This SG Hotel Has A Fancy Round Bathtub For Your Next Honeymoon Staycation


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 20, 2021

Ready to plan your honeymoon? Cause HHWT's found a hotel with a fancy bathtub that's going to have you squealing with joy. ? Whether you're a newly-wed or a couple looking to reignite the romance, this room has just the right facilities for the both of you to pamper yourself.

Fancy Hotel Bathtub With Naumi Hotel

Credit: Naumi Hotel

This is definitely one way to spice up your next staycation. The Eden & Nirwana room at Naumi Hotel is a unique blend of art and comfort for the artsy, or any couple looking for something different and exciting for their honeymoon! From art pieces to unique furniture, the Andy Warhol-inspired room will definitely be a sight for sore eyes.

Credit: Naumi Hotel

Besides the comfy bed and spacious room, one of this unique space's highlights is the 'Donna', a limited edition B&B Italia Bulbous-shaped armchair. Sink into its comfort as you watch your favourite movies or take an Instagram-worthy #ootd on it! Scattered around the room are also other eclectic art pieces balancing out the room's cozy feel with pops of life.

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Credit: Naumi Hotel

And to add to the room's comfort is a big, round, free-standing bathtub. Bring your bath bombs and salts for an aesthetic Instagram story! Afterward, sink in and enjoy its size - the bathtub is deep enough for you to soak your whole body with ease.

The bath tub is also accompanied by a spacious bathroom that features a vanity sink and calming rain shower. This room has everything for your pampering needs! What could be a better way to spend quality time with your loved one than in comfort, luxury, and indulgence?

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Credit: Naumi Hotel

Oh, and did we forget to mention the luxurious king-sized bed? Curl up after a refreshing and calming soak to 4 layers of bedding and fluffy for the ultimate, cozy stay. ☁️

Fancy hotel bathtubs are definitely one way to enhance your next staycation. And with Naumi Hotel's Eden & Nirwana room, your honeymoon will most certainly be unforgettable! Share this with your loved one to book your stay ?