Quarantine-Free Destinations To Travel For Your Post-Ramadan Vacay

11 Quarantine-Free Destinations To Travel For Your Post-Ramadan Vacay


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 26, 2022

[UPDATED 5th May 2022] The world is reopening up, and here at HHWT, we're more than excited to head out and explore the world! We bet that there are so many destinations you'll love to visit, but if you're not sure where to start, we got you covered with 11 destinations to check out after Ramadan! P.S. There's a bonus destination we think you'll definitely have to put on your travel bucket list! Read on until the end!

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Quarantine-Free Destinations To Travel To This 2022

1. Malaysia

Credit: UnsplashOne look at the long queues at Tuas or Second Link to enter Johor Bahru, and you can easily tell how much Singaporeans truly miss their trips for delicious food, Raya shopping, Ramadan bazaars, and more shopping, cafe hopping and more! It's a perfect first trip in two years for many of us, especially if you're still hesitant to board a flight or fly out to faraway destinations. So whether it's a foodie vacay to Penang, a shopping trip to either Johor or Kuala Lumpur, or a much-needed break by the beach at Redang Island, there's definitely something for everyone! ?
Credit: UnsplashCurrently,  all international visitors who are fully vaccinated are allowed to enter Malaysia without quarantine from April 1st. You will also need to download the MySejahtera tracking app here and fill up a pre-departure travel form located in the 'Traveller' icon on the MySejahtera app via this link to enter Malaysia. For travellers with vaccine certificates issued overseas, you will need to verify your digital Covid-19 vaccine certificate via this link when you're out and about in Malaysia ? If you're flying, you do need to take a COVID-19 ART two days before departure. However, the Malaysian government has announced that they will update the rules on Wednesday (27th April) over three matters: the wearing of face masks in public, the need to check in via MySejahtera when entering premises, and about Covid-19 detection tests at airports. Do stay tuned for more updates! ?P.S. Here are more articles we think you should check out for your next trip to Malaysia!

2. Singapore

Credit: Unsplash Across the Causeway, Singapore has also opened up and relaxed many restrictions, so it definitely should be on your list! There have been new activities popping up, so you definitely have to make a trip back to the island soon! If you need a little guide, we’ve compiled a list of 10 New Attractions, Halal Eateries, Experiences & Hotels In Singapore For Your 2022 Trip! Plus, we have so many hidden gems and neighbourhoods, not even the locals might have heard of, and it awaits you to explore! ?
Credit: Unsplash Singapore has updated their new Covid-19 measures from today (26th April). Fully-vaccinated travellers will no longer need to take a pre-departure test to enter Singapore! ? Furthermore, local restrictions have further loosened as well. Masks are only mandatory indoors, but optional in outdoor settings (you are, however, encouraged to wear one when it's crowded). Safe distancing rules are no longer required, and you also don't have to check in with the TraceTogether app at many places (except at larger events with more than 500 people and certain nightlife venues)! ☺️ P.S. Here are more articles you'll definitely need for your trip to Singapore!

3. Indonesia

Credit: Unsplash Ah, the land of gorgeous beaches, rich culture, scenic nature spots, and scrumptious halal food. There’s no denying that Indonesia is truly a location that has everything any traveller is looking for ? Whether you love the beach in Bali, can't get enough of city life in Jakarta, back packing in East Java, or even a short trip to neighbouring islands of Batam and Bintan, Indonesia has it all. The best part of it all is that Indonesia is less than 3 hours away, making it a quick but fun and fulfilling spot for a holiday break ?
Credit: Unsplash While you can now travel quarantine-free to Indonesia, there are some rules you need to follow! You have to provide a negative PCR test within 2 days before your departure, have Covid-19 insurance and a minimum paid hotel stay of four days at any of their CHSE-certified hotels and install both PeduliLindungi and Karantina Presisi apps on your mobile device. For more information, do check out Indonesia's Covid-19 page via this link! ? P.S. Here are more articles for you to check out!

4. Thailand

Credit: Unsplash If there are two things we love Thailand for, it’s definitely their pristine beaches and delicious halal Thai food. It’s truly the perfect spot for a much-needed tropical break. The best part is your Thai beach getaway at Phuket or Krabi is approximately only 2 hours away by flight, and it's quarantine-free! ?
Credit: Unsplash And that's not all the great news: Fully vaccinated travellers will not be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival anymore ? You are, however, recommended to do a self-test using antigen kits during your stay. The Test & Go entry scheme will also be scrapped, so you can now travel anywhere in Thailand! All you have to do is register for entry via the Thailand Pass and present proof of vaccination, and then you're good to go! ?You should read this article, which compiles all the latest updates you'll need to know for your next trip to Thailand! P.S. Need a little trip planning? We got you covered with these articles!

5. Maldives

Credit: Unsplash White sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, a glow-in-the-dark beach… The Maldives has officially become our new dream destination less than 5 hours away by flight, for a perfect beach getaway for couples and families alike! ?
Credit: Unsplash A vacation to the Maldives might seem to be on the high end, but after two years of no travel, there's no better time than NOW to go big or go home! They've scrapped their quarantine rules and the need for proof of a negative Covid-19 test, but you do have to sign a health declaration form (you can check it out right here) before your trip! Your IG feed is going to look so amazing, we promise! ? P.S. Consider your trip stress-free with these articles on the Maldives!

