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Over 50 Halal Islandwide Deliveries In Singapore You Can Order From While Staying Home


Faruq Senin •  Apr 08, 2020


[UPDATED 23 July 2021] Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us are staying home and working from home due to social distancing regulations. We've rounded up this list of over 50 islandwide halal food deliveries in Singapore this 2021 (that aren't fast food!). We've also divided the list in this way so it'll be easier for you to decide what food to order: Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1FFor normal occasions
  • Chinese cuisine
  • Korean cuisine
  • Malay/Indonesian cuisine
  • Vietnamese cuisine
  • Indian cuisine
  • Western cuisine
  • Japanese cuisine
  • Healthy food
For special occasions
  • Food to share with loved ones
  • Cafe food

For normal occasions

Chinese cuisine:

Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice

Credit: Evertop Chicken Rice on Facebook Open since 1989, Evertop has built up its loyal fanbase over the decades with its succulent chicken meat, mouth-watering rice, and their special achar (pickled vegetables) that seal the deal! They have 2 outlets in Joo Chiat and Clementi, but no matter where you stay in Singapore, you can savour their chicken rice. Their delivery bento sets come with an option of sides like 3pc wanton, ngoh hiang, braised egg, oyster sauce kailan or liver & gizzard.

Halal Status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

P.S. Check out this article for more halal chicken rice delivery in Singapore!

Jason Niang Dou Fu

Yong Tau Foo stalls are some of the most common stalls found in hawker centres and food courts in Singapore, but we guarantee you've never had Yong Tau Foo the way Jason's serves it! ? One of the best parts of Yong Tau Foo is the Do-It-Yourself aspect and Jason’s wide variety of ingredients means there are choices here for every palate. Yes, this feature is available for delivery too! Halal Status: Halal-certified Find out more on TribesP.S. Make sure you practise these 8 tips to boost your immunity during the COVID-19 outbreak! 

Deanna's Kitchen

Deanna's Kitchen's tantalising prawn mee broth is just too yummy to resist and you can have it delivered to your home too. For the uninitiated, the eatery's Chinese-Muslim revert owner Denise Deanna found it difficult to find halal prawn mee that tasted like the version she ate growing up so she began to cook her own! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on TribesP.S. Order your groceries from these 8 halal supermarkets and meat shops online!

Tang Tea House

Bet you didn't know you could get your favourite halal dim sum delivered to your doorstep! With halal favourites like their Shanghai steamed dumplings, Siew Mai, Har Kow and their famous Golden Sand Pau (salted egg yolk pau), you're all set for a scrumptious meal.
Of course, you can't miss out their range of authentic Chinese noodles like fried bee hoon noodles and Beef Brisket noodles. Their chicken rice is also super yummy! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes#HHWT Tip: Doing grocery shopping? Make sure you keep this grocery checklist handy!

Le Fuse

With a variety of mala and other halal Sichuan dishes, Le Fuse will definitely satisfy your palate for spicy Chinese food. The go-to dish here is their Mala Xiang Guo (spicy dry pot) which consists of typical ingredients like potatoes, luncheon meat, sausages, lotus and black fungus stir-fried in their mala sauce. Choose from 3 different spice levels! Halal status: Muslim-owned Average price of main dishes: $30 Delivery available on: Website (Islandwide)

Buey Tahan See-Food

Whether you're craving for zi-char (Chinese home-cooked dishes) seafood or delicious ala carte dishes, you can get them at Buey Tahan See-Food. Their sambal, salted fish fried rice or seafood fried tang hoon will be perfect for a hearty meal. But if you want something for a feast, you have to get their "crab in da bag" imperial pot and top it off with some hotplate sambal stingray, sweet and sour grouper and cereal prawns ? Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on TribesP.S. Not sure what items from the supermarket would last long? We've got you covered with this list of 21 long-lasting groceries!

