Why Ugly Cake Shop Has Failed To Live Up To Their Name. Literally.


Qistina Bumidin •  Feb 22, 2022

Simply put, we’re disappointed ? We expected a whole lot of ugly, but we were horrified to realise that their halal cakes are nothing but gorgeous, guilt-free and made for a purpose. We’re making a case as to Ugly Cake Shop has completely fooled us in the most shockingly awesome way ?

This Store Serves Halal Mini Cakes That Are Pretty And Delicious

1. Only Offer Buttercream Cakes

They keep things simple here by only making buttercream cakes. Each slice is a window to a nostalgic past where everything feels simpler. In a world where things are getting a little complicated, one bite down a buttercream cake takes you back to your childhood days of pure innocence and simplicity. Moreover, it’s so versatile that everyone regardless of their allergies, or preferences can share together. So why are we disappointed, you may ask? We tasted perfection, and a gratuitous addition: affection ?

2. All Natural For Guilt-Free Bingeing 

Ugly Cake Shop is fondant-free, marzipan-free (lower in sugar), and uses few artificial flavours, colours or stabilisers. You might think, “how can anyone make a buttercream cake taste good without enough sugar” but that was far from what we expected ? It keeps everything we love about buttercream cakes - sweet, buttery goodness - but guilt-free! They also use aluminium-free baking powder (no more metallic aftertaste in your bakes!) and import vegan-friendly natural food dyes and sprinkles from Australia. Their cakes are completely ugly-free on the inside, and this is our reaction towards their store name now: 

3. Why aren’t their bakes ugly?

Okay, we’re offered an explanation behind their name. They believe natural ingredients are more important for your health than the outer look of the cake. So, no matter how the cake looks (even ugly!), they prioritize the nutrition over it, hence the name. But that is quite the opposite of what we’re seeing right now! ?

Look at how adorable their Mini Pineapple Cake is! This buttercream delight is topped one of the 5 flavours offered, of your choice. It’s perfect for 4 to 6 people, and it’s suited for your kids’ birthdays, but us adults definitely want to buy one entire cake for us! In lieu of rising cases, having a huge celebration may not be wise, and their mini-sized cakes are perfect for smaller occasions! Don't worry though, they might be small in size, but they're big on splendour and decadence ?

P.S. Told you they look good, isn't it? Now you can have your very own simply at the click of your fingertips!

How about the Melissa cake? Soft Valrhona chocolate (one of the finest chocolates in the world, by the way) cake is layered with strawberry buttercream made with real strawberries, and further drizzled with chocolate. This is literally heaven on earth, and they dare call themselves ugly? Scam! ?

Can’t get enough of chocolate? You got to look AND try the Big Daddy of chocolate cakes. It's super chocolatey with Nutella and Valrhona buttercream. It is their ultimate best-seller and is popular among all ages! Are you getting why we’re pretty disappointed at their name now? ?

P.S. Oh, did we mention? Both the Melissa and Big Daddy cakes come in mini 4-inch versions as well so you can still enjoy these delicious, rich cakes with your loved ones (or by yourselves, we want one too now! ?)

If cakes aren’t your thing, perhaps their Loaf Cake Trio will be suited for you. Consisting of the orange loaf, speculoos butter loaf and the Nutella-filled Big Daddy loaf, it’s perfect for a tea time treat for you and your loved ones. And, yes you guessed it right: NOT UGLY! ?

P.S. Tempted? Check out this link and order as many PRETTY mini cakes as you'd like! 

4. For a good cause

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about their store is definitely their purpose. Founded in January 2014, Ugly Cake Shop is a bakery with a difference. Set up with the mission to feed undernourished kids in Timor-Leste, this social enterprise helps to fund school meals in the capital, Dili ?

To sum up, again, we’re unsure why anyone would ever name their stall that way, but we’ve made our own conclusion: Ugly Cake Shop proves that true beauty is knowing your own self-worth. Ugly Cake Shop, we see you ? 

Halal status: Halal-certified

Opening hours: 10am to 6pm, Mon to Sat; PH - 10am to 1pm; Closed on Sundays

Address: 535 Kallang Bahru, GB Point, 01-06, Singapore 33951

Contact: +65 82288300

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