12 Easy Halal Dessert Recipes To Make For A Taste Around The World


Ili •  Nov 17, 2020

[Updated 12 July 2021]

One of the greatest things about travelling is the chance to enjoy local dishes - and for those who've got a sweet tooth, there's nothing better than indulging some of the best desserts different countries have to offer. Since travelling isn't an option now, why not recreate mouthwatering treats like Italian doughnuts, English scones and more at home? That's right! With this handy list of easy halal desserts from around the world, you'll be baking up a storm in your kitchen in no time ?‍?

1. Bombolone

Known as one of Italy's most popular desserts, there's no resisting when it comes to bomboloni! Instead of having the classic hole in the middle, this super fluffy doughnut is filled with a delicious Italian pastry cream that’s just pure heaven. One bite is all it takes for you to fall in love and leave you on cloud nine. So, if you’re planning to treat yourself with something special this weekend, this halal bomboloni recipe will do the trick.

2. Madeleine

Transport yourself to the heart of France with one bite of a madeleine. A unique cross between a cake and a cookie, this delectable treat should be your next baking project if you're a fan of both. It's the perfect dessert to have with a cup of tea, so prepare to dive right into this halal madeleine recipe and indulge in a batch of soft, buttery treats within the next hour.

3. Japanese cheesecake

Japanese cheesecake is a light and fluffy variation of cheesecake that's also known as Japanese cotton cheesecake or souffle cheesecake. What sets it apart from more traditional, Western-style cheesecakes is the fact that it doesn't have a graham or digestive biscuit crust, with the egg whites separated and whipped until it forms soft peaks before being folded into the batter, resulting in a super light, airy texture. If you've ever wanted to make Japanese cheesecake, this halal Japanese cheesecake recipe will do the trick!

4. Pavlova 

Originating from Australia or New Zealand, pavlova is a beautiful treat to behold. Made with egg whites that are whipped up into a meringue, it's known for its crispy exterior and a soft, marshmallow-like interior. Topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit, it's a sweet treat that's perfect for the weekend or for a special occasion. Best of all, it's deceptively easy to make (especially if you have a mixer), with a short and simple ingredient list - just click here for the recipe to get started.

5. Beignet

Though beignets has French roots, it has interestingly become more popularly associated with the French Quarter located in New Orleans (especially at a restaurant called Cafe Du Monde that's super famous for them!). You may have also seen them in the Disney movie The Princess and The Frog - beignets are Tiana's speciality ? It's the perfect treat to whip up for your next teatime, and we've got an easy halal beignet recipe right here for you to follow.

P.S. If you'd like, you can also make this monstrous chocolate chip cookie or banana pudding recipe that are both popular in New York City. 

6. Scone

Hands up if you love scones! This is a classic English teatime treat that is best enjoyed with clotted cream, jam and of course, tea! Scones also happen to be one of the easiest bakes to whip up in your kitchen. Using basic baking ingredients, you can have a batch of scones baked and ready in less than 45 minutes ? So if you're missing your cafe outings or are just looking for a yummy snack it's time to make the best scones with this simple halal English scone recipe.

7. Hotteok

Popular as a snack or dessert, hotteok is a Korean pancake that's mostly enjoyed during winter. Its disc-shaped dough is filled with brown sugar and nuts before being pan-fried, though you'll find many different flavours nowadays! Eating a warm hotteok straight off the pan is completely delightful, and luckily, you don't have to go to South Korea to try it - making hotteok at home is really easy and we've got the perfect easy halal hotteok recipe for you to whip up.

8. Baklava

Baklava is a sweet dessert made of nuts and crispy thin sheets of filo pastry doused in syrup and happens to be popular in countries like Greece, Turkey and other Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean countries. And in all honesty, baklava is not that difficult when you have readymade filo pastry! It requires a bit more effort than say, a banana cake (as you have to paint each sheet of filo pastry with butter), but once you get the hang of it it's totally fun and doable at home. Just follow this easy baklava recipe and you'll be alright

9. Hong Kong-style egg tart 

Made with a flaky pastry that crumbles beautifully and a to-die for creamy filling, everything about this iconic pastry hits the right notes when it comes to flavour, and texture. While you won't be able to fly to Hong Kong right in this moment, you can certainly create these egg tarts yourself at home! With this easy halal Hong Kong-style egg tart recipe, you're one step closer to savouring these delectable treats.

10. Baumkuchen

Baumkuchen is a traditional German cake that's also known as a tree cake. Regarded as a popular 'return' gift at weddings, this sweet treat is well-loved throughout Japan and is among the many souvenirs travellers buy to bring home. If you've been craving for this cake since you last enjoyed it or simply wonder what it tastes like, here's an easy halal baumkuchen recipe so you can bake it whenever you'd like in the comfort of your own home!

11. Lamington

Head Down Under where a classic Australian treat awaits you: lamingtons ? Known as one of the most popular local specialties, this moist butter sponge cake that’s dipped in chocolate and coated with shredded coconut is an absolute dream to bite into. And while you won’t be able to fly to Australia anytime soon, you can certainly make this fantastic dessert yourself with this easy halal lamington recipe!

12. Mango sticky rice

Indulge in one of the most popular Thai desserts - mango sticky rice! Typically sold as a street food in Thailand and Thai restaurants all over the world, the combination of sweet mango and rice pudding is nothing short of amazing. Only requiring a short list of ingredients, this dessert is super easy to make at home. With this halal mango sticky rice recipe, you’re already one step closer to a refreshing, tropical treat.

With these easy recipes, there's no need to hop on a plane to savour delicious desserts from other countries ?

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