8 Easy Halal Doughnut Recipes From Around The World To Treat Yourself With


Ili •  Dec 09, 2020

Attention all doughnut lovers! If you've been looking for ways to enjoy this perfectly yummy treat beyond its classic form, we've got a list that's just for you. Prepare to fry up various doughnuts from around the world as you take on bomboloni, churros, beignets and more at home. With these recipes, you'll be satisfying your sweet tooth cravings as you travel the globe one doughnut at a time ?

1. Churros

Originally from Mexico, bring a little magic to your kitchen by making one of Disneyland's most popular snacks: churros ? That’s right - using the actual recipe that’s been shared by Disney, you can recreate this yummy treat yourself and remedy the nostalgic feelings of your past visits to Disneyland. But even if you’ve never been to the theme park before, this is the perfect chance for you to experience a taste of it at home!

2. Bombolone

Known as one of Italy's most popular desserts, there's no resisting when it comes to bomboloni! Instead of having the classic hole in the middle, this super fluffy doughnut is filled with a delicious Italian pastry cream that’s just pure heaven. One bite is all it takes for you to fall in love and leave you on cloud nine. So, if you’re planning to treat yourself with something special this weekend, this halal bomboloni recipe will give you just what you need.

3. Chapssal doughnuts

To satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, look no further than chapssal dougnuts - Korean doughnuts made with glutinous rice. Typically filled with sweetened red bean paste, this confection will pull you in with its crunchy exterior and soft, chewy interior. While a red bean paste is traditionally used for the filling, you can always get creative by switching it up with other things like nutella. But if you'd like to go for a more classic flavour, this easy chapssal doughnut recipe by My Korean Kitchen will do the trick.

4. Kkwabaegi 

Another type of Korean doughnut is kkwabaegi, also known as Korean twisted doughnut. Made with the simplest ingredients (some of which you may already have in your pantry), you only need less than 10 ingredients for this delectable treat. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these doughnut twists are heaven to eat no matter what time of the day it is. Using this simple recipe from none other than Maangchi, you'll be frying up some of the most delicious Korean doughnuts you'll ever taste.

5. Beignets

Though beignets have French roots, it has interestingly become more popularly associated with the French Quarter located in New Orleans (especially at a restaurant called Cafe Du Monde that's super famous for them!). You may have also seen them in the Disney movie The Princess and The Frog - beignets are Tiana's speciality ? It's the perfect treat to whip up for your next teatime, and we've got an easy halal beignet recipe right here for you to follow.

6. Pon de Ring

Also known as a mochi doughnut, Pon de Ring is a popular sweet treat you can get from Mr. Donuts - the largest doughnut chain in Japan with stores all across Asian countries such as South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. This delicious hybrid of a mochi and doughnut offers a crispy texture on the outside with an airy, chewy inside and you can choose all kinds of glazings and fillings to add to it. From strawberry and chocolate to brown sugar dusting, treat yourself to this easy recipe of Pon de Ring by Chopstick Chronicles over the weekend which includes tips, tricks and know-hows.

P.S. While you're making Pon de Ring, make sure to check out this easy halal mochi ice cream recipe or strawberry mochi recipe

7. Gulab jamun

Have yourself a taste of India by making one of its local desserts, gulab jamun. Typically enjoyed during the festive season and special occasions like weddings, this Indian doughnut has a thin crispy shell with a soft inside and are soaked with rose flavoured sugar syrup for that touch of sweetness. While it's traditionally made with khoya (milk solids), it might be difficult to find this particular ingredient in your local stores. As a substitute, you can use milk powder and you'll still get an equally delicious treat at home. Get started on making batches of gulab jamun with this easy recipe by Swasthi's Recipes.

8. Struffoli

Since we're approaching the holiday season, nothing could be more perfect than making struffoli - a traditional Italian dessert made during Christmas or Easter. These Italian honey balls make for the perfect festive addition or even a sweet treat to enjoy at the end of any meal. Deep fried until golden brown, indulging these crunchy, marble-sized doughnuts is one guilty pleasure we definitely won't mind!

Ready to fry up some doughnuts? Call up your friends and make these deliciously easy recipes over the weekend ?

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