10 Delicious Picnic Food & Snacks To Bring On Your Picnic Adventure (Other Than Sandwiches)


Ili •  Sep 03, 2020

[Updated: 30 June 2021]

Going on a picnic date with your friends and family is always a fun idea. And while you won't have problems finding gorgeous picnic spots in and around your city - whether you live in Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia - you might be wondering what to bring on a picnic. in your picnic basket. Well, that's where our list of food and snacks comes in handy! From rolls of kimbap to preparing your very own halal charcuterie platter, leave your regular sandwiches behind and get ready to take your picnic spread to the next level.

1. Kimbap

If there's one thing that should be in your picnic basket, it's got to be kimbap. Easy, convenient and quick to make, how can you not have these delicious rolls while you enjoy some fresh air? They're perfect as a heavy snack or even a light meal, depending on what you decide you to fill them with. And since there's no one way to make kimbap, feel free to get creative and use any ingredients of your liking.

P.S. Want more snacks like this? Check out these 10 easy Korean recipes you should try making at home

2. Charcuterie board

If you want to go for something a little fancy, having a charcuterie board will certainly do the trick. Known as the art of assembling an assortment of meats that usually includes bacon, ham and sausage, make your own halal version by simply swapping out the pork products with chicken or turkey cold cuts. Then pair up the meats with some cheese, crackers, grapes, strawberries and nuts. It's a really fun board to snack on, plus it makes for a great picture so make sure to snap a photo and level up the aesthetics on your social media feed ?

3. Chocolate chip cookies

Having dessert on a picnic is a must (at least for us), so save space in your basket with a classic sweet treat - chewy chocolate chip cookies. In fact, go ahead and load it up with other yummy bakes too like brownies, muffins, tarts and even cakes - if it's small enough to fit, otherwise slices of it would be just as good ? Take this opportunity to create your very own dessert wonderland because there's truly no better time to treat yourself than during a picnic on a lovely day.

4. Fried rice

Want something a little heavier that can fill you up nicely? Then you certainly can't go wrong with fried rice! As one of the easiest dishes to make, you can go as simple as plain fried rice and stick to basic ingredients, go up a notch with some kimchi fried rice or challenge yourself by taking on the popular omurice (omelette rice dish) from Kyoto. There are plenty of varieties out there for you to choose from, so you might want to start with this list of fried rice recipes from around the world to get inspiration.

5. Pizza

Now, if you're not one for making food yourself and packing it all in a picnic basket, then pizza is definitely the way to go. Plan ahead by ordering a box (or two because when was one ever enough? ?) right before you leave your house. Or if the location is easily accessible, make the call to your favourite pizza spot from there so it'll arrive nice and hot. It's a great fuss-free food and if you happen to have a large picnic entourage, everyone is guaranteed to find a pizza suited to their taste since you've got all kinds of flavours available.

6. Potato salad

Far from your average bowl of salad, potato salad makes for a great picnic food because of how versatile it is. You can savour it on its own, pair it with a protein-packed dish or even make it a yummy addition to your fried rice. Soft, creamy and deliciously flavourful, there's simply no resisting when it comes to a hearty serving of potato salad ?

7. Vietnamese spring roll

Since you'll be dining and enjoying the fresh outdoors, why not have an equally refreshing snack of Vietnamese spring rolls? Besides the fact that it's yummy, they're a great choice if you’ve trying to break away from heavy food but dread turning to boring salads. Plus, you can be as flexible as you want with the filling ingredients and adapt it with whatever you have on hand. Whether that’s more carrots, less cucumbers or using a completely different protein, it truly is up to you.

8. Bulgogi lettuce wrap 

Tap into your love for Korean dishes and treat yourself to bulgogi lettuce wraps. It's not the most conventional food you'd find on a picnic spread but there are plenty of reasons why it should be. For one, it's ridiculously easy to make (you can use this recipe right here) and assembling it is a no-brainer! Plus, the lettuce wraps are great for those looking to have a healthier meal without compromising any flavours ?

9. Beef burrito 

How about bringing some Mexican flavours to your picnic table with a couple of beef burritos? They're incredibly easy to make because of how customizable the fillings are. On top of that, they happen to be an awesome freezer standby since they're just as good made fresh or frozen then reheated! This means you've got more time on your hands to plan out the perfect picnic date without worrying about your meal. And if you'd like to go all out with a Mexican picnic spread, make sure to check out this taco and guacamole recipe.

10. Sandwich

We know, we know. You might be raising your eyebrows at us for this one, especially after we said we'd leave sandwiches out of the list ? But for those who simply can't resist having it, this one's for you. Now, we can't just let you go off with any regular sandwich though - so try making a gilgeori toast, a Japanese wanpaku sandwich or if you're a die-hard K-drama fan, then the Egg Drop sandwich from Hospital Playlist should be right up your alley!

Now that you've got this list to help you out, it's time to start planning that picnic outing with your loved ones this weekend! ?