10 Affordable Family-Friendly Accommodations (Under USD100!) Near South Korea's Top Attractions


Luqman Hakim •  Apr 23, 2018

Thinking of heading to a country full of historical significance and cultural diversity? Why not head to South Korea? Home to K-Pop, binge-worthy dramas and kimchi, South Korea is a country you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

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There are so many things to do in this wonderful country, especially if you are travelling as a family - visiting the many palaces in South Korea, amusement parks, capturing photos of you and your family at significant Korean drama locations or just simply savouring their delicious street food! ?

A safe and comfortable accommodation is essential for any trip, especially if you have kids with you. Most family-friendly accommodations may be a little pricey depending on the number of travellers on the trip. However, there are a few in South Korea which are wallet-friendly (and of course, comfortable). Here is a list of affordable family-friendly accommodations in the main cities (and island) of South Korea!


Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is an urban jungle of skyscrapers and heritage sites which hold stories of the country's deep history. There are two airports in Seoul. You can either fly to South Korea’s largest airport, Incheon International Airport or Gimpo International Airport.

1. Hostel Tommy

The first accommodation on this list, Hostel Tommy, is located in the heart of the city. The nearest Seoul Metropolitan Subway stations to this hostel are Anguk along Line 3 and Jongno 3-ga along Line 1, 3 and 5. The hostel is located near Jongmyo Shrine and is a walking distance from Cheonggyecheon Stream and Seoul’s shopping paradise, Dongdaemun. ?

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Family rooms for 3-4 guests are available and Wi-Fi is free. Every room has its own private bathroom and the hostel has a shared living room and kitchen. There is even a games room for the younger ones to play and a prayer room for Muslims to perform their prayers!

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Rate: From USD 70

Address: 68 Waryong-dong, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, South Korea 110-360

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2. Air Hostel Seoul

Air Hostel Seoul is a short walk from Jongno 5-ga Station along Line 1 of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. The hostel has a modern, classy feel and is conveniently located near tourist attractions such as Changdeokgung Palace and Gyeongbokgung Palace. The hostel is also located near Dongdaemun!

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The hostel has a common living room and bathrooms are either shared or private, depending on your booking. While heir Deluxe Double room is suitable for couples with young children, the Quadruple room and Deluxe Triple room are suitable for families with older children. ?

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Rate: From USD 69

Address: 233-3 Hyoje-Dong, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, South Korea 110-480

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3. Airbnb: HP’s Cozy House

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The first Airbnb in this list is located close to Mapo Station along Line 5 of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. The highlight of the apartment is the stunning view of the Han River! ? The river, which crosses Seoul, is the 4th longest river in South Korea.

You may also wish to head over to Seoul World Cup Stadium (a few stops away from Mapo Station) for a football match. Home to Korean League clubs, FC Seoul and the South Korean National team, this is a must if you are a football fanatic.

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HP’s Cozy House is an apartment room which accommodates a maximum of 4 guests, perfect for a family of 4! The apartment has 2 Queen-sized beds, 1 bathroom and Wi-Fi is provided at no extra cost.

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Rate: USD 67 per night on Airbnb

4. Airbnb: Cozy Duplex P8

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The next Airbnb is a loft and is located in Hongdae near Hongik University Station along Line 2, AREX (Airport Railroad Express) Line and Gyeongui-Jungang Line. There are many things to do in Hongdae!

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Famous for the hipster and night life, Hongdae is full of cafes and tourist attractions. Go crazy over illusions in Seoul’s Trickeye Museum or overload on cuteness at Kakao Friends Flagship store in Hongdae. Alternatively, just shop 'till you drop in the many retail outlets there. ?

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Cozy Duplex P8 accommodates 8 guests, perfect for big families (or groups)! There are 2 bedrooms with a total of 6 beds and 1 bathroom. Free Wi-fi is also provided.

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Rate: USD 100 per night on Airbnb

5. Airbnb: Private Room in Itaewon

The third and final Airbnb in this list is located in Itaewon, where there is a huge Muslim community! Expect to find more Halal-certified restaurants and even a Halal supermarket in the vicinity.

Seoul Central Mosque is also prominent venue located in Itaewon. Perform your prayers in Seoul’s first and most iconic mosque. ?

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What makes this Airbnb different from the last two is that the entire home is actually shared. The only thing that is private is your room. If you are comfortable with living alongside strangers, then this is the Airbnb for you!

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The 4-bedded room accommodates 4 guests and the living room, dining room and bathroom are shared among the guests there. Just like the last 2 Airbnbs, Wi-Fi is provided at no extra cost.

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Rate: USD 57 per night on Airbnb


Busan is a region in the southeast of South Korea. There are various modes of transportation which can bring you into Busan, the most preferred being rail. No, this is not a reference to the Korean zombie thrilling blockbuster, Train to Busan! ?If you are entering Busan via air travel, you will likely arrive in Gimhae International Airport.

6. Toyoko Inn Busan Station No. 1 / No. 2

Toyoko Inn has two buildings! Toyoko Inn Busan Station No. 1 is conveniently located next to Busan Station while Toyoko Inn Busan Station No. 2 is located near Jungang Station, both of which are stations along Line 1 of the Busan Metro.

Toyoko Inn Busan has a variety of rooms which are family-friendly and provide free Wi-Fi for all guests.

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There are a number of activities to do in the vicinity of both Toyoko Inn's buildings - explore Busan Station Plaza, head to Busan’s China Town or shop at Gwangbokro Culture and Fashion Street! ? If you are not into shopping, then just simply enjoy the gorgeous view of Busan from the top of Busan Tower, located just a stone’s throw from Jungang Station.

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Toyoko Inn Busan Station No. 1

Rate: From USD 63

Address: 12 Jungang-daero, 196Beon-gil, Dong-gu, Busan, South Korea

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Toyoko Inn Busan Station No. 2

Rate: From USD 62

Address: 125 Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea

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7. Hotel Elysee

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Hotel Elysee is a 3-star hotel and is a short walk from Nampo Station along Line 1 of Busan Metro. The hotel has rooms specifically for families and provides Wi-Fi free of charge. There are family rooms which provide a great, stunning view of Busan too! ?

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Go for a jog or take in the serenity of Busan’s greenery in Yongdusan Park, located just next to the hotel.

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You may also wish to pay a visit to South Korea’s biggest fish and seafood market, Jagalchi Market, located just a few blocks from the hotel!

Rate: From USD 82

Address: 22 Daecheong-ro 126beon-gil, Donggwang-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea

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South Korea’s largest offshore island, Jeju, is located south of the mainland and is an island shaped by volcanic activity in the past! There are a number of activities one can do at Jeju but topping the list would have to be a visit to South Korea’s highest mountain, Mount Hallasan, a dormant volcano and a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

You can either hop on a ferry from Busan Port International Passenger Terminal in Busan or board a flight to Jeju International Airport.

8. M-Stay Hotel Jeju (Seogwipo)

Seogwipo is one of the busiest towns in the island of Jeju, located south of Mount Hallasan. There are many tourist attractions located in or around Seogwipo, namely Cheonjiyeon Falls, Jeongbang Falls and Seogwipo Daily Olle Market. To get to Seogwipo, one may wish to drive or take a bus from Jeju International Airport.

M-Stay Hotel Jeju is conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from Cheonjiyeon Falls. ?

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The hotel offers family-friendly services and rooms, suitable for families travelling with children. A number of their rooms provide excellent views of the ocean or the town of Seogwipo, and Wi-Fi is provided at no extra charge.

Rate: From USD 66

Address: 14, Taepyeong-ro 353beon-gil, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea

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9. Days Hotel Jeju Seogwipo Ocean

Days Hotel Jeju is another family-friendly hotel located in Seogwipo. It is an approximate 2-hour drive or bus ride from Jeju International Airport.

Credit – Days Hotel Jeju

Family-friendly rooms in Days Hotel offer great views of either the town of Seogwipo, Mount Hallasan or a stunning view of the pristine ocean, depending on the room you select. Wi-Fi is free of charge and the hotel also provides family-friendly services, such as free baby bed, for an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

Rate: From USD 48

Address: 7 Donghong-ro, Seogwi-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea

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Getting around Jeju:

Bus is the main mode of transport in Jeju, so remember to grab yourself a map of the bus routes! There are many attractions in Jeju, so do spend your time exploring the true beauty of the island of Jeju. ?


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If you are looking to head to a ski paradise in South Korea, look no further than Pyeongchang. There are a number of ski resorts in this well-known venue, but you may wish to spend your nights in Holiday Inn and Suites: Alpensia Pyeongchang. ?

10. Holiday Inn and Suites: Alpensia Pyeongchang

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The hotel is located just a stone’s throw away from Alpensia Ski Resort. Wi-Fi is available for free and there are suites, which can accommodate the entire family.

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The rates, however, may differ depending on the season but they are still rather affordable and the experience is worth what you are paying for. Do take note though, that rooms may not be available during certain events such as the Winter Olympics.

Rate: From USD 93

Address: 325 Solbong-ro, Daegwalnyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea

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So, what are you waiting for? Start booking your flight tickets to South Korea now with the many family-friendly accommodations to choose from! Spend quality time with your family in an amazing heritage-filled country and experience South Korea’s sights, sounds and tastes in your next trip ?