6 Easy Halal Korean Dessert Recipes To Enjoy For A Sweet Weekend Treat


Ili •  Dec 16, 2020

If you've checked the boxes on all the Korean recipes we've shared - from comfort foods and snacks to breads and easy meals - it's time to move on to desserts! Traditionally, you won't find desserts being served at the end of Korean meals. The sweet things on this list are typically enjoyed by themselves or on special occasions, but there's no harm in indulging them after a yummy bowl of kimchi jjigae, jajangmyeon or tteokbokki ?

1. Hotteok

Hotteok is a popular Korean street snack, particularly in winter! This Korean pancake is a disc-shaped dough that's filled with brown sugar and nuts before being pan-fried, though you'll often find many different flavours nowadays. Eating a warm hotteok straight off the pan is completely delightful and should be experienced by everyone. And luckily, you don't even have to go to South Korea to try it - making hotteok at home is really easy! We have the perfect easy halal hotteok recipe so you can whip up these yummy treats at home.

2. Chapssal doughnuts

To satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, look no further than chapssal dougnuts - Korean doughnuts made with glutinous rice. Typically filled with sweetened red bean paste, this confection will pull you in with its crunchy exterior and soft, chewy interior. While a red bean paste is traditionally used for the filling, you can always get creative by switching it up with other things like nutella. But if you'd like to go for a more classic flavour, this easy chapssal doughnut recipe by My Korean Kitchen will do the trick.

3. Kkwabaegi

Another type of Korean doughnut is kkwabaegi, also known as Korean twisted doughnut. Made with the simplest ingredients (some of which you may already have in your pantry), you only need less than 10 ingredients for this delectable treat. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these doughnut twists are heaven to eat no matter what time of the day it is. Using this simple recipe from none other than Maangchi, you'll be frying up some of the most delicious Korean doughnuts you'll ever taste.

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4. Korean mochi 

Chapssaltteok is the Korean version of Japanese mochi rice cake. The two are pretty similar to one another - in fact, the only real difference is the technique of making them. Made with glutinous rice, the soft and chewy texture of this bite-sized dessert is a true treat. And with a sweet red bean paste on the inside, it'll perfectly satisfy your sweet tooth cravings in an instant! Check out this recipe by My Korean Kitchen to get started.

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5. Matang

If you’ve ever watched Korean films, dramas or variety shows, you’ll notice that sweet potato is a highly favoured comfort food among the locals. From pre-packaged snacks and drinks to stews and even desserts, this superfood has proven to be one of the most versatile ingredients in the book, which makes it all the more fun for you to experiment with. For this time round, we introduce to you, matang - deep fried chunky sweet potatoes coated with caramelized sugar ?

6. Patbingsu

While you can easily head out and get your fill of patbingsu - also, why not try making it yourself at home? You might not be able to achieve the fine, shaved ice texture you usually get from the cafe (unless you own an ice shaver machine) but the other elements are totally doable. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to include all your favourite toppings and ingredients. If you need a basic guide to help you out, follow Korean Bapsang's recipe - from there, feel free to get creative!

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