Try Authentic Xinjiang Hand-Pulled Beef Noodles & More At This Halal Chinese Restaurant In SG


Shasha Dania •  Jul 08, 2020

One of the first restaurants in Singapore to offer halal Chinese hand-pulled noodles, Yi Zun Noodle has become a well-known name for its beef hand-pulled noodles and authentic halal Chinese cuisine. With generous servings full of rich and hearty flavour, Yi Zun Noodle’s dishes are a delicious glimpse into Xinjiang cuisine, and are perfect for sharing a meal with friends or family alike. Now that Circuit Breaker Phase 2 has started, let’s revisit some of the signature dishes Yi Zun Noodle has to see what you and your makan buddies can look forward to. ?

1. Signature Beef Noodles

Credit: Yi Zun Noodle

We can’t talk about Yi Zun Noodle without mentioning their beef noodles. They were the first restaurant in Singapore to offer these iconic hand-pulled noodles after all! The springy and chewy noodles are pulled to the thickness you prefer and cooked in a warm broth made from fresh beef bones before being topped with thin and tender beef slices. To give it a flavourful kick, the chef even uses a special blend of Xinjiang spices that will keep you coming back for more. ?

P.S. If you’re dining on their beef noodles, you’ve got to top it off with a scoop of their special house Chilli Sauce! This secret sauce will add a burst of heat to every spoonful and really bring out the taste of the beef too. The good news is that for a limited time, Yi Zun Noodle will be giving out complimentary bottles of their chilli sauce! ? Keep reading to find out how you can walk away with a bottle for yourself.

2. Xinjiang Skewers

Credit: Yi Zun Noodle

Ask anyone what Xinjiang dishes they know, and chances are they’ll mention Xinjiang-style skewers! Made with fresh cubes of mutton or chicken marinated in Xinjiang herbs and spices, the meat is tender and soft making it a perfect side dish to add on to your meal. Yi Zun Noodle drizzles chilli oil over their skewers to give it an extra kick, and they even have a secret trick. Their mutton skewers are cooked on real Red Willow skewers native to Xinjiang - so you’ll be tasting exactly what you might find in Xinjiang itself! ?

P.S. You can even customise your level of spiciness to suit your palate, from ‘Mild’ to ‘Super Spicy’!

3. Chuan Xiang Chicken

Credit: Yi Zun Noodle

If you’re a fan of spicy food or Mala cuisine, you’ve got to try Yi Zun Noodle’s take on it! ? Their Chuan Xiang Chicken starts with sweet and tender chicken meat cooked in a gravy made with chilli peppers, Xinjiang herbs, and spices to infuse every bite with delicious flavour. Prepared with sweet corn and potatoes and generously drizzled with their house Mala gravy, this dish will fill you from head to toe with its smoky and spicy heat.

4. Chuan Xiang Chicken with Crab

Credit: Yi Zun Noodle

If you’re dining out in a small group or celebrating a special occasion, there’s nothing like seafood to make a meal feel exceptional. The Chuan Xiang Chicken with Crab is Yi Zun Noodle’s Spicy Flame Chicken topped with not one, but two fresh and juicy crabs! ? Coming in a portion suitable for 4-6 pax, it’s the perfect centrepiece dish for an indulgent and unforgettable meal.

P.S. Yi Zun Noodle’s first outlet at Sam Leong Rd (near Farrer Park MRT and City Square Mall) has closed but you still can treat yourself to their delicious dishes at their Joo Chiat outlet! Keep reading to find out more. ?

5. Crispy Eggplant

Credit: Yi Zun Noodle

Last but not least, Yi Zun Noodle takes the simple eggplant to the next level by coating it in batter and deep-frying it to perfection. Once it’s fried to a nice and crispy texture, a sweet and spicy sauce is added to give it a kick. There’s a hint of tongue-numbing heat in the sauce too, so you can be sure it’ll leave an impression. The Crispy Eggplant actually one of the most popular side dishes at Yi Zun Noodle so you should definitely give it a try!

Yi Zun Noodle’s dishes are best eaten when they’re freshly cooked and steaming hot, so make sure to drop by their Joo Chiat outlet to dine in and experience authentic Xinjiang cuisine for yourself. ? One bite and you’re sure to be hooked - especially on their signature house chilli sauce! ?

The good news is that for a limited-time, Yi Zun Noodle is offering a complimentary bottle of house chilli sauce for a minimum spend of $50! ? Perfect for trying to recreate their dishes at home. If you spend above $80, you’ll even get a complimentary signature Crispy Eggplant dish instead! To get your free gift, simply show the cashier during payment that you have LikedYi Zun Noodle’s Facebook page. This offer is only available for dine-in meals and is valid until 9 August 2020.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Average price: $9-$13 (Mains)

Opening hours: Daily; 11AM - 10PM

Address: 60 Joo Chiat Road, #01-08/09, Singapore 427726

Contact: +65 69099287

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