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10 Halal Stalls We Still Hope To See At Ayer Rajah Food Centre


Qistina Bumidin •  Aug 05, 2022


We've come to bring you good news! Ayer Rajah Market and Food Centre has finally completed their long awaited renovations and have now reopened for business. Located at Block 502 and 503 West Coast Drive, it is known for their Indian and Malay fare. It’s a popular food haunt for residents as well as the nearby National University of Singapore (NUS) students. Now with new tables, stools and even a fancy toilet, you can get your grub on in comfort! 😋P.S. Here’s a list of other 11 halal food places in the West that are as delicious as those in Ayer Rajah Food Centre!

10 Halal Stalls We Still Hope To See At Ayer Rajah Food Centre

1. Habib’s Rojak

Credit: @burgernbacon for InstagramIf there’s a king in the game of rojak, Habib’s Rojak fills that position. ? They have a large variety of ingredients like prawn fritters, fish fillets, and coconut fritters to choose from. And they’re all fried upon order, so it’s served warm and fresh for you to enjoy. They’ve been around for 30 years, and the secret for keeping up with the years so far, is in their secret chili gravy sauce! Especially during the weekends, the owner has to make an extra pot!  That’s how sought-after his chilli gravy is. Halal status: Muslim-ownedAverage Price: From $8 Opening hours: 11am - 10pm daily (closed on alternate Mondays)Facebook | Instagram

2. N M Abdhul Rahim

Credit: Hady Jay for FacebookAnother long-time favourite is N M Abdhul Rahim! For 35 years, they’ve been serving up their beloved mee goreng, be it ikan bilis, merah, putih, or kuah.Customers always rave about their secret sambalrecipe, which adds a depth of spicy savouriness. If you’re looking for some comforting supper food, you definitely have to try this place! 😃Halal status: Muslim-ownedAverage Price: From $5 per plateOpening hours: 10.30am - 12am daily 

3. Abdhus Salam Rojak

Credit: LJ Gastronomy Scrutineers for FacebookThis Indian Rojak hawker stall in Ayer Rajah has been around since the 1960s, and is a worthy contender for the rojak king throne. ? They've even served rojak to overseas Singaporeans in London, Sydney, and San Francisco during Singapore Day. They have so many kinds of items to choose from, and their sauce is sweet and spicy to give your plate a delicious kick. 😋P.S. They've even opened a spin-off eatery 'Ministry of Rojak' in Northpoint City!Halal status: Muslim-ownedAverage price: From $8Opening hours: Sun-Fri (11am-9.30pm); Sat (12pm-9.30pm)Facebook

4. A Rashid Khan Kambing Soup

Credit: Hady Jay for FacebookThis rainy season is perfect for a warm bowl of kambing soup, and you can get it right here at A Rashid Khan Kambing Soup. 😁 It's packed with flavours that would definitely hit that comfort spot! They also serve Indian-style mee siam, which is a rare delicacy enjoyed in the older days of Singapore. You’ll definitely be compelled to lick the plate clean because it’s just so delicious! Another dish you must try is their roti john. The crispy pieces of bread filled with seasoned mutton chunks pairs perfectly with the handmade chilli sauce. The result? Well, you have to come down and try it yourself! Halal status: Muslim-ownedAverage price: From $4Opening hours: 8am-11pm daily (closed on Mondays)Facebook

5. Mr Dum Briyani

Credit: Shaez Sharrif for FacebookSince its opening in 2015, the stall has been frequented by loyal customers who enjoy their fluffy and less oily rice! It’s so good that it’s constantly sold out before their closing time. Remember to come before lunchtime, so that you won’t miss out!Halal status: Muslim-ownedAverage price: From $7Opening hours: 11am-2.30pm daily (closed on Mondays)

6. Power Rojak Bandung

Credit: @burgernbacon for InstagramPower Rojak Bandung puts its own spin on the traditional fruit-laden rojak. Their rojak at this family-run store includes cuttlefish, kangkong, beehoon and more in a rich sweet chilli sauce! If you want to get a little adventurous with your food, this is a good place to start. They also have power porridge sets if you’re craving some comfort food. Halal status: Muslim-ownedAverage price: From $5Opening hours: 12.15pm-8.30pm (Mon), 12.15pm-8.45pm (Tues-Thurs, Sat-Sun), 4pm-9pm (Fri)Facebook | Instagram

7. Putri Hana

Credit: Firdaus_Bunny for FacebookLove Indonesian food? Treat yourself to ayam geprek at Putri Hana! The fusion of crispy fried chicken with authentic Indonesian sambal has garnered a strong following here, and Putri Hana comes prepared. Their sambal in particular has a strong and distinctive umami flavour, which is super delicious but UBER spicy! Have a bottle of cold, cold water prepared next to you! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 😆Halal status: Muslim-ownedAverage price: From $5Opening hours: Information not available at time of writing

8. West Coast BBQ Seafood

Credit: @westcoastbbqseafood for InstagramDid you know that the food centre also has scrumptious seafood dishes? Sambal stingray BBQ, oyster omelettes, cereal prawns, you name it, and they probably have it! ? This place is perfect for seafood lovers, or simply a gathering with your loved ones!Halal status: Halal-certifiedStall Number: 24Average price: $15Opening hours: 10am-10pm dailyFacebook | Instagram

9. Satay Power 6

Credit: @theintrovertdiner for InstagramThere's nothing better than having tender and juicy satay for supper at Satay Power 6! The aromatic smell of skewered meat floating around the food centre is hard to miss. 😄
Credit: @theintrovertdiner for InstagramAdd on BBQ prawns and honey wings, and we’re sold. They have an outlet in Lau Pa Sat too, though we think it’s still too good to be ignored on this list. Halal status: Muslim-ownedAverage price: From $10Opening hours: Mon-Fri (2pm-11pm), Sat-Sun (11am-11pm)Facebook | Instagram

10. Zoul’s Corner

Credit: @mdnur0305 for InstagramConsider your Malay food fix taken care of when you’re at Zoul’s Corner. From their signature crispy ayam penyet to their other fried rice and noodles options, you’ll be spoilt for choice! 😊Halal status: Muslim-ownedStall Number: 25Average price: $6Opening hours: 10am-8pm daily (closed on Mondays)Facebook | InstagramThere’s still a whole lot more for you to try around there that we couldn’t squeeze in, so let us know what else you’d like to see in this list!  😉