Delibowl Ricebowl

Delibowl serves up authentic Sichuan-style dishes you'll fall in love with in just one bite! While they have several stores catered to either ricebowls or dumplings, their delivery menu only has ricebowls.
Choose from their range of iconic Chinese dishes such as Mapo Tofu, Steamed Chicken In Chilli Sauce, and Stewed Beef Brisket with Tomato. The dishes are packed full of flavour, and can even be a bit on the salty side at times - but the bowl of freshly cooked rice will balance it out. Halal Status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Yi Zun Noodle

Many of you might know Yi Zun Noodle as the first halal hand-pulled Chinese noodles eatery in Singapore. The eatery, owned by Mdm Aishah, a Chinese Muslim from China, now has 2 outlets in Singapore. (P.S. She also owns Jinshangyipin Buffet Hotpot in Simei!) Now you can even indulge in their flavourful broth and chewy noodles right at home. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

De Sinn Hainanese Chicken Rice

Here's your chance to tuck into De Sinn's specialty poached chicken and have it with their yummy ginger sauce. If you're craving for chicken that's moist and tender, then De Sinn will definitely not disappoint. Not to mention that their chicken rice is also drizzled with their Chef's specialty sauce! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Streats Café

With islandwide delivery, getting Streats Café delivered straight to your home won’t be much of a problem.
Credit: Streats Cafe on Facebook Imagine sinking your teeth into their appetising dim sum dishes like Molten Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun or Steamed Chicken and Prawn Siew Mai. You could even order dishes like stir-fried chicken/fish, kang kong, sweet and sour chicken/fish and tom yum soup to go with rice. Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Turkish cuisine:


If you're looking to have a kebab feast with your loved ones at home, there's no better place to order from than EPIKebabs! Their EPIK FAMILY FEAST will be perfect for your family as it comes with almost 1kg of chicken kebab and 4 servings of their signature spiced rice, salad with buns, flatbread and chill chips. Served with hummus, garlic, their EPIK sauce and BBQ sauce, you'll be thoroughly satisfied with this meal. For those of you looking to share various dishes, the Mix & Match Family Set would be perfect as you can choose any four EPIK mains of your choice. Besides selling kebabs with rice, EPIKebabs also has super interesting items on their menu like the Indomeeat - yes this consists of yummy Indomie Goreng with their doner meat and signature sauces. Halal status: Halal-certified Average price of main dishes: $8-$10 (ala carte menu), $20-$40 (family set meals) Delivery available on: Website (Islandwide) Find out more on Tribes

Korean cuisine:

Jinjja Chicken

Forget about the traditional Western fried chicken, burgers and fries, Jinjja serves up fried chicken drenched in savoury sauces and fries that are deliciously paired with tteokbokki. An avid fan of Korean variety shows? Jjampong (Spicy Stew) and Jjajangmyeon (Black Bean Sauce Noodles) will come as no surprise to you! If you have always wondered what they tasted like, grab their Jjamjja Myeon 2-in-1 where you can have the best of both worlds. Halal status: Halal-certified Average price of main dishes: $10 Delivery available on: Website (Islandwide), foodpanda, Deliveroo, GrabFood Find out more on Tribes

JW Korean Food Story

Treat your loved ones to JW Korean Food Story's heartwarming army stew steamboat that's perfect for 2 to 3 people. With minced beef, sausages, and vegetables swimming in free-flow spicy army stew soup, it'll be perfect for a rainy day. You can also choose alternative flavours like kimchi, chicken, seafood or char-beef! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes P.S. Check out our guide for more halal Korean food in Singapore!

Malay/Indonesian cuisine:

Hjh Maimunah

Credit: Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering on Facebook If you love traditional kampung cuisine, Hjh Maimunah will definitely be on your list of recommended Malay food stalls in Singapore. This well-loved eatery, specialising in kampung-styled traditional Malay and Indonesian cuisine, has even been awarded the prestigious Bib Gourmand rating in the Michelin Guide Singapore 2019! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak is probably one of the most popular nasi lemak chains in Singapore. The original stall at Boon Lay Market often has long queues but now you can get it delivered to your doorstep. Choose your nasi lemak with various ingredients such as chicken wing, Fish Otah, Fried Fish Cake, and many more! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Istimewa Nasi Padang

If you stay in the Bukit Merah, you might have heard about Istimewa Nasi Padang who's been serving the area since 1989! Specialising in mouth-watering and home-cooked authentic Malay dishes, Istimewa is owned by a husband and wife couple. They have various sets for delivery so make sure you get their beef rendang, black ink sotong, ayam lemak and their yummy fried chicken! Their sambal belacan packs a punch too. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak

