10 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Time At Home


Ili •  Mar 19, 2020

As of yesterday, Malaysia is currently on a restricted movement order control for the next two weeks. Many people are staying home, be it under the recently implemented order, working from home, or for self-quarantine and social distancing.

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Whichever it may be, the change of routine can be a difficult adjustment for some. So, we've created a list of things that you can do to make the most out of your time at home and hopefully, keep your spirits up during this trying time ?

1. Read the Quran

Reading the Quran is a great way to fill the spare time you now have from being at home. Not only does it allow you to spend your days at home more meaningfully, but it’ll also help calm your mind and soul. As the COVID-19 situation continues to rapidly evolve, it’s easy to feel stressed and panicked over the situation. So, reciting quranic lines can help ease the fear and anxiety that has been growing over the current state of the world

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2. Spend quality time with family

Despite the coronavirus situation and the unfortunate news following this pandemic like travel bans, lockdowns and restricted movement, being at home means you get to spend more time with your family ❤️ If you’ve been caught up in a busy schedule with work or school activities, take this time of home confinement to bond with your mom, dad and siblings over the next two weeks. There’s nothing like having some good ol’ family time and you’ll definitely appreciate the support and company especially during a trying time like this.

3. Try a new recipe

Unleash your inner chef or baker by trying out a new recipe! Explore the endless recipes online and pick out something that you’ve been wanting to attempt before but never had the time to do. It could be something as simple as an ABC soup, fried macaroni or one-tray chicken bake. Throw in some baked goods as well such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cupcakes because you know what they say: Dessert is always a good idea ?

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4. Call long-distance loved ones

Whether it’s a friend who’s studying overseas or a family member living in a foreign country, your early morning commutes or late-night returns from work are now freed up for you to call your loved ones who live in different time zones. Having to schedule a call is no doubt difficult and sometimes you end up resorting to text messages instead. Take this time to video call your friends and family who live far away and check up on them especially if they are in areas affected by the virus.

5. Learn a new skill

Take inspiration from Rapunzel in ‘Tangled’ (2010) who made the most out of her time stuck in the tower by learning different skills. Playing the guitar, making candles, sewing a dress, doing ventriloquism, she’s really done it all. We’re not saying you have to master a skill within the next two weeks but the first step is to always start somewhere. And now that you’re stuck at home, grab this opportunity to learn something new, improve on a skill or pick up a hobby! Whether it’s dancing the choreography from your favourite K-pop group or painting a picture as Bob Ross guides you along, you’ll find that trying new things can be really fun and it makes the time pass by a lot quicker.

6. Cross off your overdue to-do list

If you’ve got a to-do list sitting somewhere in your home and have yet to cross anything off, now’s the perfect chance to put action to them. You may be dreading the thought of reorganizing files on your computer or clearing out your wardrobe, but you'll feel much better if you get them out the way. With too much time on your hands, doing these menial tasks can actually help distract you from being overly anxious about the virus situation and who knows, once you're done, you may go looking for more things to do around the house. 

7. Revisit your travel memories

Seeing as how travel is temporarily banned, the safest place you can visit right now is your travel archives. Dive into your past adventures and create a journal of your travel memories using pictures, flight tickets and brochures that you've kept in a box somewhere. Besides having something to do with your hands, this helps to fuel your wanderlust and keep your dreams of future travels alive.

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8. Get some exercise in

Hands up if you're guilty of saying “I’ll start tomorrow” when it comes to exercising ?‍♀️ That's right, it's one of the many things we tend to put off for a later time and while the idea of curling up in bed is tempting, you should remain active in some way especially when staying at home for long periods of time. Pushups, situps, jumping jacks and yoga are a few of the simpler exercises you can do to in order to keep your health in-check.

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9. List down your goals for the year

We may be three months into 2020, but it's never too late to start listing down goals that you have for the rest of the year. Even if you already have a list, you can always add to it or rework some of the things to adjust the timeline according to current issues. There's no hard rule when it comes to your own personal goals, so don't be afraid to put them down on paper - no matter how small or big they are ?

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10. Catch up on TV shows 

What better way to pass the time than to escape into a screen and take a break from reality? ? With tons of great TV shows that are available online and other platforms, go ahead and start binging all the movies, series and documentaries that you've missed out on because of a busy schedule. Have a movie night with your family or play some episodes in the background while you're doing house chores. Either way, getting lost in the different cinematic worlds will help the time go by and alleviate any stress you may have.