These Are The Top 12 Destinations HHWT Readers Want To Visit In 2020


Ili •  Oct 08, 2019

If you follow our Instagram page, you might have caught one of our Traveler Thursday questions asking this: Which destinations will you be travelling to next year? And just like we hoped, many of you responded!

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From chic cities to pristine beaches, we have rounded up the top 12 destinations that all you wonderful readers are dreaming of making in 2020. So, look forward to our future guides on these very locations that we can’t wait to create especially for you!

1. Japan

Japan takes the cake as the number one destination HHWT readers want to travel to in 2020. As a busy metropolis with the perfect blend of ancient history and modern trends, we’re not surprised that the Land of the Rising Sun is a top choice among our readers! ? Whether you choose to have a fun shopping spree in Tokyo or eat your way through Osaka cuisine, Japan promises a memorable trip.

P.S. Can’t decide between Tokyo or Osaka? This guide will help you choose which of the two top cities to visit! Use this handy itinerary for Tokyo and this fun itinerary for Osaka ?

2. South Korea

From popular K-dramas to romantic cherry blossoms, South Korea has always been a favourite destination as proven by HHWT readers. As the sister-rival to Japan, this country continues to impress with scenic landscapes and cultural hubs across multiple cities like Seoul, Jeju and Busan ? There’s plenty to see, eat and do in South Korea, so join the HHWT readers and start making those plans for a visit to the east of Asia!

3. Melbourne

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Slowly taking over as one of Australia’s coolest cities, Melbourne’s spot on this list is well-deserved ? Getting the best out of this coastal city is easy when there’s plenty to explore - Instgrammable street art, picturesque nature backdrops and stunning attractions. Don’t miss out on having an epic road trip in Melbourne where memories are made to last a lifetime!

4. Gold Coast

Without missing a beat, Gold Coast joins the table as a 2020 destination as well. Who wouldn’t make this strip of coast a part of their travel plans when it has charming neighborhoods and stunning high-rises decorating the skyline ? As an ideal place for the whole family, this attractive city is no longer an overlooked spot as noted by the HHWT readers.

5. Sydney

Stretches of sandy beaches, golden sunshine and endless blue skies ? It’s only fitting that Sydney joins the top of the list of popular travel destinations. Visit the iconic Sydney Opera House or go whale watching while you enjoy the cool breeze of the sea. With plenty of enticing eateries and impressive architecture to wonder at, this populous city of Australia has not gone unnoticed as proven by HHWT readers.

6. New Zealand

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Fans of Lord of the Rings will be happy to know that New Zealand has snagged a spot on this list of travels. There is almost no competition when it comes to the breathtaking beauty of this country. Transport yourself to a whole other universe with its heavenly locations  and one-of-a-kind backpacking experience! This magical country is the perfect place for first timers and those who wish to return for more adventures ?

7. Turkey

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Whether you’re visiting Turkey for your honeymoon or travelling with family, this muslim-friendly country is perfect for anyone at any time of the year. From easy halal food finds and beautifully designed mosques to Istanbul’s impressive accomodations, this Middle Eastern country makes for a smooth and hassle-free trip! ? With just a bite of baklava and a gorgeous sunset stroll in the city, you are guaranteed to fall in love with Turkey time and time again.

8. Switzerland

With unmatched Alpine views, Switzerland has always been a dream destination for anyone who is looking for an unforgettable adventure. Be prepared to go on a lifetime-journey with views of glistening lakes and snow-capped mountains! Though the country is notorious for being expensive, New Zealand is worth taking a trip to and HHWT readers will second that ?

9. London

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Home to buttered scones, Big Ben, and the Queen, London is the place where everyone’s European dreams turn into a reality. Experience sunny castle tours and wondrous Christmas festivities in one of the world’s biggest melting pot. No matter when you decide to visit, there’s always plenty to do and if you think that it takes a big budget to do so, this guide will prove you wrong! ?

10. Taiwan

HHWT readers ranked Taiwan as their go-to destination in 2020 for two good reasons: food and culture. Wherever you turn, Taiwan and all its glamour is ready to serve you an endless menu of delicious food (with a specialty in street delicacies! ?) as you immerse in its lively traditions and ancient history. If you’ve never been to this cultural hub, make 2020 the year to drop by this wonderful destination.

11. Kuala Lumpur

As one of the most culturally diverse cities in Southeast Asia, HHWT readers have pinned Kuala Lumpur on their travel bucket list for a 2020 visit. As modern as the city comes, the true gems of Kuala Lumpur are in the streets. Best explored on foot, you can find various hawker stalls and coffee shops (what we call a kopitiam) serving appetizing local eats like nasi lemak and cendol as well as some of the best cafes in town. If you’re planning a stay in Kuala Lumpur, make sure to experience the nightlife, a time where the city truly comes alive. ? 

12. Penang

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Though it may be one of the smaller destinations compared to the rest on the list, Penang is a huge contender as a top tourist destination. Once known as the hidden gem of Malaysia, this island has secured a special place in the hearts of HHWT readers ❤️ As you go on a quest to uncover its unique attractions while getting lost in a sea of eateries, you’ll understand why the readers have an eye on the beautiful Penang Island. 

Even though there are three more months until this year is officially over, it's never too late to start planning for 2020! Whether your travel destination is on the list or not, make sure to hop on a plane next year and travel to someplace for an adventure of your life ?