NEW: This Halal SG Pancake Spot Has Uniquely Local Pancake Flavours


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jan 20, 2022

A new pancake spot has just arrived on the block and it’s bringing a whole slew of interesting and unique flavours to the table! Panquecas, Picanhas’ new halal Pancake spot along Club Street, just opened a week ago and it’s already the talk of the town. From never-before-seen pancake flavours to creme cheese teas, this new Muslim-owned cafe is the new halal dessert eatery you have to check out. 

Halal Pancakes In Singapore With Panquecas'

Credit: Panquecas' on Facebook

The nutty Apam Balik known to any local street food fan has made an interesting comeback with Panquecas'! Away from Singapore's popular night market bazaars and few dessert shops, Panquecas’ Apam Balik now takes the form of a pancake. 

Made with the familiar Roasted Sugared Peanuts and Sweet Corn Creme Patissiere, the Apam Balik Pancake also features a delicious dollop of Vanilla Soft Serve ?

Credit: Panquecas' on Facebook

Breakfasts in Singapore often consist of a cup of Kopi-O and some Kaya Cheese Toast, but have you ever had both these flavours in one dish? Almost like the king of breakfast treats, Panquecas’ Kopi O Pancakes are made out of generous slathers of Kaya Creme Patissiere and Coffee Creme with a sprinkle of Coffee Crumble! Sweetened with a dash of hazelnut butter or Beurre Noisette before being topped off with some Vanilla Soft Serve, this remarkable dish will have you addicted. 

If you’re not into sweet stuff, we recommend going for the savoury side of Panquecas’ menu item! A homage to its sister eatery, Picanhas, Panquecas' serves up a juicy Picanha Roll filled with 100gm of Picanha, Calrose Rice, Chimichurri, and vegetables! 

Credit: Panquecas' on Facebook

Looking forward to a little bit of the classics? Don’t worry! Panquecas’ Classic Pancakes are a breath of fresh air. Made out of Creme Patissiere and Fresh Berries topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, your tastebuds will be thanking you. 

Once you’ve decided on the dish that best serves you, why not complete your meal with a drink? Panquecas’ variety of Creme Cheese, Sparkling and Hot Teas will perfect the dining experience. You can also opt for coffee or soda! 

Unlike anything that’s been seen in Singapore, Panquecas' is definitely a halal eating experience you have to try out. From unique, locally-infused flavours to savoury dishes, you’ll never get bored! Share this with your loved ones to plan your next pancake party! 


Halal Status: Muslim-Owned