10 Reasons Why Turkey Is The Honeymoon Destination Of Your Dreams


Nasreen Nasir •  Sep 21, 2017

[Updated 24 Sep 2019]

When planning a romantic Turkey honeymoon, there are many ways to appreciate their stunning destinations besides the well-loved Cappadocia in Turkey ? Whether you're flying on a hot air balloon in Turkey or sailing on a cruise on the Bosphorus Strait, it's the ultimate place to celebrate your marriage in the most adventurous way.

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Turkey has been voted as one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, and one should not dismiss the very thought of visiting this exquisite country. Sit back and stay with us until the end of this article as we tell you why we think Turkey is the ideal place for your honeymoon. Exploring Turkey for the first time? We have a first-timer's guide to Turkey including the essential travel tips you'll need!

 1. Take a stroll around the historic city of Istanbul with your partner

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One of the most romantic things a couple can do is by walking around the historic city of Istanbul and soak in the atmosphere! Istanbul offers a plethora of rich heritage and diverse cultures one can experience ?

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The best thing about Istanbul is that most attractions are amazingly close to each other and that makes your strolling adventure even more worthwhile. With an amazing weather all-year-round, every couple will get a chance to marvel at the grandeur of the city. Consider taking a walk around Bosphorus Strait as you are greeted by the picturesque views of the shoreline. If this is your first trip, check out our first-timer's guide to Istanbul including what to see, do and eat!

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2. Soak in an authentic experience of Turkish bath at Suleymaniye Hamami

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You won’t enjoy Turkey to the fullest if you don’t try the famous Turkish bath. If you’re in Istanbul, pay a visit to Suleymaniye Hamami. A lavish architecture combined with a rich history, Suleymaniye Hamami offers an authentic Turkish experience as you will be surrounded by dramatic domes and chimneys upon the entrance.

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This is the only bathhouse in Istanbul that allows couples and it's priced at 40€! You can enjoy the entire hamam for a good 90 minutes ? For more info, you may visit Suleymaniye Hamami.

3. Fly high on a hot air balloon at Cappadocia

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Of course, every couple should not only be entitled to exploring the city of Istanbul. Instead, be adventurous and travel to the whimsical Cappadocia. Known for its fantastical landscape, the best way to explore Cappadocia is from the air – none other than hot air balloon.

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In fact, Cappadocia is popularly known for hot air balloon rides amongst tourists. You may opt for a ride early in the morning or in the evening as you can enjoy a panoramic view of this fairy-tale land while the sun rises or sets above the rock formations. Enjoy the ride of your life with your loved one as you float around the kaleidoscope of colours. For a glimpse of the experience, check out why the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia was one of our colleague's best travel experiences ever!

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4. Cruise down the majestic Bosphorus strait

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If you’re in Istanbul, a cruise along the majestic Bosphorus Strait is your best bet at romanticism ? For a full experience, you may opt for a dinner cruise as you enjoy feasting on the splendour of Turkish cuisine while cruising along the coast.

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While cruising and feasting, you will be entertained by the rich Turkish culture through dance performances and folk music. What's more romantic than that? A beauty that deserves recognition, the Bosphorus Strait should not be overlooked!

5. Fall in love with the magnificent Antalya

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Tucked away from the city of Istanbul, Antalya is the next best spot for honeymooners. The silky sand and crystal clear water are enough to lure you in this populous destination. Besides the rich history, Antalya offers more than you can imagine

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A stay in Kaleiçi gives you that sense of romance as you are welcomed with an ancient harbour and a range of traditional hotels where you can choose from. The harbour is not only home to ships and boats, but also fancy restaurants and cafes.

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The best way to commute around the town of Kaleiçi would be walking as you can wander around the narrow cobblestoned streets to admire the historic Roman ruins and Ottoman houses along the area.

6. Discover the true history and beauty of Hagia Sophia

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A tour at the famous Hagia Sophia is a must when you're in Istanbul! Discover the history of the architectural gem that takes you back to over 2000 years ago.

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Once a church, this majestic monument became a mosque for many centuries and Hagia Sophia eventually settled as a historical museum that has been attracting thousands of visitors per day. Besides taking in the magnificent views around the building, take a break at the garden situated around it while sipping a cup of Turkish tea ?

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7. See the hidden wonders of Basicila Cistern up close

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Considered as one of the largest historical cisterns to ever exist in Turkey, you'll be amazed at the underground waterway that was used by the royals of Byzantine, once upon a time.

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The dramatic surroundings combined with the classical sounds that echo around the Cistern will spark those romantic vibes amongst honeymooners ? Beneath the streets of Istanbul lies this Byzantine structure that exudes a hauntingly beautiful serenity.

8. Visit the famous Spice Bazaar

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The Spice Bazaar in Istanbul has been hailed as one of the top tourist spots that should also be a must-visit for the honeymooners! The aroma and vibrant colours of the spices will provide the ultimate eye candy as visitors are invited to please their eyes with colourful sights.

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Besides spices and herbs, the bazaar extends its range to stalls that sell souvenirs, desserts, honey, nuts and dried fruits. We would recommend lovers to try the Turkish delight! After all, what's a trip to Turkey without indulging its most popular dessert?

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9. Hike up the beautiful hill of Pierre Loti

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Hike up the hill of Pierre Loti where you'll be welcomed with the surreal views of the Golden Horn! Once you've sweat it out with your partner, unwind at the Pierre Loti café that overlooks the beautiful sight. The wooden interior that's decorated with black and white photos on the wall and traditional furniture will make the hike even more worthwhile.

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You can even come at night where the dim lights combined with the lovely ambience will accompany you and your partner in a romantic dining. Don’t forget to take photos!

10. Cycle along Buyukada Island

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A place where no car is allowed, this is a great opportunity for you and your partner to cycle along the isle and recreate classic romance together. If you’re not up for cycling, you may go for a romantic tour on a horse carriage instead!

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If you want to be more adventurous, you can explore the isle by foot. Get lost in the charming isle with your partner and stumble upon the hidden gems around while breathing in the fresh air. Sounds like a great adventure with a loved one? We think so too!

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Turkey may be known as the city of sultans, but one might even say that it's also the city of love! Whether you’re a history buff or an adrenaline junkie, you'll be presented with many opportunities in Turkey that would satisfy your curious souls because there is nothing more satisfying than being at the best place with the best partner ?