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17 Halal Cake Deliveries In Singapore For Every Celebration


Shasha Dania •  Oct 26, 2022


During the early period of the pandemic, many of us have had to celebrate birthdays, milestones, and other important events at home. While rules have since restricted, you might still be wary of celebrating with a large group of friends due to rising cases, but that doesn't mean you should not celebrate your loved ones (or yourself!) Why not have your very own cake delivered right to your doorstep 🤩 So many halal cake shops in Singapore now have island-wide delivery for their cakes and other sweet treats 😍 From birthday cakes to anniversary treats, here are 17 halal cake deliveries in Singapore that are perfect for any celebration. Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

1. Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Credit: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Looking to feast at home with your loved ones? Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium serves up an array of halal gourmet cakes and roast meat platters available for delivery. Priced from $40 to $70, the hotel has a range of 6 delectable flavours:
  • Chocolate Royaltine
  • Ivoire Raspberry
  • Tiramisu
  • Lychee Raspberry
  • Burnt Cheesecake
  • Cappucino Mocha Mousse
If you're a chocolate fan, you must get their Chocolate Royaltine - the chocolate is smooth without being overly sweet. The cake is also soft, moist and coated beautifully with frosting. There are also crunchy chocolate bits in the cake as well! What's great is that Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium's eShop is a one-stop service portal where you can order over 20 dishes, including not just cakes but roast meat platters. Do note that you'll have to call at least 3-days in advance and arrange for delivery or self-pick-up. Halal status: Halal-certified Delivery/Self-Collection: 12pm to 8pm daily Address: 317 Outram Road, Level 4 Atrium Restaurant, Singapore 169075 Contact: +65 3138 2530 (Telephone), [email protected] (email) Place your orders through this link.

2. Lynn’s Cakes

This Beauty World bakery is the perfect place to go for a cake that suits your sweet tooth! Their traditional whole cakes come in classic flavours such as a dark chocolate sponge, buttermilk red velvet, and carrot cake frosted with delicious cream cheese. If you're looking for something customised, you'll even get personalised consultation sessions to have precisely what you're looking for! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

3. The Royals SG

Known as Singapore's "no. 1 halal cakes specialist", any celebration is made better with a cake from The Royals 😍 They have a huge selection of flavours (depending on availability), including traditional sugee cake and a decadent chocolate ganache fit for your sweet tooth. You can even place a custom order for special occasions - remember that custom designs need at least 3 weeks' notice! Halal status: Halal-certified WebsiteFacebook

4. Butter Studio

Credit: Butter Studio
You're in for a treat because the Butter Studio will deliver their gorgeous cupcakes and other baked goods to your doorstep! ? Treat your loved ones to a slice of their vanilla and passionfruit cakelet, or a selection of yummy cupcakes! You can even order a DIY cakelet kit so you can spend an afternoon of good ol' family quality time decorating your own cakelets together. If not, their whole range of gourmet tarts and brownies will be just what you need. They deliver their gelatos too, so you're in for a treat! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

5. PrimaDéli

We can't forget the classics when it comes to birthdays and celebrations 😍PrimaDéli has been a local favourite for years, and many of us have fond memories of eating their cakes ever since young! With over 150 cakes on offer, from 3D cakes to full-month celebration cakes, PrimaDéli has options for every big event in your life. Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

6. Riz Delights

Located at Upper Changi Rd, Riz Delights doesn't believe in taking shortcuts in the art of cake making; their passion for the craft is reflected in their products - exquisitely decorated cakes! Their gorgeous pieces are almost too good to eat, and their attention to detail will ensure you have a truly unforgettable event 😍 Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

7. Konditori

If you've been to Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro and enjoyed the food there, you'd be pleased to know that the same people opened Konditori They usually have a selection of yummy croissants, kouign-amanns and other pastries but did you know that they can craft customised cakes too? Konditori's gorgeous treats are all baked in-house without artificial flavouring, colouring, and preservatives to give you the best possible taste, and their custom cakes use fondant, buttercream, and even flowers to create a visual feast that's the perfect touch for your celebration! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

