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10 Halal Soup Places In SG For A Souper Douper You


Qistina Bumidin •  Jan 26, 2022


For those days you’re in need of some comfort, or just looking for a light meal that fills up your stomach quickly, Asian-style soups will definitely do the trick - slow-cooked, big on flavour, and feels like a big warm hug. 🤗 We compiled a list of 10 places you should check out according to the kind of soup you’re craving for. From Korean to Japanese, and even halal bak kut teh, these soul-nourishing bowls are a much-needed blessing. 😍 
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P.S. Here are some soup recipes you can try for yourself because nothing beats comfort than homemade:

10 Halal Places For Comforting And Nourishing Soups

1. Soup Spoon

Credit: @magerusagi for InstagramThe most obvious spot in town for a hearty, comforting bowl is The Soup Spoon’s many outlets. Tokyo Chicken Stew is their long-time favourite. Marinated chicken is slowly simmered in sweet vinegar and soy sauce broth with vegetables and mushrooms. One bite into the succulent chicken and you'll most probably be reminded of teriyaki sauce 🤤 Not only will this dish delight your taste buds but it's healthy too!Halal status: Halal-certifiedLocation & opening hours: Check out hereWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

2. A Rashid Khan Kambing Soup

Credit: Hady Jay for FacebookThis rainy season is perfect for a bowl of kambing (mutton) soup, and you can get it right here at A Rashid Khan Kambing Soup. Especially perfect for rainy or cold days, the soup is incredibly flavourful and spiced, but not overpowering in any way, and the rich mutton taste will simply warm up your soul. 🤩P.S. A Rashid Khan Kambing Soup is located in Ayer Rajah Market & Food Centre, a bustling hawker spot for students and working adults alike. Check out 10 places we think you should try when you’re there!Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: 8am-11pm daily (closed on Mondays) Address: 503 W Coast Dr, Singapore 120503 Facebook

3. Yi Zun Noodle

Credit: @bdazzleqatz for InstagramFounded by Madam Aisha, a Chinese Muslim from Qinghai, Yi Zun is the place to go for a comforting homecooked-style meal featuring signature Xinjiang flavours. For our hot summers, this filling meal should definitely be a go-to. Their beef broth is light yet flavourful - definitely a good choice for a hot meal! The chilli oil all over adds a little kick to the food, which is perfect for those who can’t live without spice. 🤤P.S. Craving for authentic Chinese cuisines made by Chinese Muslims? Check out our compilation of some of the best in town!Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: 11am-9pm daily Address: 60 Joo Chiat Road, #01-08/09, Singapore 427726 Contact: +65 69099287Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Habib Family Restaurant

Credit: @habib_familyrestaurant for InstagramWith the evolving Covid-19 situation today, staying healthy is important, and nothing works better or faster to clear up those sinuses than sipping on a steaming bowl of clear and pepper-laden bak kut teh.  At Habib Family Restaurant, they have specialised in halal bak kut teh for over 15 years! Pork is substituted with lamb meat and beef, and their Chinese chef and owner use the traditional herbs to cook the broth, so this dish is as authentic as it can get! 😋 Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: 8am-10pm daily Address: 374 Bukit Batok Street 31, Singapore 650374 (Nearest MRT: NS3 Bukit Gombak) Contact: +65 6561 6976Facebook | Instagram

5. Eminami

Credit: Emimami for Facebook There’s a reason why pho is the preferred breakfast, lunch or dinner option for Vietnamese because it’s so tasty and really energises you for the day ahead! Emimami is run by Vietnamese-Muslim Emina Mi, who intends to provide a slice of Vietnam in a bowl. There are two dishes you should try: The Pho Bo, for the pho we already love, and Bun Bo, for a spicier kick served with chicken meatballs and meatloaf instead. The broth is made tirelessly from scratch,  where the stock has been cooked and boiled for three hours every morning, so it’s super authentic, tasty and perfect for a pick-me-up! ☺️Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: 9am-4pm daily; Closed on Wednesdays Address: 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-47, Singapore 390051 Contact: +65 87428297Website | Facebook |Instagram

