This Is What Myeongdong, South Korea Looks Like In 2021 (With Halal Eatery Updates!)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 07, 2021

Travel's kicked in and we're all itching to get on that flight! Missing our favourite overseas spots is definitely tough, especially since we have no idea what's going on in the country anymore. Well, if you're planning for a trip to Korea and want to prep yourself for the trip to come, or you're just curious about what's happening over at your favourite spot, this is for you!

This Is What Myeongdong, South Korea Looks Like In 2021

Our writer, Ayeeshah, went to Korea a few weeks ago to check out South Korea and visited the popular Myeongdong! Here's what she found: the popular shopping district is now a little quieter without tourists and early closing timings ?

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No longer are there food carts serving our favourite Korean street food, or touristy knick-knacks and souvenirs. At 9pm, department stores had closed for the day, short for the stray souvenir shop.

Not all is silent in 2021 Myeongdong, though. The area's still home to its former charm. Fairy lights now twirl around the trees in preparation for Christmas celebrations, giving the shopping district a festive feel in the cold weather.

The lights coming from department stores also give us hope - they're still open! Next time, we'd just have to arrive a little earlier. Many stores still stick to the 9 pm curfew set by the Korean government after the pandemic hit. Perhaps we'll see more business staying open till 10 pm as travel opens up further! ?

While roaming the quiet streets, we also checked out everyone's favourite halal stores in the area. Does anyone else miss Busanjib? This famous halal Korean restaurant was once filled with tourists pre-covid. But at 9 pm on a weekday, Busanjib's once always bright signs had been turned off.

We did check with the store's owners, though and good news! The restaurant has survived the pandemic but is now only open on Friday and on the weekends. Looks like we'll still be able to enjoy halal Korean food in Myeongdong on our next trip ?

Credit: bejokorea 

If you're in the area and craving Indonesian food, local sources also tell us that Bakso Bejo Korea is also still open! Halal Indonesian food in what was once one of the busiest streets in Korea? Who knew!

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Myeongdong may no longer be bustling with life the way it once was, but its charm definitely still exists! The rows of shops we once know and love just close earlier now. So if you're itching to rush to this shopping district to enjoy what it once was, make sure to plan your time carefully. Share this with your travel buddy to plan your next trip!