No need to go all the way to Changi Village to get a taste of Mizzy's delectable nasi lemak, they now have delivery services! Using basmati rice for their nasi lemak with sweet sambal and crispy marinated chicken wings, Mizzy Corner will surely fix your nasi lemak cravings. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Ayam Penyet President

Crispy on the outside and piping hot and tender on the inside, Ayam Penyet President is just what you need to pamper yourself! As if this isn’t amazing enough, each set comes with yummy crispy bits and their signature chilli, which will leave you wanting more. Their Grilled Chicken or Ayam Bakar is just as good too. Savour this perfectly grilled meat which has a slightly charred taste plus hints of sweetness – perfect if you’re a fan of barbecued meat! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Nur Indah Kitchen

Each serving of Nur Indah Kitchen's ayam penyet comes with a huge chunk of chicken and generous crispy crumb toppings. The chicken is juicy and packed with flavours. Not to mention that the chilli that comes with it has a kick. The great thing is that each plate costs just $5, cheaper than most ayam penyets you'd find out there! If chicken is not your favourite protein, the stall also serves other alternatives like ikan (fish) and empal (beef) penyet. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Ayam Penyet Ria

You can always rely on Ayam Penyet Ria for your fix of smashed fried chicken. What's great is that they offer boneless chicken so you can have your meal without all the hassle of taking out chicken bones ? Not to mention that other dishes on their menu are worth trying too like Bebek Penyet (smashed duck), empal penyet (smashed beef steak) and udang penyet (smashed fried prawn)! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Sabar Menanti 2

Serving authentic nasi padang dishes originating from the Minangkabau people in Sumatra, Sabar Menanti 2 has been established since 1920! Now you can get a taste of their dishes at home with their set meals. Choose from a range of proteins from grilled chicken to beef rendang, chilli fish or sotong. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

My Spice Affair

If you're not having a big Nasi Ambeng feast, then My Spice Affair would be perfect for you. This eatery specialising in authentic nasi ambeng and nasi padang serves solo ambeng sets so you can savour it on your own or with another family member. Take your pick from beef rendang or ayam lemak chilli padi. Or if you're craving something lighter, their Ambeng Light sets and Lontong Kering (rice cakes with non-gravy dishes) will be perfect! Halal status: Muslim-owned Average price of main dishes: $14 Delivery available on: Website (Islandwide), foodpanda, GrabFood Find out more on Tribes

Thai cuisine:

Time for Thai

Time for Thai is perfect if you're craving for Thai food and more. Besides the usual Thai dishes like pad thai, tom yum and green curry, the eatery introduces you to a whole new world of other delicious Thai treats.
A hot favourite with customers, their beef noodle soup with tendons is warm and comforting. The soup has a slightly peppery taste, but it's not too spicy and it comes with generous portions of beef tendons and beef balls! To make your Thai meal at home even better, add some mango sticky rice and dough fritters with sangkaya (Thai version of kaya) to your delivery. Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Thai To Go

Credit: Thaitogo on Facebook There's nothing a yummy serving of tom yum, pineapple fried rice, Thai green curry or mango sticky rice can't fix! Lucky, there's Thai To Go! The eatery has been selling takeaway food and offering delivery services for years so you can expect the finest quality even as you're dining at home. Don't miss out on their homemade prawn and fish cakes as well as their Thai grilled chicken! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Vietnamese cuisine:

So Pho

Craving for a hot bowl of yummy, comfort food goodness? So Pho serves all kind of traditional Vietnamese dishes ranging from Pho soup noodles and rice-paper wraps to rice bowls and traditional Banh Mi sandwiches. If you’re up for some bite-sized appetisers, we’d recommend the flavourful rice wraps or crispy, fried spring rolls! Halal Status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Indian cuisine:

Al-Azhar Restaurant

Craving for some garlic/butter naan with butter chicken, aloo gobi, palak paneer and tandoori chicken? One place that immediately comes to mind is Al-Azhar! What we love about Al-Azhar is their extensive menu which includes everything from Thai, Western and Indian to local dishes and so much more! So you can definitely order for your whole family. Don't miss out on their Nasi Goreng Pattaya or Roti John too. Other favourites include the Chicken Tikka Masala and Tulang Merah. Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Murtabak delivery - Zam Zam and Victory

