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8 Easy Halal Korean Recipes To Satisfy Your Late Night Cravings


Ili •  Jan 19, 2021


[Updated 20 May 2021] Let's face it - we've all experienced midnight hunger pangs before. It can hit you out of nowhere and leave you raiding the refrigerator for a meal to cure those cravings. While a simple sandwich or a basic bowl of oatmeal might do the trick, why not treat yourself to something a little heartier like kimchi fried rice, budae jjigae and jajangmyeon? With this list of easy halal Korean recipes, you've got all sorts of yummy choices to keep your stomach happy.
1. Ramdon
Made with a combination of two types of instant noodles - Chapagetti and Neoguri - ramdon is one of the easiest things you can whip up at home. Popularized by the award-winning film, Parasite, recreate this dish by following Korean Bapsang's recipe. While it includes the use of beef (sirloin steak to be exact), you can always omit this or switch it up with another protein of your liking. P.S. Stock up your pantry with these 18 halal Korean instant noodles that you can find in Malaysia & Singapore.
2. Budae jjigae
Also known as Korean Army Stew, a yummy pot of budae jjigae will fix your hunger right up! Traditionally, pork and processed meats i.e Spam which is canned cooked ham are incorporated into the recipe. However, what's awesome about this one-pot meal is that you can get as creative as you want with the ingredients. With a little tweaking and swapping around, this simple halal budae jjigae recipe will be one that you turn to over and over again.
3. Sundubu jjigae
Can't get enough of stews? Then you've got to add sundubu jjigae on your list of things to cook! This popular Korean soft tofu stew is made with everything that you can expect in a comforting meal - extra soft tofu, thinly sliced meat, kimchi and an amazingly flavourful broth. Truly perfect for anytime of the day (but best for late at night), dive right into this halal sundubu jjigae recipe and whip up a bowl of yummy Korean stew at home.
4. Rabokki
Love Korean rice cakes and noodles? Rabokki (ramen and tteokbokki) will give you the best of both worlds! It makes for a great comfort and food and should be your go-to late night meal, especially since it's super easy to throw together. Spicy, savoury and addictive all at once, check out this halal rabokki recipe to get started ?
5. Kimchi fried rice
Simple, delicious and foolproof - that's the beauty of kimchi fried rice ? Whether you're looking for an easy yet flavourful meal to make or just wanting to satisfy your Korean cravings, this dish is perfect for you. There are plenty of recipe variations on kimchi fried rice online, but as long as you have the basic ingredients like rice, kimchi and a few key pantry essentials that are important for Korean cuisine (e.g sesame oil, gochujang and gochugaru), you're good to go! Of course, you're more than welcome to add other things that you can find in your kitchen, which is what you'll see in this easy kimchi fried recipe. P.S. Want more fried rice recipes? Whip up these 8 delicious fried rice recipes from around the world.
6. Jajangmyeon
One of the most iconic dishes in Korea is jajangmyeon or jjajangmyeon (black bean sauce noodles). This fascination combination of Korean-Chinese cuisines is much-loved in both Korea and our part of the world too. While it typically uses yellow or wheat noodles, you can always substitute it with instant ramen noodles because the key ingredient here is actually halal chunjang, the black bean paste that gives the dish its dark colour and flavour. Get yourself starter using this easy halal jajangmyeon recipe right away!
7. Dakgalbi
As a local specialty from Chuncheon - the capital city of Gangwon Province, South Korea - dakgalbi is a popular dish that's essentially a combo of chicken, vegetables and rice cakes stir-fried with a spicy gochujang based sauce. You can expect to find this item on the menu of most Korean restaurants where its served in many variations, one of them being cheese dakgalbi. If you're ready to have a taste of this yummy dish as your midnight meal, make your way to the kitchen with this easy halal dakgalbi recipe.
8. Tteokguk
If you're a fan of soups, tteokguk should be right up your alley! Traditionally eaten on New Year’s for luck and prosperity, this soothing dish of sliced rice cakes, savoury beef broth and thinly sliced egg has become a classic comfort food that’s enjoyed all year round. Korean Bapsang's tteokguk recipe is a good place to start and with just one bite, you're sure to fall head over feels for this filling meal. For more easy halal recipes, check out what else we've got: