This Halal Restaurant In London Serves Authentic Chinese Dishes


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 23, 2022

If you've been to London, you've probably heard of Noodle Oodle, a restaurant at Queensway, an area known for having many halal eateries, and a popular hangout area for students and budget travellers, that serves authentic Chinese/Shanghai dishes. During the pandemic, they went through an upgrade during the pandemic with a new look and name: Duck & Noodle! They still keep the same delicious menu, though, so if it's going to be your first time heading to London, or perhaps you'd like to take a trip back down memory lane, let's check out what they have to offer!

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Duck & Noodle In London Serves Authentic Halal Peking Duck, Dim Sum And More

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It's literally in the name of the store, so you know you have to try their Roast Duck La Mian. This is truly nourishing Chinese soul food in the form of hand-pulled noodles. It ticks off the checklist of every la mian noodle soup you've tasted but possibly even better: delicious, succulent and soft duck slices paired with heavenly chicken broth ?

Credit: @ducknoodlelondon for Instagram

You can't leave without trying their Hongkong-style Stir-Fried Noodles, or chow mein! Slightly crispy and chewy pan-fried noodles combine with umami flavours of prawns, squids, fish cakes, bean sprouts and scallions – everything gets tossed into a hot wok, to get the true MVP ingredient: that wok hay flavour ? You can choose the other 6 options too such as beef, BBQ chicken, roast duck, of course, and more! Whatever you end up deciding with, you'll end up polishing off your plate quickly ?

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The heart of it all is definitely their trademark world-famous halal roast Peking Duck! Well, it's a claim they live up to, so it's best you try it for yourself ? If it already looks so good, imagine the taste ? Put all of the meats and vegetables together in a rice paper and a concoction of flavours erupt in your mouth: the crispy skin contrasts with the tender meat, and the rich flavour of duck combines with flavorful hoisin sauce and is balanced by mildly sharp spring onions and cucumbers ? A hearty meal like this ought to be shared, and we bet you'll be arguing who will have the last piece!

They have an extensive menu of other items you should definitely try such as fried rice and wok dishes! Now you've got more reasons to visit Duck and Noodle because you definitely have to try everything ? Now that Singaporeans and Malaysians can travel quarantine-free to London, add this place to your trip! If travelling to London is still a faraway dream for you, well, you can join us and just salivate at how good the food looks ?

Duck and Noodle

Halal status: All of their meals are halal-certified, however, they serve alcohol on the premises. Do dine with discretion.

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