7D6N Muslim-Friendly Itinerary For The Best Summer In Switzerland


Cheng Sim •  Sep 02, 2019

Our first thoughts of Switzerland were snowy alps, scenic mountains and hot chocolate. Who could blame us? It is a dreamy winter destination, after all. If you’re planning a summer getaway in Switzerland instead, forget the naysayers. It’s the only time of the year where you’ll see a different kind of beautiful – and that’s what we experienced!

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When it’s sunny in Switzerland, explore the outdoors as much as possible. That’s when trees flourish, daisies sway in the breeze, and the Swiss rocking up their favourite sunnies. Not to miss a beat of the summer action, we set off on the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland with Sedunia Travel! With our Swiss Travel Pass (and sense of adventure) in our pockets, it’s time to fly!

Getting there

Fly from Singapore to Switzerland

Credit: Aero Icarus on Flickr

  • Take a non-stop flight to Zurich to begin your Switzerland adventure with SWISS!
  • #HHWT Tip: Malaysians and Singaporeans can travel to Switzerland without a visa! Just bring a passport with at least six months of validity. For Indonesian travellers, you need to apply for visa before travelling to Switzerland.
  • While getting comfortable in our seat, we spent our long-haul flight watching the latest movies from SWISS In-Flight Entertainment.
  • Set the mood for your trip by browsing the Made In Switzerland selections and watch Heidi, a movie about a young girl who lives with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps.

  • We enjoyed our in-flight meals, especially the Asian-style noodles with samosa! Remember to book your Muslim-friendly meal during reservation.

Day 1: Arrive in Zurich

Credit: Andrew Eland on Flickr

  • Once we arrive at Zurich Airport, we made our way to the Airport Center with our Swiss Travel Pass, which was booked through Sedunia Travel!
  • P.S. Whether you’re planning a Golden Summer in Switzerland or journeying through the Swiss Rail Adventure, book your next trip with Sedunia Travel!

Get the Swiss Travel Pass

  • We have many sights to explore in Switzerland, and the Swiss Travel Pass offers unlimited rides by train, bus and boat, which makes commutes super convenient.
  • With the Swiss Travel Pass, get free admission to 500 museums and attractions including the FIFA World Museum, Swissminiatur, Sammlung Rosengart, Lake Lucerne Sunset Cruise, Lake Zurich Boat Ride, and more.
  • Get discounts on cable car rides to Mount Titlis, shopping at FoxTown Factory Stores and more.
  • If you’re travelling from Malaysia, you can purchase the Swiss Travel Pass conveniently from Sedunia Travel!
  • P.S. For more scenic train journeys in Switzerland, explore Swiss top attractions like Jungraujoch or Matterhorn with Sedunia Travel.

  • We got the 1st Class Swiss Travel Pass - 8 Days for CHF663 (RM2,850).
  • While the 2nd Class pass is cheaper, it has lesser legroom, more peak-hour crowd and no air-conditioning, which may be uncomfortable in summer.

  • To find your carriage, look at the signage on the train platform. Carriages with the number 1 are designated for first-class ticket holders whereas number 2 is for second class ticket holders.
  • Unless indicated, most trains, buses and boats have free seating. Feel free to sit wherever you like.


  • With the Swiss Travel Pass, take the train from Zurich Airport (Flughafen Zürich) to Luzern station (approx. 1 hour 10 mins)
  • Switzerland’s public transportation is very punctual. We missed our first train by 2 minutes and had to wait an hour for the next one. We recommend arriving 10 minutes early before your train departs.

  • #HHWT Tip: Download the Swiss Travel Guide app (available on Andriod and iOS) to know the next train or bus arrival time and plan your route
  • Once arrived, we visited various attractions such as the Chapel Bridge, the Old Town of Luzern and the Lion Monument
  • P.S. Book a tour with Sedunia Travel to explore beyond the Old Town of Luzern! You can ascend Mount Pilatus, admire the stunning views from Jungfraujoch and more.