8. Fitri Creations

Fitri Creations has everything from cupcakes to waffles to chocolate lava cake and so much more. With four outlets across the East and North, they're a welcome addition to the bakery scene in Singapore for their wide range of flavours and types of pastries! They also take orders for custom cakes, showing off their truly amazing range of skills. We can't imagine being able to get macarons and chocolate lava cake in the same place anywhere else. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find our more on Tribes by HHWT

9. The Jelly Hearts

If you're looking for a unique cake, you can consider the jelly cakes made by Jelly Hearts! One of the first halal chains in Singapore to offer jelly-based cakes, their jelly cakes come in flavours such as blueberry, strawberry, lychee, chocolate, and even chendol 🥰 Soft and sweet, these cakes are a refreshing treat after a long day! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

10. Ugly Cake Shop

Credit: Ugly Cake ShopUgly Cake Shop keeps things simple and specialises in buttercream cakes! They are fondant-free, marzipan-free (lower in sugar), and use a few artificial flavours, colours or stabilisers. It keeps everything we love about buttercream cakes - sweet, buttery goodness - but guilt-free. Their Mini Pineapple Cake is an adorable choice, perfect for 4 to 6 people; your kids will love it as a birthday cake! If you're celebrating someone a little older, you could also opt for the Melissa cake. This soft Valrhona chocolate (one of the finest chocolates in the world, by the way) cake is layered with strawberry buttercream made with real strawberries and further drizzled with chocolate 😍 Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

11. Julie Bakes

Nestled along Baghdad Street, Julie Bakes offers some of the most unique and locally flavoured cakes. You'll find flavours such as Badak Berendam, Ondeh-Ondeh, and Chendol over here! Of course, if you prefer more traditional flavours, they offer ones like Nutella, Rocher, Kinder Bueno, and Chocolate Milkshake too! This would be a birthday cake like no other 😊 Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

12. Polar Puff & Cakes

If Polar Puffs & Cakesisn't on your go-to halal bakeries' radar, that changes today! Drop by this lovely pastry spot and get ready to fall in love at the first bite of their delicious creations. Explore the endless variety of cakes they offer, like royal chocolate fudge, mango paradise, classic cheesecake and other special seasonal cakes; you'll know why this bakery has been trusted for years! Halal status: Halal-certified Order via hereFind out more on Tribes by HHWT

13. Mother Dough Bakery

Mother Dough is an artisanal bakery situated at Jln Kledek. Before setting up Mother Dough bakery here in Singapore, its baker, Naadhira spent 4 years in New York perfecting the art of bread-making. Apart from her famed croissants and sourdough bread, they also serve a range of delicious cakes such as Lemon Yoghurt Cake, Chocolate Banana Cake, milk cakes and a whole set of Rye Fudge Brownies 🤤 Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via hereFind out more on Tribes by HHWT

Home-based businesses

14. Zakicakes

If you're on the hunt for a fun and creative, customised cake, Zakicakes might be perfect for you! Using a variety of buttercream, fondant, and lapis to craft elaborate cakes, Zaki's creations are truly a work of art. They're perfect for every occasion - from anniversaries to birthdays! Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook

15. Fit Bakes

Brownie towers, customised tiered cakes, cupcakes and more! 😍 Fit Bakes has them all ready for you, and you can customise your requests the way you want from edible prints to trendy minimalist gold foil and the latest 'painted' cakes 😉 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram[Did someone say brownies? If we've got you craving these sweet delights, this easy fudgy brownie recipe is just what you need!]

16. Sherramelts

Here's something you usually can't find in Singapore - halal Russian honey cakes! Sherramelts puts their spin on the Russian dessert with sweet honey, a soft sponge, and a light dusting of pulverised crumbs all over for some amazing texture. Do note that you should order a minimum of 5 days in advance! Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram

17. Violet Frost by Sery Harim

Run by Sery Harim, the winner of Suria's Kek Champion 2019(!), Violet Frost has made a name for itself with its amazing customized cake designs that will leave you speechless. From unicorns to mermaids, Violet Frost will create the perfect centrepiece for your celebration 🤤 Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram With excellent cakes like these, even a celebration at home can feel like a fancy affair!