8 VTL Destinations To Visit In 2022 If You Want To Escape The Crowds


Qistina Bumidin •  Feb 14, 2022

You’re all prepped to go on a trip, but visiting a crowded, popular destination seems like trouble ringing on your doorbell, and we get you ☹️ Two years have passed since COVID-19, and it’s time for a much-needed vacation. If you’re in search of time off from those dreary Zoom meetings, or endless Slack notifications pinging off your phone, a vacation might be what you need. You may be worried about travelling during the pandemic but with just a little extra caution, you’ll have greater peace of mind and give you the confidence to travel without worries ?

8 Destinations For A Safe, Crowd-Free, Peaceful Trip

1. Take the less-travelled road of South Korea

Think you know South Korea? Well, think again. South Korea has a much more hidden, calmer side, perfect to escape the city life for a moment ? Slow down time at Incheon Open Port History Culture Street. With over 130 years of preserved history, walk down to this idyllic street where time stands still and explore this historic and cultural space. Still hyped up over Squid Game? Test your luck at the Korean Folk Village’s Squid Game Programme.

Get hands-on and make some jjinppang or steamed buns at Sumi Village in Yangpyeong, located in Gyeonggi Province, a 1.5 hours drive from Seoul (yes, you can eat them!). Head to Sky Park and take a nice stroll along Metasequoia Forest Road with plenty of photo-opportunities as well! Exploring the less touristy parts of South Korea is the best way to still hit up one of your favourite cities without having to worry about being in a crowded area! ?

2. Get outdoorsy in Australia’s thrill-seeking spots

Credit: Karinji Eco Retreat for Facebook

From tandem skydiving at Wollongong to horse trekking through the Questro Wilderness Park and spending the night in an Australian Outback, there’s a variety of outdoor adventures right around the corner. If you’re ready to re-energise your soul and rejuvenate your rebellious side after 2 years of being cooped up in the discomfort of your homes, Australia is the destination to go to feel alive once again ??‍♀️

Apart from the adventure activity coverage of over 20 activities that MSIG TravelEasy provides, you’ll definitely find the rental vehicle coverage extremely beneficial. Having a road trip around Australia’s scenic routes is truly a dream for us city-slickers intending to break out of the hustle and bustle of city life, and renting a car is the way to go. Australia is opening up on Feb 21st and is extremely strict on vaccination requirements and other COVID-19 regulations, so consider all those concerns gone! On top of paying for overseas medical expenses in the event you contract COVID-19 overseas, TravelEasy also covers the costs of loss and damage of rental vehicles, along with any accidental injuries of the insured person, so you can have the time of your lives riding to outback adventures safely ? 

3. Visit the Islamic side of Spain

Why not skip the usual touristy Barcelona and head on to Andalusia instead? It’s as breathtaking and magical as it sounds ? From magnificent mosques, delicious Muslim-friendly food, amazing culture and Islamic history, and breathtaking architecture, it will definitely be an enlightening experience that you will not forget! Petty theft is unfortunately common, which makes it even more important to have good travel insurance with you! With MSIG TravelEasy, you’ll get up to $15,000 worth of coverage for any loss of travel documents. You will also get up to $500 for any loss of personal money or $3000 for any fraudulent use of credit cards. Here’s a tip to avoid the crowds: travel during the off-season: Autumn! Summers are just way too hot, even for us Singaporeans who have only experienced such sweltering heat! So pack a light sweater and travel to Andalusia during the cool season! Now is the time to visit not only the popular cities of Seville, Granada and Córdoba but also take the time to explore lesser-known but equally rewarding places ?

4. Take some beautiful romantic photos with your spouse at the Maldives

Haven’t gone on your honeymoon? Why not make it a little special and head on to one of the ultimate romantic spots - Maldives! Maldives' clear blue water forms the perfect natural backdrop for your gorgeous pictures! ? Make your trip extra fancier and treat yourself to a water villa with a private pool!  The Maldives is listed under Category 2 of the Singapore Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 risk classification, which means the island country is seeing lower or similar numbers of COVID-19 cases as Singapore. Furthermore, with over 1,190 islands, most of the nation’s resorts sit on private and uninhabited islands, so all guests stay within private island bubbles, separate from local communities and tourists in other properties. Pump up the safety brake with MSIG TravelEasy’s COVID-19 coverage of up to $500,000 worth of medical covers, so your pandemic worries are kept at bay while you’re spending some well-deserved, private time with your partner ?