We don't know about you but having murtabak always reminds us of family gatherings or meals with loved ones. Now, you won't need to head down to your favourite murtabak stall to get your murtabak fix!
2 of Singapore's favourite murtabak eateries - Zam Zam and Victory - both have delivery options. Whether you're in the mood for beef and chicken murtabak or even other yummy dishes like briyani and mee goreng, you can have them delivered right to your doorstep! Can't decide which murtabak eatery you should try? We compared the murtabak from both eateries so you don't have to! Check out our article to find out the verdict. Zam Zam Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on TribesVictory Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Western cuisine:

Fatty Bom Bom Sizzle

The wide selection of classic Western hawker fare at Fatty Bom Bom Sizzle would only prolong your hunger pangs because you'd also be at a loss of what to choose! From burgers to chicken cutlets, steak cooked on hot plates and grilled fished charred to delicious perfection, each dish look delectable and appetising ?

Most of the dishes are priced under $10 so this means you can order new items off the menu each time! ? Halal Status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes


You can always count on Tenderfresh for your fried and grilled chicken cravings! Once a hawker stall, the chain has since evolved and even has trendy eateries like Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop. Tenderfresh's signature fried chicken is an absolute must-try but their roasted chicken selection is a worthy competitor too, so we highly recommend getting both of them. Halal Status: Halal-certified Tenderfresh Classic Find out more on TribesTenderbest Makcik Market Bentos Average price of main dishes: $9 Delivery available on: Foodline (Islandwide) Find out more on Tribes

Big Bern's American Grill

Big Bern's is set up by Muslim-revert Bernie Utchenik and his wife, Zee Faudziah Utchenik and specialises in halal Southern Louisiana cuisine. Bernie (also known as Big Bern) used to own the famous Botak Jones chain and its halal counterpart, Botak's Favourites!
Credit: Zee Faudziah Utchenik on Facebook One of their signature dishes is their Cajun chicken (from $7.80) - chicken breast is marinated in their own blend of Cajun spices then charbroiled before it's topped with melted mozzarella cheese and homemade Cajun sauce. Don't leave Big Bern's without trying their Prime Ribeye Steak which is well-grilled and tasty. This 200 grams of New Zealand ribeye is topped with their homemade gravy and garlic butter plus 2 sides of your choice. Pick the Cajun fries to accompany your meal! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Mama's Boy Bakes

Mama's Boy Bakes takes Singapore's hawker scene up a notch by being the first hawker stall specialising in mac and cheese! If you're a fan of the all-time comfort food, this is one stall you won't want to miss ? You have to try their Classic Mac & Cheese which consists of a special blend of four premium cheese plus a choice between turkey or beef bacon for that dash of saltiness. The truffle mushroom version is bound to impress you as well. Be enticed by the intense aroma and flavour of mushrooms sautéed in truffle oil! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes


If you're staying in Tampines, you might have heard of this hidden gem serving yummy pasta options at Tampines hub. For those of you who aren't in Tampines but you want a taste of Eatz19, you can have it delivered to your house! What's great about Eatz19 is its affordability with the prices of its pasta ranging from just $7-$13! The soft-shell crab pasta is the Chef's favourite but the tom yum salmon pasta seems to be a hit with its customers. The tom yum flavour is tangy with a kick of chilli while the texture of the salmon is just right. All of their pasta dishes are also cooked al dente. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Japanese cuisine:


MakiSan is the first halal sushi eatery in Singapore that lets you design your own meal. Picture it like a fast food version of sushi. You can choose everything from the type of rice to the toppings and their wide range of fresh and healthy ingredients won’t disappoint. You can even choose smoked duck or roasted beef striploin! There are also House Maki and House Salad options if you’re not feeling up to some DIY. Choose from classics such as the California Dreaming california roll, or the Thai-inspired Tom-Yummy that comes with Tom Yum sauce. Look out for their family combos and snack platters! Halal Status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Sora Boru

Fulfill your cravings for all-things Japanese at Sora Boru! Love Japanese curry? You have to try their CurryBoru! ? You can top your curry rice with prawns, salmon, chicken katsu, chicken karaage, or sliced beef! They even have different spice levels. If you’re a fan of tender, flavourful beef then you’re sure to love their 2 signature dishes too: the Volcano Beef Don, and the Cheesy Snow Beef Don. Halal Status: Halal-certified View More Can’t decide between having Japanese or Korean for your next meal? Why not get both! Omoomo’s various outlets bring you an amazing fusion of both cuisines and dishes - giving you the best of both worlds! All of their outlets serve customizable rice and noodle bowls, and some even have ramen and steak! ?


