9 Tips and Tricks For Amazing IG-Worthy Photos And Videos On Your 2022 Holiday (Or Staycay!)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 30, 2021

Planning a staycay or your next VTL trip in 2022? You’ll want to take lots of photos and videos to capture moments perfectly so you’ll never forget them!

From getting the right angles to not looking awkward as you pose, here are 9 tips and tricks for you to try. 

Tips For Amazing Vacation Photos And Videos!

1. Pick Your Outfits Wisely

Do your research! Look up the places in your itinerary to find out how it looks during the season that you’re visiting. What we usually do is check out recent photos taken at the destination on Instagram! Then, pick outfits (especially the colour of your coat if you’re heading to a destination where it’s cold) that will complement the scenery nicely. 

We were on the first VTL flight from Singapore to Seoul and it was autumn in Seoul. We opted for muted colours that complemented the beautiful autumn leaves and a maroon beanie for a pop of colour.

P.S. Check out what Itaewon looks like in 2021!

2. Loosen up and move! 

If you’re shy in front of the camera, this tip is for you. Instead of trying to perfect that one specific pose, get moving! This way, you can capture genuine, candid moments of yourself having fun and experiencing the world.

You can do this by asking a friend to take a video of you in movement, for example, walking, putting on your hat or laughing. Then, choose the frame you like and take a screenshot! If you own an iPhone 13, use the Cinematic mode for amazing depth of field. Automatically holding focus on the moving subject, the Cinematic mode makes your videos (and screenshot photos!) look a lot more impressive and immersive! Perfect to up your TikTok or Instagram Reels’ game.

An easier way to do this is to use your device’s burst mode which takes multiple high-speed photos. And afterward, just choose your favourite shot. ? 

P.S. If you’re using an iPhone, you can press and hold the volume up button to take Burst shots!

3. Pose against a background with some detail for your OOTD

Now that you finally have the chance to dress for the wonderful cold weather, why not take an #OOTD? If you’re using an iPhone, switch to Portrait mode for a blurred background so the focus will be on you. Even though your background will be blurred, it’s important to choose a spot with some detail instead of a plain wall and preferably one with colours that complement what you’re wearing!

4. Use an ultrawide camera for scenery shots 

From sunset shots to city skylines, you’ll want to snap a photo of the beautiful scenery when travelling! However, sometimes it’s hard to capture everything you see in one photo, especially when you can’t move back any further to capture everything in one frame. 

This is where an Ultra Wide lens comes in handy! We shot with the iPhone 13 Pro on our Korea trip so we could use the Ultra Wide camera without having to bring along extra camera lenses. 

5. Don’t be afraid (to shoot at night) 

Taking photos at night can be daunting. With low light, your camera might not capture a clear shot. Fortunately, some devices are equipped with night modes to help with that! 

P.S. Check out what Myeongdong looks like in 2021!

If you’re using the iPhone 13 Pro, it  automatically detects the low light and switches to night mode. Now your night shots are beautiful and clear even without a tripod ?

P.S. If you’re capturing night scenery, the iPhone 13 Pro pulls through too with its superwide lens and considerably little image noise.

6. Focus on a subject when taking a video

Focusing on the subject will bring your travel videos to a whole new level! 

iPhone 13’s Cinematic mode automatically focuses and tracks the subject for you so your video will have smoothe focus changes! Talk about smart technology ? In this video shot at Korea’s Deoksugung Palace, the iPhone 13 focuses on Ayeeshah as she enjoys the beauty of the palace. 

7. Zoom In

Ever had to snap a photo from far away because of barriers or crowds (thanks Covid)?Or maybe the train is coming and you’re in a rush to get to the next destination! There’s no time to move forward, so instead, zoom in from wherever you are!

We love how the Telephoto camera of the iPhone 13 Pro has been increased to 3 times optical zoom so you can get closer to the subject when taking a photo or video while not compromising on the quality. It’s also a great chance to experiment with compositions!

8. Edit your photos and videos to make it uniquely yours!

The best photos and videos often take some editing. Some of us use VSCO while others work with Lightroom! Whichever photo editing app you choose, we usually edit our photos after taking the shots. 

What if we told you there’s a way to edit your photos even before taking them? iPhone 13’s Photographic Styles are fantastic for this. Select from 4 preset Styles even before taking the shot! Instead of a usual filter which is usually slapped onto the photo, natural elements such as skin tone is left unchanged. Also, you can adjust the Tone and Warmth so you can customize your Style as you wish!

You can check out how to do this here!

It’s so much faster than editing them once you’re home after a trip and tired. Now you can just post them on Instagram quickly.

9. Enjoy yourself! 

Travel memories are best captured while you’re enjoying yourself. Feel the cool air against your cheek, listen to the leaves rustling, or feast your eyes on the beautiful sights in front of you. When you enjoy yourself, shots become much more meaningful. 

The best way to take home memories of your travels is definitely by absorbing yourself in the adventure!

Now that you know all of HHWT’s tips and tricks to get amazing photos and videos, head out into the world or your own backyard and take your own! With travel opening up, there’s no telling what kind of beautiful adventure photos await you.