Chapel Bridge

  • Walk along the 15th century Chapel Bridge that stretches over the River Reuss
  • Built in 1333, Luzern’s famous landmark is also one of the oldest covered bridges in the world
  • Every season, the bridge is decorated with colourful geranium flowers. In summer, it was red, pink and purple!

  • Spot the 17th-century paintings on the roof that tells the old history of Luzern. Originally, there were 110 paintings, but 80 were destroyed in a fire in 1993.

Lion Monument

  • Visit the Lion Monument, a rock relief that commemorates the brave Swiss guards who perished during the French Revolution
  • It took 17 months for sculptor Lukas Ahorn to carve it into the cliff
  • The wordings ‘Helvetiorum Fidei ac Virtuti’ means ‘to the loyalty and bravery of the Swiss’
  • #HHWT Tip: The monument illuminates at night to offer a different view of this famous monument

Lunch at Kanchi Restaurant

  • A 3-minute walk from the Lion Monument, we had an Indian buffet lunch at Kanchi Restaurant
  • We got to choose from a variety of five dishes and really enjoyed eating chicken kurma and fried fish!
  • Our buffet cost was CHF19.50 (RM83). For a la carte meals, the prices are between CHF9.70 (RM41) to CHF38 (RM162).

  • Halal status: While the restaurant uses meats from halal-certified suppliers, do note that alcoholic beverages are served on the premise

Jesuit Church

  • After a hearty lunch, we stepped into the century-old Jesuit Church that is teeming with baroque architecture, paintings and hanging chandeliers.
  • This church is still an active place of worship, so we kept our voices down to respect the worshippers who prayed in the church.

  • Known as one of the first large baroque churches in Switzerland, it also has an ornately designed organ that was once built in 1980.
  • We loved taking snapshots of the riverside cafes and heritage square too

The Old Town Of Luzern

  • Walk around the Old Town of Luzern and spot the many century-old buildings with uniquely painted façade. The one in the Old Town Square was painted in 1928!

  • #HHWT Tip: The water from the water fountain is suitable for drinking! But do remember to take only straight from the tap as the locals use the pool for bathing their pets

Dinner at TIBITS

  • We walked to Luzern station and had dinner at a vegetarian restaurant named TIBITS.
  • It was co-founded by the owner behind HILTL, the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant (we’ll go more on that later!)

  • Choose from over 40 vegetarian and vegan dishes, and your meal is priced by weight. My dinner added up to CHF13 (RM56)
  • Halal status: While the restaurant serves an all-vegetarian menu, do note that a few dishes are cooked with wine and we encourage you to ask the staff for more detailed information about the dishes served. The restaurant also shared that most of the buffet dishes are vegan and prepared without any cheese. We recommend that you dine at your discretion.

Where to stay

Ameron Luzern Hotel Flora

  • We stayed a few nights at Ameron Luzern Hotel Flora. It’s only a four minutes’ walk from Luzern train station, so we’re always on time for our train ride!
  • The hotel is within walking distance from Chapel Bridge and Old Town of Luzern.
  • We had the best sleep on their cosy bed after a day of sightseeing in Luzern.
  • If you’re an art lover, Sammlung Rosengart is located in front of the hotel and houses a collection of paintings by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Claude Monet.

Day 2: Mount TITLIS

  • Take the train from Luzern station to Engelberg station (43 minutes)
  • From the Engelberg station, walk 10 minutes to Titlis Cableways.
  • Swiss Travel Pass holders can get a 50% discount for all cable car rides to Mount Titlis. The normal rate is CHF66 (RM284) per person!

  • Take the TITLIS Express cable car to the TITLIS Cableways Valley Station. Then, ride the TITLIS Rotair; the world’s first revolving cable car to the TITLIS Mountain Station.
  • #HHWT Tip: To get the best mountain view from TITLIS Rotair, be the last to board the cable car so that you can stand close to the window


  • Mount TITLIS is the highest peak in Central Switzerland
  • In summer, the temperature is about 3 degree Celsius and wearing a sweater and a pair of sneakers is enough for someone who enjoys the cold weather.