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5. Immerse with the locals at Turkey’s working town

Credit: @bugun.tatil for Instagram

From picture-perfect landscapes to emerald thermal pools, ancient Greek ruins, and vibrant cosmopolitan cities, Turkey is one of the most diverse Muslim travel destinations in the world! But there are many underrated destinations that aren’t just Istanbul or Cappadocia.  Bursa is a working town offering an authentic Turkish experience. The sites are not flooded with tour buses, and you are more likely to rub shoulders with locals rather than tourists or operators as you wander in its relaxed cultural atmosphere ??‍♀️

Visit their UNESCO World Heritage Town, Cumalikizik! The cobblestoned narrow streets are lined up with traditional houses that now serve as family-owned restaurants, souvenir shops, tea houses, and more. While it is still slightly touristy, spend a little time going up the hilly town, and you’ll be delighted by a whole plethora of hidden gems ?

6. Explore the Netherlands like a local

If beautiful canals and peaceful countryside is what you're looking for, then the Netherlands is for you. Cycle along the blissful waterways, bridges, and gabled canal homes, and live out your main character dream ? It’s one of the ways to explore the city like a Dutch, and it feels like you’ve been staying in this city forever. Of course, if you truly want to go Dutch (no pun intended ?), the best way to do so is by indulging in their snacks! Munch on freshly made stroopwafels filled with gooey caramel oozing out, or sinfully sweet Poffertjes, or get a little adventurous and try raw herring! The Netherlands are easing their restrictions, but there’s still a limit on the number of people in all locations such as cafes, restaurants, museums and more. Crowds are controlled, which means there are much, much fewer people than before, which will ease those concerns, while you still get to enjoy a semblance of the pre-Covid travel era. 

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7. Visit the lesser-known capital of Switzerland

Credit: @s_mariale19 for Instagram

Think Switzerland and you might rattle off popular, touristy spots such as Zurich or Geneva. But did you know that the Swiss capital, Bern, is full of hidden gems that are anything but disappointing? ? Revive the memories of the better days pre-Covid at their UNESCO World Heritage-listed old town, take a stroll and explore more than 6 kilometres' worth of shopping arcades filled with antique stores, vintage bookstores, and vintage toy stores, get walking or rent a bike to Gurten mountain and be awestruck over sweeping views of the city below. A modern, urban lifestyle, with a relaxed, rural charm is the best way to describe Bern, so you’re not too far from the city lights, but you definitely have a large nature spot to go to for a momentary escape ?

Taking the train is the best way to move around Switzerland, so make sure your trip is safe with MSIG’s TravelEasy’s inconvenience cover! Whether you’re facing train delays or dealing with missing baggage, this will definitely help you have a smoother, even more, peaceful trip around this picturesque city ?

8. Be wowed by Northern Lights and sledge with reindeers At Scandinavia’s oft-overlooked country 

Credit: @lynolyn for Instagram

Among Scandinavian countries, Finland is often overlooked, but Finland is easily just as good (or maybe better) when it comes to seeing the northern lights – plus you can enjoy reindeer sledging, sauna breaks, and other snow-based activities at this winter wonderland! ❄️

You can enjoy a private screening of the Northern Lights at night as you lay on your bed in your own thermal igloo at Ivalo’s Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, which means two great things: privacy and safety! During the day, have fun sledging around with adorable reindeers, or test your skills at snowboarding! ?

If you’re worried about visiting popular, crowded destinations during the pandemic but you really hope to satisfy your wanderlust, why not take the opportunity to visit lesser-known cities or see your favourite countries in a new light. Getting yourself insured with MSIG’s TravelEasy insurance ensures you extra protection with their COVID-19 coverage, so you’ll have less to worry about. Make travel easy again in 2022! ?

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