This Is What Turkey Looks Like In 2021!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 22, 2021

Good news: Turkey is open for Singaporean travellers! As of 15 December 2021, Singaporeans can now visit the home of iconic landmarks like Hagia Sophia and Cappadocia ? If you've missed the country of baklavas, majestic mosques and bazaars, then this is for you. HHWT's managed to get the real inside scoop on what Turkey looks like in 2021, after 2 years of fighting a pandemic and a smaller stream of tourists. Read on if you miss Turkey's beautiful views!

This Is What Turkey Looks Like In 2021

Credit: Comfort Tours

Let's start with one of Turkey's most famous spots, Cappadocia ? Cappadocia's morning scenery seems not to have waned - hundreds of hot air balloons still take flight each sunrise!

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Credit: Comfort Tours

And with the remarkable rock formations and caves not only complementing the sight of the hot air balloons' but holding their own weight in beauty, Cappadocia's painting-like scenery is still as beautiful as ever. No worries about taking the iconic hot air balloon shots we all love to take the next time you're in Turkey. They're still there, waiting for you!

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Tourists no longer flock the streets the way they used to, and Istanbul's streets are much more quieter, but the sun still sets everyday behind Hagia Sophia, making for a stunning postcard-like photo. Oh, and if you miss riding down the Bosphorus Strait, the cruises still run ?

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Let's not forget the rich history that surrounds Turkey! Ephesus' meandering cobblestone streets tell tales of one of the most important Greek cities in its time. Although less crowded, the Ancient Greek port holds many sights that you'll be able to enjoy on your next visit such as the Curetes Way, Library of Celsus, terraced houses, Temple of Hadrian, Great Theatre, Church of St Mary, Prytaneum and Latrines. A peak into the past, this is definitely a must-visit on your next trip to Turkey.

Credit: Comfort Tours

Nearby, the seaside town of Kusadasi holds almost unparalleled views. Known for its white, sandy beaches and the sparkling, turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, its no wonder there are so many resorts around the area! Drop by on your next visit for Instagram-worthy summer photos.

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Last but not least, Pamukkale. This iconic landscape is best recognised by its snow-white landscape and terrace pools. Also known as 'Cotton Castle', Pamukkale is home to both geographical and historical feats & memories for everyone to admire. Head down to explore the ruins of old bath houses from an ancient Roman spa city, or study the petrified waterfalls that come with the landscape!

Plus, the mineral-rich thermal pools make it an exciting experience for any traveller who wishes to experience its healing benefits. Pamukkale's pools are said to have healing benefits for anyone with rheumatism, skin and nerve diseases, and more.

Anyone miss Turkey yet? Because I sure do! Between the astonishing views and the culture-laden sights, Turkey makes for an all-round worthy destination. Share this with your travel buddy to plan your next trip to magical Turkey!