An Updated Guide To Lazarus & St John's Island: How To Go And Things To Do


Nia Sarah •  Oct 13, 2023

Your beach vacation plans might seem like a faraway holiday right now but what if we told you that you can still get the same experience in Singapore? ? Beach lovers, there's a spot that you need to add to your list St John's and Lazarus Island! If you're in need of a retreat, these islands are perfect to escape the bustling city life. A pavement connects both islands so you can explore to your heart's content with ease. You can also find pristine beaches with gorgeous blue seas. If you're planning a trip to the islands and wondering how to get there or what you can do, we've got you covered with this guide!

How to get to St John's/Lazarus Island

To get to St John's Island, hop aboard the Singapore Island Cruise & Ferry Services. It's the first and original company that started the island-hopping service since 2007 from Marina South Pier! They also have the largest fleet of ferries based at the pier. Marina South Ferries has ferries that bring you directly to Lazarus Island as well which you can book here now!

Things To Do At Lazarus Island

There are new offerings for Lazarus Island right now! From chalets to sea sports, let's look at what you can expect today!

1. Relax in an adorable sustainable chalet

At Tiny Away Escape @ Lazarus Island, you can choose between 5 eco-friendly tiny homes that you can retreat into on the island. The concept was imagined by Singapore-based ecotourism start-up, Big Tiny, which aims to low-carbon, sustainable housing as a quick getaway from the city. These houses are named after certain design eras:

  • 1900: Colonial (Pet-friendly)
  • 1960: Industrial
  • 1980: Retro
  • 2000: Modern
  • 2017: Big Tiny-themed (Pet-friendly)

The houses have WiFi and come with a coffee machine as well as a food digester machine! These machines are designed to combat food waste that can't be composted such as meat, cooked food or dairy. You can bring a maximum of 2 pets with you, and they cost $30 each. For guests, a maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children (below 12 years old) can accommodate the houses (additional charge of $15 for the third guest onwards)! Perfect for a family getaway. If you need anything, there is a staff office located right after Tiny House 1900.

For food, there will be a new convenience store called Sol by BDC which opens in Q4 2023. However, before its opening, it is recommended to bring your own food and drink. Tap water on Lazarus Island is not drinkable, but you can boil it first in order to consume it. There is a smokeless BBQ available too!

Check-in is at 3.30PM and check-out will be at 11.30AM. No earlier check-ins can be done and an additional $50 is charged for late checkouts.

Rate: From $284 on their website here!

Address: 11A, Pulau Seringat, Singapore 099556

Contact: +65 6525 5282


2. Visit the newest eco-friendly convenience store

Credit: Bespoke Dining Club

As stated above, Sol by BDC will open soon in Q4 of 2023! They offer a curated selection of needs and groceries. There are to-go meals such as microwaved meals, ready-to-grill foods and snacks as well. Singapore aims to create the Southern Islands as an eco-tourism destination which can be seen from Sol's storefront, as well as the other activities and accommodations that are available starting from Lazarus Island.

One interesting fact about the convenience store is that their offerings all incorporating locally-sourced produce from Singapore which means the carbon footprint of these animals are relatively low!

3. Take part in exhilarating sea sports

With the opening of the Lazarus Sea Sports Centre, visitors can now take part in a variety of non-motor sea sports. There are 10 activities to choose from that can be enjoyed by people of all ages (and even pets)! They have various stand-up paddleboards (SUP) that can be used by one person or even 7 people all at once or 1 adult + 1 child + 1 pet. . They also have kayaking that can accommodate up to three people.

There are other unique activities too, such as sea bicycling which is a great leisure activity different from all of the others. Another interesting activity is the yoga dock where you are able to stretch out and do yoga whilst on the paddleboard.

Admission: From $27. You can book here now!

Opening hours: Friday (10AM - 4PM) | Sat-Sun (10AM - 5PM)

Address: 1 adult + 1 child + 1 pet.


4. Escape the city with Into the Woods

Credit: Into the Woods

This is a glamping experience that is available just 15-minutes away from Singapore! Into the Woods will have 9 glamping tents available for rent in Q4 2023 which can house up to 4 guests. Their emphasis is bringing guests closer to nature with specially curated welcome kits that will be provided. Items in the kit include a "plantable" stationery and natural watercolours which invite a slower pace of life by admiring and taking in the scenery. Translate what you see onto paper and bring home your creations from a restful stay at Into the Woods! Nature-lovers rejoice!

Things To Do At St John's Island

1. Picnic at the beach

There are no stores on the island, so be sure to pack your food and water for your entire stay - which means you can set up a little picnic spot for your lunch at the beach! Bring a picnic mat, a meal and a snack or two, and you're all set.

2. Visit the Marine Park Outreach and Education Centre

This is an educational centre that focuses on the marine life surrounding Singapore. There is a free exhibition that goes through the different marine creatures and plants you can see, such as corals and many different types of fish. There is also a live pool where you can see these animals up close

3. Go fishing

If you're an ardent fisher, you'll want to go fishing on the island. Apart from the blue clear waters to swim in, you can fish in the rest of the areas, especially the breakwaters! From snappers to groupers, you'll get the perfect catch here.

4. Stay overnight at a chalet

The lodges available at St John's Islands are all built to accommodate large groups, so if you're looking to stay overnight, grab a bunch of friends and family when booking them! The Eagle Lodge has:

  • Maximum: 10 pax
  • Air-conditioning
  • 4 Bedrooms – 1 Queen, 8 Single, disposable bed linen
  • 2 Showers/Toilets
  • Electric cooking hob, electric kettle, basic cooking utensils, but no individual cutlery

There are also 3 other lodges (Turtle, Dolphin and Otter Lodge) on the island that you can check out here! They all offer chalets with larger rooms for more people to live in. Prices range from $27 to $267 per night.

5. Go cycling on the island

From $35 on Klook, you can rent a bicycle tour on the islands too! With both islands being connected, you'll be able to explore both locations even more easily with a bike to ride around with. They offer a 2-hour bike or kick scooter rental and a Gogreen Eco limited edition kite (psst.. you can take it home!). Visit the islands' destinations, look at wildlife and explore the green trail with a route of slopes and bends to get in a moderate workout.

6. Rent a Beach Tent

From the same company, Gogreen Eco, you can rent a pop-up beach tent to chill and take in the sights of the island's beach. The horseshoe-shaped bend of the sandy beach gives a magnificent view of the clear blue waters! What better way to take a break from fun activities than relaxing under the shade with your loved ones? Let them know it's time for a trip to the island!

As Singapore moves towards eco-tourism, grab your bags and escape the city life into Lazarus and St John's Islands to experience the new offerings that they have!