Things We Really Miss About Penang

Here's 7 Things We Really Miss About Penang


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 06, 2022

It’s recently been announced that Penang-Singapore VTL will kick off on March 16, and we’re excited! There’s so many things to do in Penang, such as snapping IG-worthy photos of quirky street murals, beautiful buildings, and of course, their delicious street food. While we countdown the days to (hopefully ?) visit Penang, here’s what we miss about one of the best places to visit in the world.  

Here's What We Miss About Penang

1. Food, glorious food!

Credit: @calvin_oky for InstagramCan you really say you’ve been to Penang if you don’t savour as much delicious halal food as you can find? Touted as one of the food paradises in Asia, Penang is packed with street food that’s both scrumptious and wallet-friendly; the holy grail of food ? We really can’t wait to have a feast soon! While you join us and patiently wait, why not check out these articles to prepare for your next foodie adventure:

2. Photogenic city

Credit: @yining0818 for InstagramPenang has rightfully earned its place to be one of Malaysia’s most IG-worthy cities ? Turn around any corner wherever you go, and there’s bound to be an IG photo opportunity waiting. Our IG feed was truly an envy-inducing one! Apart from the iconic street murals and the brightly coloured Pulau Jerejak, that you absolutely cannot miss, check out this list we compiled that has even more Instagrammable places you must go to for your future trip in Penang! 

3. Picturesque beaches

Credit: @rslm.nr for InstagramRemember those days where you were relaxing on the golden sandy strip along Batu Ferringhi Beach? Well, now you can make it a reality soon! Some of the best islands and beaches in Malaysia, such as the aforementioned, are all located in Penang, and they’re simply breathtaking ? There’s even many activities you can do down by the beach, such as exploring the many restaurants in the area, water sports or simply a leisurely stroll! Check out these articles for resorts suited to your beach getaway in Penang: 

4. Peaceful green pockets

Credit: @chandra_dewipuspita for InstagramIf you’re looking for a refreshing getaway out of the concrete jungle, a step into the evergreen lands of Penang will do just the trick. Apart from its title as the food paradise of Asia, Penang’s natural beauty is truly amazing! ? From the lush greenery in The Habitat Penang Hill to Tropical Spice Garden and more, there’s simply something for every traveller heading towards Penang!

5. For the thrill-seeker in you

Credit: @farahdiza for InstagramWho would have thought that there’s 7 world wonders located in Penang? Be in the midst of greatness with these 7 wonders that have broken world records! It has a perfect mix of adventure and nature, so if you think you’re brave enough to try, take on the challenge on your next trip to Penang! Hint: It involves the world’s longest water slide ever! ?

6. Endless cafe-hopping

Credit: @kotadine_coffee for InstagramAs much as the locals take pride in their delicious street food, Penang has a strong and thriving coffee culture too ☕️ Have a break from your sightseeing plans and have a nice, refreshing cup of coffee or simply indulge in delicious cakes! Ah, doesn’t that sound like an amazing afternoon? ? We got you covered with Muslim-friendly cafes to check out in this island:

7.  Charming heritage hotels

Credit: @cheongfatttzemansion for InstagramGiven Penang's history that dates back to the colonial era, the city is full of heritage buildings and mansions, many of which have been turned into incredible boutique hotels in Penang. A stay at any of these hotels is bound to take your getaway to the next level, which makes us all the more excited for the VTL opening! ??There’s so much we missed about Penang, and if we haven’t said this enough, we seriously can’t wait for the VTL opening! Hopefully, we can head to Penang for a much-needed break ?