9 Halal Supermarkets And Meat Shops In Singapore With Delivery Services


Faruq Senin •  Nov 01, 2023

We know some of you might be asking yourself, "Can I get my groceries delivered from a halal supermarket or find halal meat online in Singapore?" Well, the answer is yes! We've rounded up these 9 halal grocery deliveries, supermarkets with delivery and halal meat delivery in Singapore so you don't have to go out and get your grocery supply if you're feeling lazy.

Halal supermarkets

1. Suzy Ameer

Credit: Suzy Ameer on Facebook

With two outlets (in Tampines and Buangkok), Suzy Ameer sells a variety of halal frozen meats and a range of other products from instant convenience food to canned food, bread, snacks and more. They even have baking needs, health and household items and baby products!

But what's worth mentioning is their extensive variety of halal instant pastes. This is great for those of you who are new to cooking or don't wish to go through the hassle of cooking everything from scratch. Suzy Ameer has its own brand of instant pastes ranging from curry to rendang, mee rebus and lemak cili padi (coconut cream with chilli). But they do stock up on other brands too (from As-Sufi, Dessa, Asyura etc) so you can try a new brand every time you purchase your groceries. Craving some BBQ meat while you're home? Suzy Ameer has a whole section on BBQ items and supplies. Look out for marinated wings, satay, lamb rack, lamb shoulder chops and more! Who says you can't have a fancy meal at home?


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2. My Nikmart

My Nikmart's online platform for frozen food started out in 2015 and one of their aims is to make pricing as affordable as possible for its customers. It's no wonder that My Nikmart's minimum order for free delivery is just $39.90!

Credit: Nikmart on Facebook

Wondering what you can purchase from My Nikmart? Their frozen pastes section consists of products from a variety of brands like Tamammuz, Ayamas, Asyura and more. So, feel free to start whipping up dishes like mee siam, laksa, ayam masak merah (chicken in spicy tomato sauce) and other delectable treats. Besides their wide range of frozen meat, My Nikmart also has a great selection of seafood from salmon to prawns and mussels. For even more convenience, check out their halal ready-to-eat meals from CP Malaysia which includes kampung fried rice and nasi lemak with rendang. Better still, don't miss out on convenience food like CP's seaweed chicken or Ayamas' nuggets.

Credit: Nikmart on Facebook

If you're in the mood for something sweet, you can purchase halal Magnum ice-cream, mini cream puffs, eclairs and other desserts from My Nikmart's dessert section. Plus, they have a neverending list of beverages too!


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3. Toko Warisan

With several outlets selling halal frozen food across Singapore, Toko Warisan is probably the most well-established halal supermarket! They supply and distribute a range of products from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Turkey.

Whether you're looking for instant pastes or ready-to-eat convenience food, you'll find them at Toko Warisan. Get readymade rendang and ayam masak merah from Pondok Abang or even Fassler soups and lasagna from Thalia. If you love bread and pastry, you'll be happy to know that Toko Warisan also has a whole section where you can get baguette, ciabatta, naan and even churros!

Their frozen meat selection is pretty extensive too. Besides the usual cuts of meat, you can find items like beef bacon, pepperoni, salami and ham from ZAC Butchery or even frozen dendeng (barbecued meat) which you can grill at home! Not to mention other instant convenience food like epok-epok, grilled chicken yakitori (from Betagro), satay, keropok lekor (fish cracker snack), mini cream puffs and more.


4. Melvados

If you have a busy schedule and you need to whip up instant meals for your family, Melvados is your answer! The halal frozen food retailer has a range of instant dishes like lasagne, soups, roasted meats, wraps, pies, pizzas and more and all you have to do is heat them up. For those of you who are fans of pastries and confectionery, you'll love their croissants and flatbreads. Plus, you can get yummy cheesecakes and ice cream from Melvados too.


Halal butchers/meat retailers:

5. ZAC Butchery

A household name in Singapore, ZAC Butchery has a wide range of fresh premium meats as well as cold cuts, hams and sausages. Their meats are imported from Australia, New Zealand and South America with high-quality standards and their own production of hams, cold cuts and sausages also meet German standards.

The great thing is you won't need to head down to their retail stores or supermarkets to get their products. You can get them delivered through Redmart, Suzy Ameer and Toko Warisan. While Suzy Ameer and Toko Warisan only have their readymade meals, cold cuts and sausages, you can find ribeye shabu-shabu, chicken kebabs, lamb chops, grass-fed beef ribeye and even wagyu on Redmart!

6. SBY Meat

Established since 1947, SBY Meat has been supplying meat to various establishments, hotels and caterers in Singapore but now you can get them delivered to your home too.

Credit: SBY Meat on Facebook

Whether you're purchasing meat for everyday cooking or celebrating a special occasion with premium meats, you can get them through SBY Meat. What's more, they also produce their own satay (under Opah Satay) and you get these marinated meats with or without satay sticks.


7. Adam's Meat

With a varied selection of lamb, beef and chicken, Adam Halal prides itself on delivering the freshest meats to your home. Their selection of meat comes from USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. What's great is that they offer prompt same-day delivery service. From lamb shanks, steaks and cutlets to grass-fed rib-eye and striploin steaks, you'll be able to prepare that satisfying meal at home. Their chicken products are also sold in different parts.


8. The Meatery

The Meatery is a Muslim-owned gourmet butchery started out by a husband-and-wife team due to their love for quality halal prime meats. What sets them apart is that their meats are sourced only from farms that practise ethical farming methods.

Looking for free-range, grain-fed or grass-fed beef? Or deciding between Wagyu or Angus? Rest assured all their meat selections have been carefully curated from the best farms in Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and USA. If you are at a loss as to which meats to pick, we recommend browsing through the "The Butcher's Recommendation" so you'll get a better idea of what to try! They also have yakiniku/shabu-shabu options as well as disposable grill sets.


9. CS Foods

CS Foods offers a range of halal meat and seafood options from the US, Australia and New Zealand. If you're whipping up a special meal at home, check out their range of steak cuts, short-ribs or Wagyu shabu-shabu. They also have a great selection of seafood from tiger prawns to salmon fillet, scallops and more. For those of you who want easy meals, check out their finger food and ready-to-eat selections.


Whether you're looking for some frozen pastes to whip up some yummy dishes at home or stocking up on your meat supplies, we hope these 9 halal grocery delivery, supermarket and meat retailers will make your life easier.