Can’t decide between having Japanese or Korean for your next meal? Why not get both! Omoomo’s various outlets bring you an amazing fusion of both cuisines and dishes - giving you the best of both worlds! All of their outlets serve customizable rice and noodle bowls, and some even have ramen and steak! ? Halal Status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes P.S. Check out more halal Japanese food options in Singapore here!

Healthy food:

Lean Bento

If there's any eatery that serves palatable healthy food that looks super IG-worthy too, it'll have to be Lean Bento! Each rice bento consists of thoughtfully curated ingredients like multigrain rice, scrambled eggs, edamame, corn, tomatoes, cucumber and a choice of protein. You can choose from their delectable range of herb crust chicken, honey chicken, miso salmon and more. Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes


An online restaurant that delivers meals crafted specially by chefs, Grain prides itself on using only fresh and wholesome ingredients. They have bundles or individual meal boxes, so you can pick and choose. Check out the best-sellers like Nasi Lemak Ayam Masak Merah or Caramelised Beef Char Siew which are sure to satisfy your palate. Alternatively, you can try more unique flavours like Basil Thunder Tea Rice and Torched Sous Vide Salmon. Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

For special occasions

Food to share with loved ones:

T Bob's Corner

Celebrating a special occasion but you don't wish to leave the house? Luckily, there's T Bob's Corner! You can savour their flavourful steaks, ribs and smoked meats, thanks to their delivery services ?
Credit: T Bob's Corner on Facebook Whether you're savouring their black angus striploin or lamb ribs, we're pretty sure you'll enjoy sinking your teeth in their tender and juicy meat. If you're ordering on a weekend, don't miss out on their Texas-style Smoked Brisket which has been cooked low and slow from 12 to 16 hours to get that perfect texture and taste. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Pu3 Restaurant

Don't have to leave your house if you feel like eating good 'ol traditional Malay and Indonesian food! That's because Pu3 Restaurant delivers its yummy Ambeng platter sets so you can share it with your family at home. Choose between the Dulang Ambeng basic or royal sets and you'll be savouring their delectable dishes in no time. With awesome dishes like beef rendang, sambal goreng, ayam lemak cili padi, paru, begedil and more, you'll definitely enjoy your scrumptious meal. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Positano Risto

Known as probably one of the best halal Italian restaurants in Singapore, Positano Risto has constantly impressed us with its offerings! Whether you're craving pasta or pizza, you know you're in for a good meal. One of the things that we love at Positano is their pizza. With a crispy thin crust handmade to perfection, Positano's pizzas are to die for. We totally recommend the Positano Signature Pizza and Positano Signature Calzone. It's so yummy you might even order a second round! If you want something comforting, we recommend one of their crowd favourites - Mac and Cheese which is sprinkled with breadcrumbs and topped with crab meat. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Waku Waku Yakiniku

You might know Waku Waku as Singapore's first halal yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) eatery. If you wish to have your own Japanese BBQ at home, Waku Waku provides delivery for their Yakiniku Home Sets and donburi (rice bowls). You can still enjoy some delicious meat through their Karubi don (sauteed tender slices of Wagyu short rib) or Truffle Yakiniku Don (charcoal-grilled wagyu), among other delectable treats. Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

The Halia

Who says you can't experience fine dining at home? Thanks to The Halia's islandwide delivery service, now you can savour their steaks and yummy mains in comfort. You can indulge in their Blackmore Wagyu rump and Icon F1 Wagyu striploin or seafood gratin and paperbag oven-baked halibut fillet. Don't miss out on one of their highly raved dishes - the signature Chilli Crab Spaghettini ? Their delivery menu also includes a range of bento sets and local delights like braised Wagyu nasi lemak and Hainanese chicken rice. Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Hei Sushi

If you love Japanese food, Hei Sushi should be no stranger to you! Whether you feel like having salmon shake sushi, tamago sushi (egg), unagi or prawn sushi, they will deliver your favourites to your doorstep. To have your own sushi party at home, order one of their sushi platters or party sets! For something a little more sophisticated, get their maki rolls, premium makimonos or even one of their aburi selections (seared sushi). Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