  • If you need extra layers, you can rent jackets and boots at the TITLIS Cableways Valley Station or the photo studio on TITLIS Main Building (Level 4)
  • The average rental costs are CHF8 (RM34.50) per jacket or pair of boots. A deposit of CHF50 (RM215) is required for these rentals.
  • Explore many activities such as Ice Flyer Chairlift, TITLIS Glacier Park, TITLIS Cliff Walk and Glacier Cave!

Ice Flyer Chairlift & TITLIS Glacier Park

  • In summer, take the Ice Flyer Chairlift from the TITLIS Summit Station to TITLIS Glacier Park. Don’t forget to catch the sweeping view of the virgin snowfields down below.

  • At TITLIS Glacier Park, everyone’s favourite summer activity is snow tubing, and it’s free for visitors!
  • Pick up a rubber tyre and glide down the powder-soft snow for high-speed excitement!

TITLIS Cliff Walk & Glacier Cave

  • After an hour of snow tubing, take the Ice Flyer Chairlift back to TITLIS Summit Station for another adventure!
  • Walk over the TITLIS Cliff Walk, the highest elevation suspension bridge in Europe that stands at 3,041 metres above sea level
  • #HHWT Tip: Take a snapshot in the middle of the TITLIS Cliff Walk! Follow the instructions at the camera box and collect your picture from the Photo Studio at the TITLIS Main Building (Level 4). The price is CHF18 (RM77.50) per photo. Otherwise, you’re free to snap photos on the bridge too!

  • The bridge will lead you to the Glacier Cave, which is a long icy walkway hidden below the glacier
  • The icy walkway is slippery, and we recommend wearing shoes with good rubber soles and treads for better grip.

Lunch at TITLIS Panorama Restaurant

  • We had lunch at TITLIS Panorama Restaurant that is known for their delicious meals and a sweeping view of Mount Titlis
  • The restaurant has a non-halal buffet section, and we opted for the Special Halal Dishes from the menu. Out of the seven selections, ranging from penne arrabbiata to pizza tandoori, we opted for the sautéed sirloin of lamb priced at CHF36 (RM153)!
  • The price range for Special Halal Dishes menu is between CHF10.80 (RM46) and CHF36 (RM153)

  • Halal status: While the restaurant uses meats from halal-certified suppliers for the Special Halal Dishes, do note that alcoholic beverages are served on the premise. We checked with the kitchen staff and was informed that non-halal and halal meats are cooked in the same kitchen. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

  • Alternatively, you can bring your meal to the picnic room at TITLIS Mountain Station (Level 4).
  • #HHWT Tip: There’s a multi-faith prayer room at the TITLIS Mountain Station but do bring your own praying garment.

Lake Trubsee

Sunset cruise on Lake Lucerne

  • Take the train from Engelberg station to Luzern station (45 mins)
  • For the sunset cruise on Lake Lucerne, head over to Pier 1 opposite Luzern station where you’ll spot the Paddlesteamer or MS Diamant vessel. Remember to check the departure times on their website and arrive early because the cruise leaves on time!

  • Grab a seat on the upper deck to catch the romantic sunset and mountainous landscape of Central Switzerland
  • The sunset cruise is free for the Swiss Travel Pass holder (at the free-seating benches). However, you need to book a table in advance if you want to enjoy a drink or meal.
  • Halal status: While halal meals are not available and alcoholic beverages are served on the sunset cruise, you can purchase soft drinks or juices to accompany your boat ride

Day 3: Luzern to Lugano

  • Take the train from Luzern station to Trubschachen station (1 hour 13 mins)
  • From Trubschachen station, walk for 2 minutes to the Kambly Factory Store

Kambly Experience

  • Kambly is the largest biscuit manufacturer in Switzerland that features a variety of fine, salted and assorted biscuits.
  • Their signature Bretzeli biscuit is great for souvenirs, and Kambly still uses the same recipe from the founder’s grandmother since 1906

  • Take a bite out of this heartwarming Bretzeli to savour the biscuit’s light crunch and nutty flavours! We bought a pack for our train ride back to Luzern. Each small bag is priced at CHF8.90 (RM38).
  • The average price for other Kambly biscuits is CHF8.90 (RM38) to CHF11.30 (RM48) per bag.