6. South Korea

Credit: Unsplash What's good, South Korea? We know that this vibrant nation has been on your list for a while now, and you definitely can't wait to explore your favourite cities like Seoul, Busan, Jeju and more! Why not check out our writer's experience when she took the first flight to South Korea last year? ?
Credit: Unsplash While South Korea has dropped quarantine restrictions, there are still a few rules you should follow: a negative PCR test taken within 2 days before your departure, an on-arrival PCR test booking confirmation in South Korea, K-ETA (an electronic travel authorisation that allows visa-free tourists to enter Korea), register for Q-code after your pre-departure PCR test result (this exempts you from quarantine!) and an additional self-administered ART on the 6th day of your trip. Stay tuned for more updates by checking out the respective South Korean embassies in Singapore and Malaysia for additional information ? P.S. We have so much content on South Korea (it's one of our favourite destinations!) so check out these articles!

7. Australia

Credit: Unsplash There’s so much to love about Australia. Brimming with bustling cities, stunning landscapes and friendly locals, it’s no wonder why Australia is one of our favourite Muslim-friendly destinations in the world! Some cities in Australia are merely 5 hours away from Singapore and Malaysia such as Perth and Melbourne, so lesser travel time, more fun Down Under! ?
Credit: Unsplash Australia has joined the ranks of Singapore and completely scrapped Covid-19 testing for international arrivals! You just need proof that you're vaccinated (with a booster) and keep your masks on, and off you go! Not sure where to go? Why not try out this fun quiz that tells you which part of Western Australia you should head off to in only 45 seconds? Who knows, you might even enjoy a hidden gem in WA ? P.S. Check out these articles for your next Aussie trip!

8. New Zealand

Credit: Unsplash New Zealand has majestic mountains, picturesque fjords and spectacular glaciers to win over any Muslim traveller ?Top of that, it's the perfect location for those who love chasing the adrenaline, and even those wanting to embark on their own Middle-earth experience! The New Zealand Government has announced that New Zealand's borders will reopen this 2022! ?
Credit: Unsplash From May 1 2022 at 11.59pm, fully vaccinated travellers will finally be able to enter New Zealand! Travellers from Singapore and other visa waiver countries will be able to once again enjoy the gorgeous sights of New Zealand. There are a couple of rules you have to follow, and you can find them all out via this link! ? P.S. Need a hand in helping you plan your trip? HHWT comes to the rescue with these articles!

9. Turkey

Credit: Unsplash From picture-perfect landscapes to emerald thermal pools, ancient Greek ruins, and vibrant cosmopolitan cities, Turkey is one of the most diverse Muslim travel destinations in the world! From the breathtaking nature views at Cappadocia to the bustling, vibrant city of Istanbul and even unique authentic experiences in Bursa, your options are limitless! ?
Credit: Unsplash Before you start planning for your trip to Turkey, here are some Covid-19 rules you need to know. Those who are not vaccinated will have to present results of a negative COVID-19 swab test, while fully vaccinated travellers will simply have to present their vaccination certificate to be allowed entry. You also need to fill up a Traveler Entry Form online here at least 4 days before arrival in Turkey. P.S. Let us help you plan your Turkey trip with these articles!

10. Switzerland

Credit: UnsplashSwitzerland is definitely one of those evergreen destinations that'll always be on our travel bucket lists. Blessed with dramatic snow-capped mountains, picturesque century-old towns, scenic train rides and more, there’s a great adventure that only an ultimate Swiss getaway can tell!
Credit: UnsplashSwitzerland has further relaxed their restrictions! Now you don't need to show proof of a negative Covid-19 result; all you have to do is bring your luggage and you're good to go! ? P.S. Here are all the articles you need for a perfect trip to Switzerland!

11. United Kingdom

Credit: Unsplash The United Kingdom is one of Western Europe's classic destinations full of stunning landscapesexciting attractions, rich culture and more. It's a place that guarantees an amazing holiday whether you're visiting with family, friends or your other half.
Credit: Unsplash And yes, no more forms to fill, no more tests to take and no more quarantine to do when you head to! 2022 is looking goooood! ? P.S. Get the full British experience when you're there with these links!

BONUS: Hong Kong

Credit: Unsplash If you haven't been to Hong Kong just yet, well, this is the perfect time to do so! With an increasing number of prayer facilities and halal restaurants serving local cuisine, exploring Hong Kong has never been this easy ?
Credit: Unsplash Here's some great news: Hong Kong will reopen its borders to international visitors come May 1st! ? As compared to the other countries, the rules here are much more stringent, which you have to follow. All fully-vaccinated travellers must take a pre-departure test, followed by a further 'test and hold' procedure on arrival at Hong Kong International where you will have to take ART and then undergo a 7-day period of hotel quarantine. P.S. Excited to finally head out to Hong Kong? We got you covered with these articles!

Travel is back in style this year, so it's time to take your vacation now!