Travel To A World Of Limitless Possibilities At Dubai’s New Museum Of The Future


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 02, 2022

Dubai has a new attraction for you to check out, and it’s going to transport you to a whole new world, almost quite literally. On Feb 22, Dubai opened a new museum, the Museum Of The Future that is dedicated to what the future could look like in 2071, with lucid interactive displays relating to earth, outer space, the mind, and body, and a hub of development of emerging technology.

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Dubai's New Attraction, Museum Of The Future

Credit: @briansoverbrawns for Instagram

Touted as the most beautiful building in the world, the museum stands minutes away from the Burj Khalifa skyscraper - the world’s tallest building. Its unique curvilinear shape that looks like an eye stands out majestic from afar. This architectural marvel has no internal columns and is supported by a steel structure that was ‘digitally grown’ using parametric tools. It also has no corners at all! ?

Credit: @by.bdr for Instagram

The 77-meter-tall (252-foot-tall) building is covered with 1,024 stainless steel composite panels adorned with Arabic poetry by Sheikh Maktoum, the late vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. Each panel represents one kilobyte. In digital computing, one kilobyte is equal to 1,024 bytes, or 1,024 characters. The Museum of the Future truly lives up to its reputation of beauty ?

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It gets even more magnificent inside. The museum has seven storeys, each of which are dedicated to different exhibition spaces. On the 5th floor visitors are presented with the ‘OSS-hope’, a NASA- approved makeshift space station, with walls covered in 3D-printed meshes seemingly made from asteroid-mined material.

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There’s even an activity for you! Each visitor is given a role to play and tasked with unpacking the world’s problems such as climate through studying space. 

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For those who are deeply passionate about the environment, head down to the 4th floor and enter a digital recreation of the Amazon rainforest, the largest in the world! With almost 2400 specimens on display in individual tubes, you’ll also get to learn more about the ecosystems and their interactions in the Amazon, while understanding more about bio-engineering, a possible solution in solving one of the biggest challenges in the Amazon: deforestation. 

Of course, while you’re literally standing in the future, you’ll get to see prototypes of future products on the 2nd floor, such as drones, flying cars and even robotic pets! Seems like Back To The Future’s predictions might be a reality in the near future! ?

Credit: @by.bdr for Instagram

Your children will definitely love the science park on the 7th floor, where they get to explore and solve challenges in fun-filled activities! The museum also contains many laboratory spaces, a 1000-capacity multi-use hall, and a 345-seat lecture theatre, aimed to find next-generation solutions that will change and solve today’s challenges. You can even head outside! Stand in the middle of the eye and take plenty of IG-worthy photos ?

Credit: @athari.alserkal on Instagram

It truly is a marvellous feat, which will fascinate and make you rethink the world as you know it. The Museum of the Future definitely a place you have to check out for your next trip to Dubai! ?

Credit: @briansoverbrawns for Instagram

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