This Is Why Kandima Maldives Is Perfect For Your Anniversary Trip


Tengku Suzana •  Mar 21, 2018

All of us travel for different reasons. To learn, to go on an adventure, to do some soul searching, to enjoy some solitude and so much more. But isn’t a celebration or anniversary the best excuse to travel? At least, that’s what I did to persuade Mikhail to travel for our first anniversary! ;)

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As we’ve been up to our necks with work and preparing for our new home, a relaxing vacation was what we needed. Thankfully, Kandima Maldives ticked all the right boxes!

Getting To Island Paradise

There are 2 ways of getting to Kandima:

  • A 45-minute seaplane ride which will bring you right to the resort
  • A 25-minute domestic flight to Dhaalu Atoll airport and then a quick 15-minute boat ride to the resort

The domestic flight option is slightly cheaper but we opted for the seaplane as we wanted to save travelling time. It was all worth it because we had one of the most beautiful flights ever! Sure, the interior of the plane is squeezy, the noise is deafening (don’t refuse the ear plugs!) but when you look down, the million shades of blue will take your breath away.

#HHWT Tip: Sit on the left side for a better view of the atolls (ring-shaped coral reefs)!


We received the coolest room keys upon checking in – wristbands! This was perfect as we never had to find it, especially since we went in and out of the villa often. It would be even cooler if we could make our purchases with the wristband!

The Overwater Villa Of Your Dreams

Ah, don't we all have an image of overwater villas when we think of accommodation in the Maldives

Credit: Kandima Maldives

We love how our Aqua Villa was spacious with bright and fun modern décor!

We could step right into the crystal clear waters from our villa, though don’t expect much marine life.

My favourite part of the villa? Definitely waking up to the beautiful view of the vast open ocean and stargazing at night!

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Somehow, sunsets are exceptionally pretty in Maldives!

#HHWT Tip: There are plenty of accommodation choices at Kandima, from more affordable Studio rooms to private Ocean villas to honeymoon suites – definitely something for everyone! Don’t forget to bring your own room slippers, as these aren’t provided!

Getting Around The Island

The island is really long so we decided rent bikes (USD5/day) as the overwater villas are at the far end of the island. It’s impossible to walk around at mid-day as it gets really hot! Alternatively, there are buggies that bring guests around the island, all you have to do is wait at the designated stops!

Endless Number of Activities

As compared to most Maldivian resorts which offer more privacy and quiet zones, Kandima encourages guests to mingle instead of hanging out at your own villa. So it’s no surprise there are million and one things to do on the island. From cooking lessons to snorkelling trips to yoga classes, you’ll find something you love!

During our short stay, we went on 2 snorkelling trips and experienced night fishing! If you love snorkelling, we highly recommend the snorkelling trips instead of just snorkelling at Kandima.

Credit: Kandima Maldives

We travelled out to the best snorkelling spots (we spotted turtles!) by speedboat and were incredibly lucky to see a pod of dolphins during our journey!

Fun fact: There is a pod of dolphins that frequent the waters near Kandima so you’ll be able to spot them if you’re lucky! Alternatively, you can sign up for the Dolphin Excursion, we bet the odds of seeing these intelligent creatures are high.

During our night fishing, I learnt how patience was truly key ?. Our guide told us that there are usually more fish when night falls so all we could do was sit and wait. Sure enough, the fish starting biting the bait after sunset and our catch of the day was 3 red snappers! We had the option of having it cooked the way we wanted for lunch the next day at USD15/fish. It was soooo delicious and fresh!

If you think Maldives is just for honeymooners and couples, Kandima will prove you wrong. In fact, during our stay, we saw so many families with young kids! With one of the largest kids clubs around where kids can play and learn at the same time, your young ones will have plenty to do.

Credit: Kandima Maldives

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Food, glorious food!

You would know by now that Mikhail and I are huge foodies :P As we were on a full-board package, our meals were settled at Flavour and Zest, the 2 buffet restaurants on the island. We expected for the buffets to be repetitive but boy were we pleasantly surprised! During our stay, we were treated to different spread each time, from local Maldivian to Indian to Western cuisine, our tastebuds were in for a treat! What made the experience even better was the staff at the restaurants. Meet Laph, our new friend, who always greeted us with smiles, shared with us about life in Maldives and of course, food fresh off the grill!

Important Note: As Maldives is a Muslim country, the food at Kandima is halal. However, some of the restaurants serve pork. All items containing pork and alcohol are marked out clearly on the menu and are prepared separately. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

With world-class snorkeling, shimmering atolls, the best sunsets and not forgetting delicious fresh seafood, it’s probably no surprise that we’re having serious Kandima and Maldives withdrawal syndrome.

If you're still not convinced, check out our full experience here:


Now time for me to persuade Mikhail for another mid-year celebration trip to Maldives, perhaps? ?