6 Easy Halal Korean Bread Recipes You Can Make At Home


Ili •  Nov 16, 2020

[Updated 4 March 2021]

Do you love bread just as much as we do? Then you're in luck! This list of easy halal Korean bread recipes should be right up your alley! From the classic gyeran-bbang (egg bread) to the more unique K-pop sandwich, it's time to head to the kitchen and fix up one of these yummy recipes yourself ?

1. Egg Drop sandwich

K-drama lovers, hands up - or more specifically, fans of Hospital Playlist ?‍♀️ Thanks to this show, we've been introduced to none other than the thick toast from the popular Korean chain, Egg Drop! Anytime one of the characters takes a bite out of this amazing looking sandwich, our stomachs rumble and our mouths water. So if you’re anything like us and are dreaming of a taste of buttery brioche toast and fluffy eggs, this easy Egg Drop recipe will remedy that immediately.

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2. Korean cream cheese garlic bread

If there's one bread that made its mark during the quarantine period of the pandemic, it's got to be the Korean cream cheese garlic bread. Quickly gaining popularity the moment it hit the Internet, this heavenly bread has been a favourite among locals ever since! The soft bread roll is smothered with garlic butter sauce and stuffed with cream cheese for a savoury delight. Easy to make on your own, check out this simple recipe to get started.

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3. Gyeran-bbang 

As one of the many popular Korean street foods, gyeran-bbang (also known as egg bread) is a simple yet amazingly delicious treat that gives you the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavours. Further elevated by various toppings such as cheese, green herbs and tomato sauce, it makes for the ideal brunch or midday snack. Can't wait to try it out? Go ahead and check out this halal gyeran-bbang recipe to get your treat sorted for the day.

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4. Korean mocha bun

Fluffy, buttery and flakey with a hint of coffee flavor, Korean mocha buns are the perfect thing to have whenever you’re in the mood for a sweet and savoury bake. And the idea of having your entire house smell like a bakery with the aroma of fresh bread wafting through the air? We're sold! So, get your baking game on and let's jump right into this easy, yummy mocha bun recipe!

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5. Gilgeori toast

Far from your average sandwich, gilgeori toast (also known as Korean street toast) gives you a delicious blend of sweet and savoury flavours with a load of vegetables packed between buttery toasts. It’s a great meal to have for breakfast or even brunch -and with just one bite, you might've just found your favourite go-to meal  to make! Click here to see how you can make yourself a delicious, halal gilgeori toast recipe.

6. Inkigayo sandwich

K-pop fans, have you heard about the famous Inkigayo sandwich that's loved by K-pop idols? Originally created by the cafeteria owner at SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) for idols and staff attending the network’s weekly music show, Inkigayo, this exclusive snack has been raved about by groups like BTS, Seventeen, EXO and more. It’s got layers of egg potato salad, cabbage salad and get this - strawberry jam! Sounds interesting? Put this unique snack together with this easy Inkigayo sandwich recipe.

With all these recipes in hand, it's time to head to the kitchen and get to creating some yummy dishes!

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