Check Out These Singaporean Eateries That Sell The Best Halal Vietnamese Food


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jul 26, 2021

Singapore’s a food haven for all foodies to enjoy, especially for Muslims searching for halal food! From local delights, to all sorts of internationally inspired food, Singaporeans could not possibly get bored. Our very own malls and streets are lined with more than just Singaporean delights! And to add to the already long list of extremely good food in Singapore, here are some of the best halal Vietnamese food in Singapore to get your tummy growling! ? 

Halal Vietnamese Food

1. Pham Quyen Vietnamese Street Food

Run by the third generation of the Pham family, Muslim-owned Vietnamese street food stall Pham Quyen Vietnamese Street Food serves affordable, super fresh and healthy Vietnamese street food. While staying true to their origin, they've opened a halal outlet here in Singapore to bring Vietnamese food for everyone to enjoy.  So if you already love Vietnamese food, this is definitely the place to order from as you can have a wide variety of authentic Vietnamese food to choose from!

Credit: Pham Quyen on Facebook

Remember to try their Goi Cuon, an original Vietnamese spring roll that they’ve infused with a healthy twist of vegetables, marinated beef, prawns, rice vermicelli, lettuce, and coriander. You may also want to try their very own version of Vietnamese satay called Ga Cuon Sa, which consists of minced chicken with chilies dipped into their garlic chili sauce for added flavour. 

P.S. Alternatively, you could try making your own Vietnamese Spring Roll!

Credit: Pham Quyen on Facebook

Pham Quyen Vietnamese Street Food

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening Hours: 6pm - 2am (closed on Thursdays)

Address: 6 Clementi Road 01-02 S129741

Facebook Instagram 

2. Emina Mi

Fans of halal Vietnamese food, this stall at Old Airport Road will be right up your alley. Run by one of few Muslims from Vietnam, Emina Mi was established with the vision of providing halal, authentic Vietnamese food to residents here. 

Credit: Eminami on Facebook

After leaving her hometown in Mui Ne where she also cooked beef noodles, Emina Abdullah moved here six years ago after meeting her husband. Emina Mi sells a total of four distinct menu items from beef noodles to spring rolls and even chicken rice, starting from $5 per dish. Definitely a must-visit for any Singaporean wanting to try out halal Vietnamese food.

Credit: Eminami on Facebook


Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-47, Singapore 390051

Opening hours: Daily 8:30AM-5:30PM, Closed on Wednesday

Contact: +65 87428297


3. The Orange Lantern

From Vietnamese Imperial Rolls to Vietnamese Hot Pots, The Orange Lantern serves an amazing array of good Vietnamese food in Singapore. Head on down to any of their outlets  try out their Celebrity Chef Specialty: Vietnamese Tom Yum Fried Rice accompanied by the most savoury grilled lemongrass Chicken Satays, and Mango Salad. 

Credit: The Orange Lantern on Facebook

You may even want to try their packed bento sets this Phase 2(HA)! The Orange Lantern is offering both delivery and quick pick up services for their bento sets. You get to choose between 8 different bento sets for quick pick ups, or premium bento sets for delivery orders. And if you’re holding a party, try out their Vietnamese Delights Party Sets starting at $33.90. ?

The Orange Lantern

Halal status: Halal-Certified

Address: Check out their E-Store!

Contact: +65 87428297

Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. So Pho

And last but not least, the ever famous So Pho! Experience authentic and traditional Vietnamese food in Singapore at So Pho. So Pho uses the freshest ingredients to create your favourite Pho, Banh Mi and spring rolls. Just like The Orange Lantern, So Pho also serves Bento sets for you to pick up or have delivered to your home!

Credit: So Pho on Facebook

So Pho

Halal status: Halal-Certified

Address: Check out their outlets!

Contact:+65 6789 0659

Website | Facebook | Instagram

P.S. If you love Vietnamese food, you should totally check out this easy Vietnamese Egg Coffee recipe.

So if you miss good, authentic Vietnam food, we promise you, these don't miss! Grab a friend and head on down to pick up your own halal, Vietnamese Bento. ?