9 Things To Do In Singapore This February 2022


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jan 28, 2022

February 2022 is here! A new month means more time to explore and enjoy all the things that Singapore has to offer. If you're bored and unsure of what to do, or are itching to do something fun, here are 9 exciting things to do in Singapore this February 2022!

Things To Do This February 2022

1. Check Out the New Eastern Round Island Route 

Singapore's Eastern Round Island Route just opened on the 22nd of January and we're all super excited! ? The continuous 150km park connector is only part of the 360km island-wide network or recreational routes that are in store for Singaporeans to enjoy. Consisting of park connectors and trails, Singaporeans can enjoy hiking,cycling and just enjoying the nature-based ecological sights and sounds that surround the route.

Credit: nexynoinsta on Instagram

If you're looking for something active and family-friendly to do, this is definitely an option. With the cool sea breeze on your face, gorgeous sights and your loved ones cycling or trekking with you, this is one new and exciting thing to do in Singapore this February 2022!

P.S. If you're traveling along this route, here are some of the best, most mouth-watering halal eateries that you can find along it!  

2. Enjoy Singapore's Newly Opened Halal Desserts

If you're a sweet tooth, then you'll be pleased to know that Singapore's home to at least 3 new halal dessert spots! Fans of all-day breakfasts will love Picanhas' new halal pancake spot, Panquecas'. Already the talk of the town, this halal pancake spot has never-before-seen pancake flavours like Kopi-O and Apam Balik Pancakes.

Credit: Helwakeda

Pastry-lovers might want to opt for this home-based business instead. With an incredibly inspirational story to boot, Sheikh, a 24-year-old Singaporean, runs Helwakeda, a halal choux bakery that sells mouth-watering pastries. From Mango Cream Cheese Choux to Smores Choux, there's a little something for everyone.

And if you're into ice cream, this new gelato spot doubles up as a modest fashion cafe! The latest brand by Siti Aisyah Ahmad, the founder of fashion brands By Harmoni and Modestly, this all-pink cafe and retail store will have you in love. Check it out here!

3. Have A Staycay At Singapore’s New Hotels

Credit: Royal Group

New year, new hotels for your next staycation! 2022 is seeing a whole bunch of hotels opening up, and they've got a lot to offer. From exclusive spas and fitness centres to unique themed rooms, these hotels will have you relaxing in calm and luxury. It's time to up your staycation experience with these 7 hotels that are making their debut in 2022! P.S. There's even an all-villa spa hotel you absolutely have to check out.

Oh, and if you're not down for that, check out these hotels according to your needs! :

4. Explore Hidden Gems 

We all love a good hidden gem. From quiet cafes to exciting, underrated family fun, these hidden gems will be the highlight of your February 2022! Luckily for you, the ones we're about to show you are within walking distance from each other! This means you can visit them both at once! ?

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Downtown East is currently host to a whole slew of exciting activities. From a container hotel on wheels to Uncle Ringo's carnival, this is the spot for a family-friendly weekend of fun. If you're in the area, you have to check out this new Jurassic Dinosaur indoor playground at Downtown East!

If you're a fan of bubble tea AND sugarcane juice, just across Pasir Ris' Downtown East is a little cafe called Richton. It's halal-certified and sells pretty delicious old-school, homemade-tasting dishes. And for all who love sugarcane, they're the only shop in Singapore to sell Ice Blended Sugarcane. A mix of Singaporean flavour and all that we love (bubble tea!), this is a treat that'll leave you in love. Check them out here!

5. Get Instagram-Worthy Shots 

Anyone else miss travelling? If you're not ready to head for Singapore's Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) just yet, we always have our beautiful island! The country is filled with hidden gems, such as the Arwaa mansion, which will make you feel like you're overseas. The best part? There's halal food nearby ?

Credit: nickmeasures on Instagram

For the uninitiated, the Arwaa mansion is slowly becoming the next trendy spot for an amazing photo! If you're looking to take an amazing, IG-Worthy shot here (or anywhere else, really) you have to check out HHWT's tips and tricks to take an amazing photo!

6. Chill In The Skies With Sentosa's Sky Helix 

Adrenaline-junkies are going to love this one! Located within the collection of attractions at Imbiah Lookout, SkyHelix Sentosa is an unforgettable gondola ride. Gently rotating 79 metres above sea level along a vertical helix-like structure, guests on the ride will enjoy stunning 360° sights of Sentosa on one of the highest vantage points on Sentosa.

At 79m above sea level, the view is both startling and breathtaking. Rotating gently way above the cable cars in Sentosa, you'll get to enjoy a much clearer view of Sentosa's beauty. If you're riding this attraction at night, you're in for a much more attractive sight! Once dark, the gondola lights up with soft, neon lights, enhancing your view of the island. You definitely won't get enough of riding this attraction just once - head up at different timings to get many different views of Sentosa!

7. Plan your next VTL trip

The VTL just opened which means we can start planning our overseas trips again! If you're not sure where to head to just yet, you have to check out these 11 places that are perfect for solo female travellers. And if you need help with the stack of documents that might overwhelm you, we've got your back! HHWT's got 7 essential tips that'll help you plan your trip. 

Alternatively, check out these tips for travel to Turkey and Korea! Some of Singaporeans' favourite destinations, these countries' views are undoubtedly unparalleled.

8. Sentosa Magical Shores 

Loved the Christmas and NDP light displays? Sentosa has its very own this February! This multi-sensory experience will transform Siloso beach into an interactive light and sound spectacle. With striking visual effects that change on the sand and enchanting songs and dances that illuminate the island after dark, you'll be absolutely enamoured by the beautiful performance! Check it out here ?

9. Go Hiking - Green Corridor Rail 

An ever-favourite, Macritchie Tree Top Walk is finally open after a long hiatus!  The suspension bridge takes you between Bukit Peirce & Bukit Kalang, and is a popular spot for Singapore's hikers who want a sense of adventure or an Instagram-worthy photo opportunity! The Walk is a 250 metre-long suspension bridge, and while the walk up to it is slightly steep, what really gets your heart racing is when you're on the bridge itself. Standing 30 metres above sea level, this bridge may not be for the faint of heart!

Alternatively, explore Singapore's very own Green Corridor! The trail has a great mix of nature, IG-worthy spots and history. Singapore’s Green Corridor (also known as the Rail Corridor) used to be part of Malaysia’s KTM railway line connecting Singapore and Malaysia. Even though the railway has ceased operations since 2011, parts of the 24-km route have been converted into a nature trail. The trail goes from Kranji to Bukit Panjang, Bukit Timah, Holland, Tanglin and finally ending at Alexandra. A beautiful spot for hiking and photos, you can't miss out on this trail if you're an avid hiker!

From exciting new IG-Worthy Spots to adrenaline-rushing attractions, this February 2022 will be filled with so much gorgeous sights, activities and fun! Share this with your loved ones to plan your February weekends!