  • Halal status: While most Kambly biscuits are made with Muslim-friendly ingredients, do note that some biscuits contain alcohol such as Amaretti. Each biscuit packet comes with a list of ingredients written in German, so let Google Translate be your best friend!
  • P.S. Book the ultimate Kambly experience with Sedunia Travel to know more about the world-famous Swiss biscuits!

Lunch at PURA

Credit: PURA Luzern on Facebook

  • For lunch, head over to PURA, a vegan restaurant situated at the Old Town of Luzern.
  • Serving a weekly lunch menu, try everything such as avocado toast, falafel pita or protein bowl for an afternoon treat. The lunch menu is priced at CHF18.50 (RM79) per meal
  • Halal status: The restaurant serves an all-vegan menu and only uses plants and non-animal products. Do note that the restaurant serves alcoholic beverages on the premise.


  • We’re heading to the city of Lugano! It’s situated in the canton of Ticino where the locals speak in their official language, Italian.
  • Take the train from Luzern station to Lugano station (2 hours 8 mins)
  • To get to the city centre, take the public bus number 4 from Lugano station (Direction: Lugano, Centro) to Piazza Luini (6 mins)

Piazza Luini

  • Situated next to the scenic Lake Lugano, explore the historical Piazza Luini
  • Bring your purse to the shopping district of Via Nassa that is packed with boutiques, luxury stores and historical buildings

  • Visit the Church of Santa Maria to see an adaptation of The Last Supper painted by the disciple of Leonardo Da Vinci
  • #HHWT Tip: Church of Santa Maria is still an active place of worship and photography is not allowed

Lake Lugano

Where to stay

Hotel International au Lac

  • We checked into Hotel International au Lac during our trip in Lugano
  • This century-old, family-run hotel is within walking distance from Lake Lugano and Via Nassa shopping street
  • We got the Panorama room that has a partial view of Lake Lugano from the balcony!

Day 4: Morcote

  • Take the boat from Lugano-Giardino terminal to Morcote terminal (1 hour 23 mins)
  • We enjoyed seeing the locals excited for the boat ride as much as we do!

  • When we arrived at Morcote, we were swept away by the scenic village that overlooks Lake Lugano!
  • Known as one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland, explore the pastel-coloured village, Italian-style streets and sweeping mountains


  • Take the bus from Piazza Grande stop to Melide station (7 mins)
  • From Melide station, walk for 3 minutes to Swissminiatur, a park that is decorated with miniature replicas of Switzerland’s famous landmarks

  • Swiss Travel Pass holders get a 50% discount on admission fees
  • Discover famous miniature attractions such as the Heidi Village, Berne Cathedral, Chapel Bridge and more

  • We had the chance to meet Mr Renato Bernasconi, who has been working at Swissminiatur for 40 years. His favourite miniature is The Parliament Building, which he helped to build in 1980. Today, he is working on illuminating the miniature using solar panels.

Lunch at Swissminiatur

  • Take a break and savour a hearty lunch at Swissminiatur’s restaurant
  • The restaurant provides Muslim-friendly set meals, which you can book three days before your visit. We enjoyed the chicken curry and rice prepared just for us!
  • Halal status: While the restaurant uses meats from halal-certified suppliers, do note that alcoholic beverages are served on the premise. To book your Muslim-friendly meal, we recommend emailing them three days in advance.

