming with bustling cities, stunning landscapes and friendly locals, it’s no wonder why Western Australia is one of our favourite Muslim-friendly destinations in the world! And it's kid-friendly as well; from their amazing wildlife for your kids to explore to fun water sports, it's only a glimpse of what Western Australia have to offer! ? Apart from your favourite spot Perth, there's actually more than meets the eye in WA! For instance, did you know that the world's happiest animal can be found on Rottnest Island? You can even swim amongst gentle sharks too! WA is definitely a place you must put on your travel bucket list soon! ?

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9. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne caters for all types of families, from the adventurous to the artistic, and there's always plenty to see and do in the city; no wonder it's one of the most popular destinations for Muslim travellers! It's a laidback family-friendly destination as well, which makes it a perfect place to rewind while still keeping your energetic kids filled with plenty of interactive activities! ? P.S. Need a guide? Look no further than these articles:

10. Gold Coast, Brisbane

Australia’s Gold Coast is famous for its theme parks, beaches, and infinite list of attractions! With its accessibility from the major city of Brisbane, sunny weather, and organized public transport system, it’s the perfect family vacation spot all year-round! ? Gold Coast really is an age-friendly location for all - the stunning beaches are perfect for both a relaxing walk along the shore or a more exciting dive in for a swim. You can’t miss the theme parks while you’re there either - Dreamworld, Movieworld, and Whitewater World are all uniquely exhilarating and easily worth a day trip each ? Families of all ages can also explore native wildlife at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and shop for hours at Pacific Fair - all of which are accessible from the city centre by bus! P.S. There's still many other activities for you to check out when you're in Brisbane!

11. New Zealand

Beyond its mesmerising landscapes, New Zealand offers a wide selection of activities for kids that range from cultural experiences, to wildlife encounters, to nature-based activities and thrill-seeking adventures; perfect for families like you who are always on their feet! ? P.S. We have a list of articles from itineraries designed for families, to tips for first-time travellers to Middle Earth!

12. Istanbul

Behind the beautiful skyline overlooking ancient architectural wonders lies a variety of hidden gems suited for kids! From a relaxing cruise along the Bosphorus River, to visiting Turkey's first and largest amusement park, Insfabul and even seeing all of the country most's iconic landmarks in one miniature town at Miniaturk, your kids will love it! ?

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13. Dubai

Isn't it amazing when there's one destination that caters to the entire family? ? There are so many things to do in Dubai with your kids, and they will be kept on their feet all day! From camel rides and shark lagoons to rollercoasters and VR zombies, there's something for you and your kids to enjoy and bond over!

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14. London

Kid-friendly museums, boat rides, castles, shops, football stadium tours or simply a nice picnic with a full view of farm animals are just some of the many attractions waiting for you and your kids to explore in London! It is a bustling metropolis with tons of attractions and you will never run out of things to do with kids! ? P.S. London's calling for you to check out these articles!

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