This Vietnamese-Muslim Family In SG Sells Halal Vietnamese Street Food Like Spring Roll & Satay


Nia Sarah •  Jul 28, 2023

Run by the third generation of the Pham family, Muslim-owned Vietnamese street food stall Pham Quyen Vietnamese Street Food serves affordable, super fresh and healthy Vietnamese street food. While staying true to their origin, they've opened a halal outlet here in Singapore to bring Vietnamese food for everyone to enjoy. So if you already love spring rolls, this is definitely the place to order from as you can have a wide variety of authentic Vietnamese rolls!

Their crowd favourite Goi Cuon is an original Vietnamese fresh spring roll with a healthy twist. The freshness of vegetables, marinated beef, prawns, rice vermicelli, lettuce, coriander and other herbs all rolled up in rice paper that makes it easy to eat without any falling crusts. You can dip it into their specialty sauces which you can choose from; 3-flavour Vietnam Garlic Fish Sauce and PQ's Peanut Sauce. They even have options without the beef if you're more of a seafood lover, or without prawns if you're simply a fan of beef!

Healthy spring rolls are not the only options you can pick from - they also serve fried options like Cha Gio! They're fried spring rolls consisting of thin rice vermicelli with seasoned, minced chicken, blended prawns and diced vegetables - perfect for those of us who love fried food. For spice lovers, try their Ga Cuon Sa, or Vietnamese satay for something new! This savoury dish consists of minced chicken with chilies dipped into their garlic chili sauce for added flavour. The spicy, savoury flavours on a stick is definitely something new for you to try. We heard that their Beef Pho Bo is in the midst of being added into their menu soon, so keep a lookout for their Instagram for updates if you're craving some yummy pho! Expect yummy hot broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat all in one dish - their pho is even brewed with beef bones for 16 hours to get that perfect natural beef taste. You can choose either Laksa or Pho noodles for your preference! P.S. They are currently open for pre-order delivery only so place your orders online soon! Time for yummy Vietnamese food that delivers straight to your doorstep ?

Pham Quyen Vietnamese Street Food Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening Hours: Daily 10:30am-11pm