Koh Nangkam: The Family Restaurant That Brought Authentic Southern Thai Muslim Cuisine To Singapore


Shasha Dania •  Oct 26, 2020

It’s not difficult to find halal Thai cuisine in Singapore, but Koh Nangkam Restaurant sets itself apart from the rest with their authentic halal Southern Thai dishes brimming with all the flavours you love! ?  This 100% Muslim-owned and family-run restaurant has been run by the Hodsubs since 2006, serving up heritage family recipes amidst a homey and genuine atmosphere. Read on to find out what inspired them to set up the restaurant, and what are their signature dishes you’ve got to try!

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Koh Nangkam is run by Mr Hadi and family, but its story really begins with his mother - Mdm Hodsub. She was born and raised in Koh Nangkam in a family of cooks, and actually learned her culinary skills from her father, Mr Soh Hodsub! Mr Hodsub was even the chief village cook and chief cook of the Ban Koh Nangkam Mosque. ? The recipes served in the restaurant today are strictly authentic - as Mr Hadi puts it, “What we serve in Koh Nangkam is what we eat in the Hodsub household.” Mdm Hodsub is still a chef at the restaurant, and a number of their other cooks are Thai as well. So you can be sure that you’ll get only the most authentic flavours coming out of the kitchen. ?

Credit: Koh Nangkam

One recipe passed down from Mr Hodsub is the Koh Nangkam Massaman Beef (from $9.50), which is a variation of Malay beef rendang. Massaman curry is a rich yet mild Thai curry that uses spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and bay leaves that aren’t usually used in Thai curries. It originated amongst Thai Muslim communities, and Mr Hodsub frequently made it village ceremonies and communal gatherings. Can you imagine that every mouthful carries with it so many years of history? ?

Massaman Beef is often served as the main course at Southern Thai weddings, and we can see why! The beef is cooked for hours to achieve a soft and tender texture. There’s a nuttiness to the gravy that’s a little sweeter than rendang, but it also brings out the flavour of the meat in a mouth-watering way. Pair it with warm Jasmine rice, some Thai dipping sauce, or Thai Nam Prik (belachan) and you won’t be able to stop at just one serving! ?It’s the perfect dish for a catch-up session with loved ones.

Credit: Koh Nangkam

Koh Nangkam’s dedication to family recipes transform their dishes into a nostalgic way to experience traditional Thai village life. The Clear Tom Yum (from $9) has rustic and traditional flavours you don’t get with the more commonly seen Red Tom Yum version. The soup is delicate but distinctive, with zesty undertones that bring out the freshness of the seafood. It’s the perfect comfort food on a bad day - one spoonful and Mr Hadi guarantees it’ll help both your tummy and your soul. ?

P.S. Looking for some extreme spice like what you might get in Thailand? Just let the restaurant know - they’re prepared to turn up the heat. ? Reserve your seat now as they're super popular even on weekday nights!

Credit: Koh Nangkam

Another star of the restaurant is their signature Koh Nangkam Steamed Sea Bass ($38/fish). Soft fresh fish is infused with a rich and aromatic herb taste including notes of fresh ginger, coriander, and a dash of white pepper. ? The gravy is made with plums and chilies to add warmth and a hint of sourness, transforming this humble dish into something unforgettable. It takes about 20 minutes for the whole sea bass to gently cook, but it’s worth it as the fish will just fall right off the bone!

Credit: Koh Nangkam

The Sea Bass is so good that it’s even the star of their Family Set Meals (from $76 for 4 pax) that are perfect for groups of 4-5 pax. You can have the sea bass served steamed or fried, with options like Tom Yum Steamed Sea Bass, Ginger Fried Fish, and Fried Fish in Mango Salad. The Family Set Meals include their most popular dishes so you can try a little bit of everything. ? Classics like Hatyai Chicken, Tom Yum, and Pahd Thai are included! All dishes are freshly cooked upon order (except for the stews) so they’ll arrive at your table piping hot and ready to dig in.

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Credit: Koh Nangkam

Another unique dish that deserves a spot on your dining table is the Thai Yellow Curry (from $7.90)! It’s a household staple item for the Hodsubs, and is their own favourite comfort dish. You can’t get a review better than that. ?  The spiciness is more grounded and earthy compared to the sweeter green curry, with heavy notes of galangal, pepper, turmeric, and smooth and creamy coconut milk. Choose between chicken, seafood, or beef - we recommend seafood as the spices bring out the flavour of the prawns and squid!

Credit: Koh Nangkam

If you’re dining on your own or just not in the mood for a la carte dishes right now, Koh Nangkam also has a wide selection of Thai noodle dishes to choose from! Feast on favourite classics like Pahd Thai (from $6.80), or try the Pahd Si’Yu (from $6.80) which are noodles stir-fried in dark soy sauce similar to the local Char Kway Teow. Koh Nangkam’s dishes stick true to the authentic and original recipes, with minimal changes made. What you see is what the Hodsub family would get back in Thailand! ?

Credit: Koh Nangkam

Soup noodle enthusiasts need to try the Stewed Beef Noodle (from $7.50) that will warm you up from the inside out. ? Soft and tender beef shank is cooked in a herby stew along with your choice of noodles for a rich melt-in-your-mouth flavour. The stewed beef shank is the star of the show but you can also customise the noodles to your preference! Each bowl is served with a dash of tangy lime juice to balance out the heavy ‘umami’ of the stew, and condiments such as Nam Pla Prik (chilli padi in Thai fish sauce) and green chilli in vinegar add their own unique twists. The Nam Pla Prik amplifies the salty and spicy aspects of the dish, while the vinegar green chilli adds acidity - there’s something for every palate.

Any meal you get at Koh Nangkam is guaranteed to have an authentic and home cooked flavour you won’t get anywhere else. ? Make sure to visit their restaurant in Kampong Gelam to enjoy the tried-and-tested recipes of the Hodsubs, and enjoy their delicious take on some classic southern Thai flavours. Do make a reservation ahead of time to ensure you can get a seat at this popular restaurant!

They’re also having a special promo code for their set meals from 27 October till 10 November. Simply quote ‘HHWT8’when making payment to get $8 off! The promo code is valid from Mon-Fri only - so start making weekday lunch or dinner plans with friends and family. ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Open daily; 11.30AM - 10.30PM (Last order 10PM, closed on 2nd Tuesday of every month. Do check their Instagram and Website for the latest updates!)

Address: 6 Jalan Kledek, Singapore 199261

Delivery via: Website

Reservations:Chope or call +65 63922172

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