This Authentic Halal Chinese Hotpot Buffet In SG Is Where You Should Go Next


Nasreen Nasir •  Aug 21, 2018

[UPDATED 26 Aug 2019]

Have you always heard your non-Muslim friends talk about Chinese hotpot buffets (ie. Haidilao ?) and you just wished that there's a halal version in town?

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Well, now your wish has come true! Opened in August 2018, Jinshangyipin at Eastpoint Mall in Simei is the first and probably the most authentic halal Chinese hotpot buffet you can find in Singapore.

If you've been craving something warm and comforting for your meal with loved ones, we guarantee that this is going to be your new favourite place!?

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We're super thrilled that the owner of Jinshangyipin is none other than Mdm Aishah (left) who opened the highly popular Yi Zun Beef Noodles, Singapore's first halal Chinese hand-pulled noodles eatery which now has two outlets in Singapore! Plus, did we mention that Mdm Aishah is a Chinese Muslim from China too? So, you can be assured that the quality and taste of the food at Jinshangyipin are as authentic as it gets. For Mdm Aishah, the idea of a hotpot means warmth and affinity, especially in Chinese culture. This is definitely something you'd want to enjoy with your family and close friends ?

So, how do you go about dining at Jinshangyipin? Unlike most hotpot buffets where you'd have to share a hotpot with your friends, everyone will be given an individual hotpot and you can choose your preferred soup base. There are 5 soup bases - Spicy Soup, Pickled Vegetable Soup, Herbal Soup, Mushroom Soup, and Tomato Soup! Our team absolutely loves the tomato soup base as it's slightly tangy but not too overwhelming. If you love spicy food, then the spicy soup will be perfect for you. If you're in a group, we recommend taking different soup bases so you can sample different flavours.

The hotpot meal costs $35 with an additional $4.90 if you opt for BBQ. While you wait for your hotpot to boil, it's time to take your ingredients! The menu consists of an all-you-can-eat buffet that has various marinated beef, mutton and chicken with seafood like fish, squids, prawns and more ?

Once you're back at your seats, it's time to start cooking and eating! Each table has a tabletop induction cooker for the soup bowls and skillet, alongside wooden seats and an exhaust hood that helps remove airborne grease and fumes so you can be assured that you’ll dine comfortably ? First time having hotpot? We recommend you to add in some beef or mutton slices into your soup to flavour it before you add in other ingredients!

Not to mention that you can customise your own dipping sauce at Jinshangyipin. Drop by the sauce bar which has a variety of ingredients and you can mix and match them to make your sauce. The sauce is always the best thing when it comes to hot pot! ?

Though the restaurant has a time limit of 90 minutes, you're usually free to stay as long as you like ? However, do be considerate when there are other customers waiting outside and it can get pretty busy on weekends and evenings.

After you're done with the savoury stuff, finish off your meal with some desserts like cakes, jellies, fruits and of course, ice-cream! The ice-cream section is pretty popular and you can top your dessert with some rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sauce ?

So if you've been craving for some hotpot, time to round up your loved ones and plan a foodie trip to Jinshangyipin ?

Watch our interview with Mdm Aishah here:

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: #01-20 Eastpoint Mall, 3 Simei Street 6, Singapore 528833

Opening Hours: Daily, 11:00-3:00pm, 4:00pm - 10:00pm

Contact No: 6909 7355

Price: $35, top-up $4.90 for BBQ

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