Kampong Chai Chee Restaurant

Have a seafood feast at home with Kampong Chai Chee's savoury offerings! Take your pick from different kinds of seafood - have it shell-out or zi char (Chinese-style dishes). Some of their popular dishes are their Signature Tiga Rasa (three-flavoured fish), cereal prawn and baby squid! You can also have your choice of crab cooked with your choice of sauce. Halal Status: Muslim-Owned Find out more on Tribes

Fisher's Tavern Seafood

Here's another eatery for your seafood feast - Fisher's Tavern Seafood! Indulge in salted egg yolk and chilli crab with other satisfying dishes such as sweet & sour fried fish, cereal prawns and black pepper chicken. You're guaranteed to have an amazing meal with loved ones at home. They also have a lunch special for 3 people for just $30 and ala carte dishes in case you aren't looking to spend too much. Halal Status: Halal-certified Average price of main dishes: $6-$40 (ala carte and dishes to share) Delivery available on: WebsiteFind out more on Tribes


Opened by local celebrity Sheikh Haikel and his partner Bernie Tay, Fatpapas is known for their variety of burgers stacked with juicy patties and all kinds of generous toppings ? If you're craving burgers at home, don't worry - they have an islandwide delivery service that you can order from! Choose from speciality burgers such as the Wimpy Beef burger (SGD15, and it comes with a fried egg, turkey bacon, and melted aged cheddar!) or build your own burger to your own preferences for that perfect meal. Halal status: Halal-certified Average price of main dishes: $15-$20 Delivery available on: Website (Islandwide)

Cafe food:

The Black Hole Group

Whether you're craving for juicy burgers from (working title), homemade pasta from Tipo or delightful tacos from Afterwit, you can get them all via The Black Hole Group's 24/7 delivery service! With all of their awesome cafes (working title, Tipo, Afterwit, Mad Sailors, The Co-op) under one hassle-free portal, you'll be munching the Beef Baconator burger alongside pulled beef tacos, sambal fish & chips and ondeh-ondeh churros. Halal status: Muslim-owned Average price of main dishes: $15-$20 Delivery available on: Website (Islandwide) [The Black Hole Group previously stopped their delivery services in Phase 3. Check out their Instagram for delivery updates.]

All Things Delicious

You don't have to head to a cafe to treat yourself to a hearty brunch meal! If you're looking to stay in this weekend, it's time to order All Things Delicious' lovely dishes! For a filling brunch, their Wholesome, Hearty or Nourishing breakfast sets will be just what you need. If you're looking for lighter options, check out their smoked salmon on sourdough toast or the roast beef panini ? Don't miss out on their delicious rice bowls and pastas too! Halal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes

The Malayan Council

With signature dishes such as the all-time favourite Roti Kirai, Lamb Rack Sambal Balado Linguine, and Smoked Duck Lemak Chili Padi, The Malayan Council has always wowed us with its range of impressive fusion dishes. Not to mention that their yummy cakes like ondeh-ondeh never fails to brighten our day. Well, now you can enjoy the best of The Malayan Council at home too - they offer free delivery for orders above $60! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

I Am Cafe

You've probably noticed I Am Cafe's bright exterior when walking past Haji Lane and now you can have their food delivered to your house too! Take your pick from burgers or pastas and indulge in their striploin, ribeye or T-bone steak. There are also a variety of flavours of ribs at I am. Choose from Guava BBQ beef ribs to Garlic BBQ and Maple & Chipotle - all served with garlic bread and other sides. You'll definitely be licking every last bit of the ribs ?They are having several promotions on their delivery menu so make sure you check it out! Halal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes

Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro

From getting your Swedish meatballs fix to other fascinating dishes like Panbiff (homemade beef patties with mashed potatoes), Fika will give you a taste of authentic and halal Swedish cuisine while you're lounging at home. Don't miss out on Swedish pancakes and apple crumble pie too! They have some bundle meals that you'd want to check out too. Halal Status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes With over 50 halal food deliveries on this list, you'd surely be able to find an eatery that suits your preferences! On days where you don't feel like cooking or you're celebrating a special occasion, refer to this list and you'll be all set. Do remember to SHARE this with all your friends and start ordering!