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Batam-SG Travel Bubble Might Happen Soon - 5 Amazing Spots You Need To Visit


Faruq Senin  •  Mar 25, 2021


With the Bintan-Batam-Singapore travel bubble planned for late-April 2021, Batam's tourist spots are expected to receive more visitors soon. According to several local news sources, the opening of Batam's tourist attractions will be centred around the Nongsa area which has become the Covid-19 green zone. Batam is known to most Singaporeans for its beach resorts, affordable shopping and delicious halal local food. But there's more to Batam than meets the eye. If you're planning on visiting Batam once the borders reopen, be sure to check out these 5 things to do and places to visit!
1. Ranoh Island
Ranoh Island is one of the smaller islands around the main island of Batam. While you're here, expect white sandy beaches, blue waters, and rows of coconut trees. Apart from lazing on the beach, you can also spend the night at a resort on this island. Although the island is small, the facilities are quite commendable, including various water sports facilities. P.S. Planning to visit Bintan instead? Check out these 5 must-visit spots!
2. Tanjung Pinggir Beach
If all you want from a beach vacation in Batam is to relax, then Tanjung Pinggir Beach is perfect for you! With the calm breeze and crashing sound of waves, you'll definitelybe able to laze around while enjoying the beach atmosphere. You can enjoy spot Singapore's skyscrapers from a distance here!P.S. Check out these 6 places that we predict would have travel bubbles with Singapore this 2021!
3. Sea Forest Adventure Nuvasa Bay
This tourist spot in Batam has a huge area of ​​ten hectares with a variety of interesting water and land activities. One thing that you must try here is their water activities! Ride the Giant Water Slide, which floats in the middle of the sea. It's suitable for families, including those with kids! If you want something more challenging, you can jetski, canoe, or try knee boarding! If you're looking for other activities on land, check out the camping ground, a Rabbit House or even the paintball arena! Address: Jalan Hang Lekiu Sambau, Nongsa Price: Starting from IDR 50,000 per ride Contact no : +62778 761 979 or +62811 700 3338 Opening hours: Thu-Sun; 9AM-5PM Instagram
4. Tangga Seribu Park
Managed by local residents, the Taman Seribu Park is one of Batam's hidden gems! Here, you can enjoy views of the sea from the top of a tower. Head deeper into the park and you'll be able to walk down the stairs to admire theview at Dangas Beach.#HHWT Tip:  If you head here on New Year's Eve, you can even see the fireworks in Singapore! Address: Tanjung Pinggir, Sekupang Price: IDR 10,000 per person Opening hours : Monday to Friday 9.00-20.00, Saturday and Sunday open 24 hours
5. Telaga Bidadari Waterfall
It turns out that Batam also has nature spots like Telaga Bidadari which is a waterfall and lake. Telaga Bidadari means "Angel Lake" in Bahasa Indonesia and we can definitely see why! To reach Telaga Bidadari, you'd have to trek through the protected forest of Muka Kuning Park for about an hour. When you arrive, you'll be greeted by a cool lake surrounded by a protected forest. The waterfall is not too high and the pool is not too deep, so it is safe for swimming. Unfortunately, this spot is not fully developed yet. So, there are no basic facilities such as toilets and seats. Address: Simpang Dam, Muka Kuning Price: Free Opening hours: Open 24 hours With these 5 amazing spots, now you can start dreaming and planning your trip to Batam in advance. While the travel corridor is not confirmed yet, it's definitely good news. SHARE this with your loved ones!