FoxTown Factory Stores

  • Take the train from Melide station to Mendrisio S. Martino station (10 mins). Then, walk for 7 minutes to FoxTown Factory Stores
  • Packed with 160 stores, shop for branded clothes, sportswear, household goods and accessories.

  • For Swiss Travel Pass holders, head over to the info counter to get the Green Pass, which entitles you to 10% discount on selected stores such as Coach, Nike and Michael Kors!

Dinner at Restaurant Beirut

Credit: Ristorante Beirut Lugano-Paradiso on Facebook

  • From Piazza Luini bus stop, walk for 16 minutes to Restaurant Beirut.
  • Specialising in Lebanese cuisine, savour everything from shish kafta (minced meat skewers with spices) to quraides (grilled shrimp with garlic, parsley and spices).
  • The price range from CHF10 (RM43) to CHF35 (RM149) per meal
  • Halal status: While the restaurant uses meats from halal-certified supplier, do note that alcoholic beverages are served on the premise.

Day 5: St. Moritz

St. Moritz

  • Known as a famous Alpine resort, wander around the charming town of St Moritz that is dotted with heritage buildings, luxury boutiques and Swiss flags.

  • #HHWT Tip: For the best vantage point of Lake St Moritz, head over to a parking garage called Parkhaus Serletta. If you’re walking from the town area, take the escalator from Parkhaus Serletta to the top for the best view of the lake!
  • If you’re travelling by train, this vantage point is located opposite St Moritz train station. You won’t miss it because it’s widely frequented by tourists too. That also means you have to wait your turn to replicate our snapshot above.

  • From the vantage point, walk down to get a close-up snapshot of Lake St Moritz!
  • It was cloudy when we arrived, but we found a patch of wildflowers to create a vibrant snapshot

  • While Lake St Moritz is a popular winter venue for polo matches, it remains a serene and beautiful sightseeing spot in summer.
  • If you walk further towards Hotel Waldhaus am See, you’ll find a wooden beach that’ll make a great Instagram-worthy spot. There weren’t many tourists around, so you can have more time capturing the perfect snapshot

Evening stroll around St Moritz

  • After sundown, take an evening stroll around the town of St Moritz, famous for being a glamourous alpine resort town
  • Housed in a century-old building, we loved seeing a different side of Badrutt’s Palace, a luxury shopping spot filled with stores like Cartier, Gucci, Harry Winston and more.

  • As we explored deeper into the town, we stumbled upon Conditorei Hanselmann, a traditional bakery that is famous for their Engadine nut cakes.
  • Sadly, most shops at St Moritz close as early as 7 pm. Hence, we only get to admire the red floral façade after closing time.

Where we stay

Hotel Hauser St Moritz

  • We spent the night at Hotel Hauser St Moritz
  • It’s a 10-minute walk from St Moritz train station. If you bring a heavy suitcase, you can arrange for a hotel pick-up in advance
  • Each furniture is designed with larch or mountain pine wood that is harvested before the new moon, and it is said to promote better sleep too!
  • This hotel is situated in the town centre and only a short walk to Lake St Moritz

Day 6: Zurich

  • Take the train from St. Moritz station to Landquart station (2 hours 11 mins)
  • Switch to another train from Landquart station to Zurich Hauptbahnhof (HB) station (1 hour 16 mins)

Lunch at HILTL

  • Recognised by the Guinness World of Records, satiate your hunger at HILTL, the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant!
  • Serving delicious vegetarian cuisine since 1898, scoop up servings of Tortelli Funghi, Jaffna vegetables, vegetarian spring rolls, ratatouille and more from their daily servings.

