7 Easy Halal French Dessert Recipes To Make At Home For A Sweet Treat


Ili •  Nov 11, 2020

Itching to try out new desserts to up your baking skills? Then get ready to whip up all kinds of halal French desserts at home with this list! From buttery madeleines to creamy chocolate mousses, you'll get to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and transport yourself to France all in one delicious bite ?

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1. Creme brulee

When it comes to creme brulees, many people assume that it’s difficult to make. But what if we told you that all you need are 5 ingredients to create this rich and elegant dessert? That’s right - creme brulees are easy to bake and while most recipes require a kitchen torch to achieve its signature caramelized sugar top, you won't be needing one if you use this easy recipe right here.

2. Chocolate mousse

Ready to impress your family and friends with a traditional French chocolate mousse? Using just 4 ingredients (yes, you read that right!), all you need to do is combine dark chocolate, eggs, sugar and lemon juice, then let them magically come together in the fridge before serving  yourself a fantastically rich dessert. Get yourself started on your chocolate mousse using this easy recipe.

3. Souffle

While chocolate souffles are notorious for being hard to bake, they’re not all that scary once you actually get to making them. Sure, certain steps may be a little trickier than the rest but it’s still totally doable on your own! Requiring only a short list of ingredients, get ready to throw your apron on and create a decadent dessert using this halal chocolate souffle recipe.

4. Meringue cookie

Light, airy and perfectly crisp, pair this bite-size dessert with a cup of your favourite coffee and you’ve got yourself the perfect weekend treat. While making meringue cookies are easy enough, the one thing you should look out for is humidity - it can make or break this delicate dessert. It’s a tricky issue to navigate, but it’s not an impossible one to overcome! All it takes is a bit of planning, timeliness and this easy halal French meringue cookies recipe and you’re well on your way to making a batch of these to enjoy at home ?

5. Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate isn't uniquely French, but the one from the famous Parisian cafe, Angelina is! Regarded as the best hot chocolate in Paris, this European style drink is far thicker in consistency than most regular hot chocolates which gives it its iconic rich and velvety flavour. With just a whiff and a taste, the combo of its aroma and silkiness is enough to hook you in completely. So if that sounds heavenly to you, go ahead and see how you can fix one up yourself with this easy halal French chocolate recipe.

6. Eclair

Mention chocolate eclairs and a few things come to mind: beautiful airy shells, delicious cream filling and a rich chocolate glaze. It’s all these combined and more that makes the chocolate eclair one of the most popular classic French desserts out there. And while you may think that this delicate treat is hard to make, the truth is that you can make them on your own. With this halal eclair recipe, you’ll see for yourself how simple it can be to whip up an entire batch of it in your kitchen ?

7. Madeleine

Known as one of the most popular French bakes, madeleines are a unique cross between a cake and a cookie. So if you're a fan of both, it should definitely be your next baking project. Perfect to have with a cup of tea, prepare to dive right into this halal madeleine recipe and indulge in a batch of soft, buttery treats.

With these recipes, you'll be able to transport yourself to France in no time! And if you're looking to whizz yourself to a different country once you've tried out all these desserts, you can check out these recipes next: