7 Destinations That Are Only 5 Hours Or Less Flight Time Away From Malaysia


Qistina Roslan •  Oct 19, 2023

We all don't like being cramped up in a small space for hours on end. It can get stuffy and exasperating and sometimes anxiety-inducing too! However, you STILL deserve that vacation, so we've compiled a list of destinations you can travel to that are not that far away!

1. Singapore

Being next-door neighbours, Singapore can be one of your choices when choosing a holiday destination. Being an urban city-state, there's always something going on in the city! Stroll through the Marina Bay Area and grab some delicious food while you're there! Or drop by Bugis and Arab Street to experience the culmination of the various cultures you can find in Singapore! If you want to get away from the city (yes it's possible!), you can hop onto a boat and visit the many islands surrounding Singapore. From Sister Island to Kusu Island, each one has its own legends and attractions. There's also Sentosa, a ball of fun and joy with Universal Studios Singapore, Palawan Beach, SEA Aquarium or Adventure Cove. Want to try some of the popular dishes like chicken rice? Try some of the best here in this article! Singapore could be a fun getaway for your next trip!

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2. Indonesia

Indonesia has a ton of lovely places to visit. From pristine beaches to gigantic mountains, and even bustling cities, Indonesia has a lot to offer! You can have a luxurious stay at the many beautiful resorts or shop till you drop in the city. If you're into nature and want to escape to the wild, visit the many mountains and lakes such as Lake Toba using our guide here! For those with an adventurous spirit, visit some ancient 'dinosaurs' on Komodo Island where you'll come up close and personal with the Komodo Dragon! If you want to visit more 'low-key' spots, there's Labuan Bajo where you can visit the Pink Beach or snorkel among the wildlife. One of the coolest places you can visit is Southeast Asia' largest protected reserve, Lorentz National Park where you can even find snowcapped mountains!

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3. Vietnam

There is a ton to see and do in Vietnam, from admiring Vietnamese cherry blossoms, to admiring quaint cities (like Sapa!) hidden in the mountains, there's something for everyone in Vietnam! Are you a history buff? Come to Hoi An, located in Vietnam's Quang Nam province which has been given the UNESCO World Heritage Site title. You need not worry about halal food as they are available here too! Visiting Vietnam is not complete until you've visited Ho Chi Minh City! Did you know that there are also some gorgeous places that aren't too far away from this city either? If you need more convincing, we have our top 10 reasons why Vietnam is an amazing country that you must visit!

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4. Thailand

Sharing the border with Malaysia is Thailand! Heading up there by train, car, or plane, Thailand has amazing attractions and heritage sites that you can visit on your next trip. Bangkok is brimming with attractions and food to try, such as an amazing amount of halal food in Chatuchak market or if you would like to, explore the various restaurants all around Bangkok! Or drop by Ayutthaya, and walk through history. Only have the weekends available for your trip? We got you with our 3D2N Hat Yai adventure right here! You can shop around at Kim Yong Market, or chill out at Samila Beach. And all this for under RM600? It's a deal. If you're looking for a more adventurous trip, you can head down to Surat Thani and admire the pretty beaches, or visit Wat Phra Yai temple. If you need some inspiration for your itinerary to Surat Thani, you can check out our article here!

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5. Cambodia

Never visited Cambodia? Well, it's time to change that as Cambodia has an amazing culture that you can immerse yourself in. Being so close to Malaysia, you can visit the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site: Angkor Wat. It truly feels like Tomb Raider, which will bring out your inner Lara Croft or Indiana Jones. Visit Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, and visit the Royal Palace which is the place of residence for the King of Cambodia. Take a moment to learn more about Cambodia's culture and visit their temples such as Wat Phnom. If you're in it for the deals, there's the Russian Market or Central Market with quality goods at an affordable price.

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6. Maldives

Put on your sunglasses and slap on some sunscreen as you head down to the Maldives. Yes! It's THAT close. Get your luxurious holiday by booking a stay at one of the beautiful resorts scattered around the island. Partake in a plethora of activities such as snorkelling among the colourful corals and marine life, or visit Malé! Malé has the Maldives National Museum and the Old Friday Mosque (both of them are the two oldest buildings there!) The Old Friday Mosque was built in 1656 and used coral boulders! Definitely a must-see. The Maldives is often known as a great place for a romantic honeymoon with gorgeous sunsets and comfortable resorts. However, there are kid-friendly resorts that you can book too!

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7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is just a short flight away and there's an abundance of food to consume and a variety of places to explore. Visit the nearest Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland! Or walk down Interested in street art or want to create your own clothes? Visit Sham Shui Po, a vibrant neighbourhood with shops dedicated to all things tailoring such as fabric, ribbons and even beads. Ride the longest bi-cable car in the world or have a splash at Water World Ocean Park. Unsure where to get halal food? We have a guide that you can use to navigate through the Hong Kong streets.

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You don't have to travel far to have a great vacation! There's so much more right at our doorstep and we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and travel the world.