6. The Ramen Stall

Credit: @xia0feizhu for InstagramHad a long day after work? Or perhaps you’re just craving for something warm and comforting, but not too greasy in the middle of the night? The Ramen Stall is a great place for a late-night meal as it opens all the way until 5am. Their ramen flavours have even been adapted to suit the local palate. Their Volcano Ramen is topped with spicy sambal that will leave your mouth burning - choose from 3 spice levels and see if you can take the heat! You’ll definitely feel much better (and awake!) after one slurp! 😌Halal Status: Halal-certified Opening Hours: 11am-11pm (Mon-Thurs, Sun), 11am-2am (Fri-Sat) Address: 787 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198755 Contact: +65 6655 0800Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Seoul Sedap

Credit: @happytosis for InstagramThe hearty, savoury, spicy Korean Army Stew (Buddae Jiggae) promises you uber comfort. At Seoul Sedap, they serve Army Stews for 2-3 people and even Army Stew with Cheese especially if you're a fan of cheese. Those of you who are dining alone can also get their mini Army Stew. You can also choose to add more ingredients for the Army Stew, because more food = happiness. 😁You should also try their Soft Tofu Stew with Seafood ($10.90), which is made with freshly curdled soft tofu. You can change to their kimchi soup or soybean soup too! Complete your meal with rice or ramen, and your tummy will thank you. Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: 10am-8pm (Tues-Fri); 10am-3pm (Sun); Closed on Mondays Address: Blk 138 Tampines St 11, #01-148 Contact: +65 8023 9745Facebook | Instagram

8. Koh Nangkam

Credit: @intanina for InstagramSavouring a hot bowl of tom yum with white rice is our idea of a perfectly satisfying meal, especially on a rainy day. Get your Thai fix at Koh Nangkam! Their Clear Tom Yum has rustic and traditional flavours you don’t taste with the more commonly seen Red Tom Yum version. The soup is delicate but distinctive, with zesty undertones that bring out the freshness of the seafood. It’s the perfect comfort food on a bad day - one spoonful and it’s a guarantee that your tummy and your soul would feel super nourished. 😊Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: 11.30am-3.30pm, 5pm-7.30pm (Mon, Wed-Sun); 12.30pm-3.30pm, 5pm-7.30pm (Tues) Address: 6 Jalan Kledek, Singapore 199261 Contact: +65 63922172Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice

Credit: @siang.tjin for InstagramBring your tummy to Bangkok with warm, delicious double-boiled soups from Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice! Yes, they aren’t just known for their tasty chicken rice sets, but they have 4 soups available for you to sip on and warm you up. The Bitter Melon Soup’s taste is written in its name, but it leaves a light and refreshing tingle on the tongue. Need a little meat in your soups? Choose either the Duck & Mushroom Soup or Chicken Feet Soup. Spicy lovers would appreciate the Seafood Tom Yum Soup, which, well, you definitely know what it tastes like. 😉Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours: 11am-10pm daily Address: Multiple outletsWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

10. Jinshangyipin

Credit: @carbspls for InstagramUnlike most authentic Chinese hotpot buffets where you'd have to share a hotpot with your friends, everyone will be given an individual hotpot here at Jinshangyipin and you can choose your preferred soup base. So if spice is life for you, the Spicy Soup is your choice. If you prefer milder flavours, choose their Herbal Soup. If you're in a group, we recommend taking different 5 soup bases offered so you can sample different flavours. It’s packed with flavours and comfort, and you’ll definitely feel the warmth in your bones. 🥺Halal status: Muslim-owned Average price: $35, top-up $4.90 for BBQ Opening hours: 11.30am-4pm, 5pm-10pm daily Address: #01-20 Eastpoint Mall, 3 Simei Street 6, Singapore 528833 Contact: +65  6909 7355Website | Facebook | InstagramIf you’re looking for something warm for those colder days, or just a little comfort for one of THOSE days (we feel you), indulging in a simmering bowl of goodness is definitely the quick, tasty solution. 😝
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