6 Easy Halal Korean & Japanese Sandwich Recipes You Can Enjoy For Lunch


Ili •  Nov 24, 2020

Are you bored of the same old plain sandwich you've been having for lunch? For something different, why not switch it up with one of these Korean and Japanese sandwiches ? With all kinds of yummy flavour combinations, it's time to swap out your peanut butter sandwich and treat your taste buds to a fruit sando, gilgeori toast and more!

1. Egg Drop sandwich

K-drama lovers, hands up - or more specifically, fans of Hospital Playlist ?‍♀️ Thanks to this show, we've been introduced to none other than the thick toast from the popular Korean chain, Egg Drop! Anytime one of the characters takes a bite out of this amazing looking sandwich, our stomachs rumble and our mouths water. So if you’re anything like us and are dreaming of a taste of buttery brioche toast and fluffy eggs, this easy Egg Drop recipe will remedy that immediately.

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2. Tamago sando

If you've been to Japan, you've probably made plenty of pit-stops at one of the many convenience stores (or konbini) scattered across the country, like 7-Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson. And there's nothing quite like the array of foods and snacks available at the konbini. One of the most famous ones that's much loved by locals and travellers alike is the Japanese egg sandwich (or tamago sando). While there are many varieties of sandwiches sold at konbini, the tamago sando is super popular! And if you've ever wanted to try it, you can now recreate it right at home with this easy halal Japanese egg sandwich recipe.

3. Fruit sando

Another sandwich that often gets mentioned when talking about kombini food - the Japanese fruit sandwich, also known as fruit sando! Featuring cream and fresh fruit sandwiched between soft slices of bread, it's another simple yet delicious treat that's a crowd favourite. And just like tamago sando, it's super easy to make yourself too! We have a halal Japanese fruit sandwich recipe that's simple to put together and pretty to look at too ?

4. Inkigayo sandwich

K-pop fans, have you heard about the famous Inkigayo sandwich that's loved by K-pop idols? Originally created by the cafeteria owner at SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) for idols and staff attending the network’s weekly music show, Inkigayo, this exclusive snack has been raved about by groups like BTS, Seventeen, EXO and more. It’s got layers of egg potato salad, cabbage salad and get this - strawberry jam! Sounds interesting? Put this unique snack together with this easy Inkigayo sandwich recipe.

5. Gilgeori toast

Far from your average sandwich, gilgeori toast (also known as Korean street toast) gives you a delicious blend of sweet and savoury flavours with a load of vegetables packed between buttery toasts. It’s a great meal to have for breakfast or even brunch -and with just one bite, you might've just found your favourite go-to meal  to make! Click here to see how you can make yourself a delicious, halal gilgeori toast recipe.

6. Wanpaku sandwich

Riding the wave of trendy foods from back in 2016, this epic-looking Japanese sandwich is made up of multiple layers of colourful vegetables, various sauces and other delicious fillings in between, making it a true treat for the eyes and the mouth ? As one of the many artful sandwiches that not only tastes delicious but is also easy to make, you can say goodbye to regular sandwiches forever! Using our halal wanpaku sandwich recipe, prepare to snap a photo of your creation before diving into this wonderfully stacked sandwich.

With these easy and awesome recipes, you'll never look at a sandwich the same way again ?

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