This Vietnamese-Muslim Hawker Serves Halal Beef Pho, Spring Rolls And More From $5


Nia Sarah •  Jul 02, 2021

Fans of halal Vietnamese food, this stall at Old Airport Road will be right up your alley ? Run by one of few Muslims from Vietnam, the stall was established with the vision of providing halal, authentic Vietnamese food to residents here. After leaving her hometown in Mui Ne where she also cooked beef noodles, Emina Abdullah moved here six years ago after meeting her husband, who sometimes helps out at the stall that's named after her. Emina Mi sells a total of four distinct menu items from beef noodles to spring rolls and even chicken rice, starting from $5 per dish. Here's what they look like! ?

Credit: Emina Mi

The Pho Bo ($6) is a beef noodle dish served with flat rice noodles and beef chunks along with your vegetables and onions. Slurp on the hot broth for a burst of flavours, as the stock has been cooked and boiled for three hours every morning.

Credit: Emina Mi

As a sweet-spicy alternative, their Bun Bo ($6) will do the trick. It's a spicier version of the Pho Bo for those of us who need a fiery kick in our meal. It's served with chicken meatballs and meatloaf, along with thick rice vermicelli noodles.

Credit: Emina Mi

Gui Cuon ($5 for 3pc) is definitely a fan favourite if you love anything that resembles our own popiahs and spring rolls. The traditional Vietnamese dish consists of fresh ingredients wrapped in rice paper. The freshness of shrimp, vegetables, rice vermicelli, lettuce and other herbs all rolled up in rice paper makes it easy to eat without any falling crusts.

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Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-47, Singapore 390051

Opening hours: Daily 8:30AM-5:30PM, Closed on Wednesday

Contact: +65 87428297