  • The meals are priced based on weight, starting from CHF4.50 (RM19) per 100g, when you dine at the restaurant.
  • They also offer takeaways starting from CHF4 (RM17) per 100g. If you take away your meals using their own Hiltl Bento Bowl, it starts from CHF3.50 (RM15) per 100g.
  • For a la carte menu, the price range is between CHF11.50 (RM49) and CHF32.50 (RM139)
  • Halal status: While the restaurant serves an all-vegetarian cuisine, do note that some dishes or sauces are prepared with alcohol and it'll be clearly marked on the display. We encourage you to ask the staff who can provide more detailed information for every dish. The restaurant also serves alcoholic beverages on the premise and we recommend that you dine at your discretion.


  • Once you’re ready, take snapshots of the Old Town of Zurich. Wander around and spot heritage buildings, town squares and scenic river.
  • With the Swiss Travel Pass, you can enjoy tram and bus rides for free!
  • #HHWT Tip: Download the Swiss Travel Guide app (available on Andriod and iOS) to find out your public transportation routes and arrival times.

  • One of our favourite things about Zurich is crossing the Limmat River.
  • This scenic river runs from Lake Zurich, which is situated in the southern side of Zurich city

  • #HHWT Tip: For the best view of Old Town of Zurich and Limmat River, head over to Lindenhof Square. If you’re lucky, you can capture a few boats cutting through the river too

  • We explored Munsterhof Square, the largest town square in the Old Town of Zurich
  • It was great relaxing on the chair while being surrounded by medieval buildings and guild houses. Check out the architecture of Fraumunster church and Zunfthaus zur Meisen art museum if you have the time!

Where we stay

25hours Hotel Langstrasse

  • We spent our last night in Switzerland at the 25hours Hotel Langstrasse
  • Stylishly designed with pretty murals and decorative items, it has the cosiest bed complete with desk space and separate bathroom
  • If you’re travelling with someone, do note that it has a transparent shower room but with curtains for complete privacy

Day 7: Going Home

Lake Zurich

  • For a final glimpse of the city, take a relaxing boat ride around the scenic Lake Zurich
  • With the Swiss Travel Pass, you can enjoy the boat cruise from Burkliplatz Zurich and back for free (1.5 hours)
  • On a sunny day, spot the Lindt & Sprungli chocolate factory, Kusnacht ZH vineyards and the beautiful houses.

  • If you want to have the whole boat to yourself, take the first boat at 9.15AM where the crowd is much lesser.

FIFA World Football Museum

  • Perfect for football fans, make a trip to the FIFA World Football Museum that covers everything from famous memorabilia to achievements in football history.
  • Spot your country’s national team jersey at The Rainbow.
  • Get up close to the original FIFA World Cup and Female World Cup Trophies after looking through exclusive FIFA memorabilia throughout history.

  • Round up your visit with football-themed games that is located on the top floor.
  • Swiss Travel Pass holders get free admission to the FIFA World Football Museum

Lunch at Le Cedre Bellevue

  • Enjoy a scrumptious Lebanese lunch at Le Cedre Bellevue.
  • We had Arayess Sojok that consists of spicy beef and lamb served with tomatoes and Lebanese bread. Don’t forget to try their Lebanese coffee! This meal is priced at CHF20.50 (RM87)
  • Halal status: While the restaurant uses meats from halal-certified suppliers, do note that alcoholic beverages are served on the premise.

Zurich Airport

Credit: Michael Coghlan on Flickr

  • After a day of sightseeing, take the train from Zurich HB station to Zurich Airport (5 mins)
  • It was a long walk from Zurich Airport station to the SWISS check-in counter. We encourage you to be there early to avoid rushing.
  • If you have time to shop for souvenirs, you can buy some Kambly biscuits and Swiss chocolates from COOP and Migros supermarkets.

Whether you’re looking at convenience or costs, exploring Switzerland on a train brings a fresh and renewed perspective of what travelling should be. With the Swiss Travel Pass, you can hop on and off the public buses, trains and boats easily! Besides the discounts, you get from cable car rides and shopping, you can also get free admission to museums and art galleries across Switzerland. Definitely a sweet benefit for those who dream of a railway adventure!

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