5 Free Things To Do In Phuket On Your Next Beach Getaway


Nurul Mimsy Mimsy •  Nov 28, 2016

[Updated 6 July 2021]

Of idyllic small islands and fantastic halal food, Phuket is a top tourist destination for many reasons. But for the same reason, Phuket can be a little pricey.  When you're running a little low on cash or on a tight budget, you'd start to think that you're not left with a lot of options right? Don't you worry! Believe it or not, there's still lots of fun, free things you can do in Phuket? Here's our top 5 picks??

P.S. Starting from 1 July 2021, Phuket is safely reopening to vaccinated travellers!

1. Island View Points

My favourite out of all the free things to do in Phuket - to get an almost bird's eye view of the gorgeous coastline. They are mostly located out of the way and on the edges of Phuket, but you can always rent a motorbike so you can access all these view points easily and at your own time.

2. Phromthep Cape Lighthouse

Credit: Shankar S. on Flickr

In continuation with the previous point, Phromthep Cape (otherwise known as Sunset Viewpoint) is one of the many viewpoints in Phuket, but with a lighthouse that you can enter for no charge and a sunset view that will make you wish you brought a portable chair to sit on and admire.

3. Lounge By The Beach

Grab a cheap set of snorkeling gear from the convenient store and snorkel for free! There are tons of beaches in Phuket - Patong, Kata, Karon, Surin, and the list goes on. The sunset at Patong Beach is spectacular but to simply lounge around, I prefer the latter because it's less crowded. You can even go parasailing or jet skiing there!

4. Mosque Hopping

Credit: Abdul Hadi Othman on Facebook

Yes, you read that right. Instead of going temple hopping like the rest of the tourist population, how about you try something out of the norm. I only came up with this idea while writing the post actually, but this isn't something new, I'm sure there have been travelers who've done this before.


There are approximately ten mosques located around the island, so that should be interesting!

5. Old Phuket Town

If you wish to explore Phuket beyond its coastline, this is the place where you'll find the old school side of Phuket, with all the European feels and many photo opportunities around their historical sites. If you wish to check out the Phuket Mining Museum, entry is 100 per person.

These are just 5 free things you can do in Phuket, and we hope you'll have the best time on your next beach getaway! For more tips on travel planning, check out our amazing 4D3N Muslim-friendly itinerary to Phuket.