7 Easy Halal Korean Breakfast Recipes To Kick Start Your Morning


Ili •  Jan 14, 2021

Tired of having the same bowl of cereal every morning? It's time to switch things up and treat yourself to a hearty meal of easy yet delicious Korean breakfast dishes! From nourishing bowls of porridge to thick yummy toasts, kick start your day with one of the recipes below ?

1. Gyeran-bbang

As one of the many popular Korean street foods, gyeran-bbang (also known as egg bread) is a simple yet amazingly delicious treat that gives you the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavours. Further elevated by various toppings such as cheese, green herbs and tomato sauce, it makes for the ideal brunch or midday snack. Can't wait to try it out? Go ahead and check out this halal gyeran-bbang recipe to get your treat sorted for the day.

2. Gilgeori toast

Far from your average sandwich, gilgeori toast (also known as Korean street toast) gives you a delicious blend of sweet and savoury flavours with a load of vegetables packed between buttery toasts. It’s a great meal to have for breakfast or even brunch -and with just one bite, you might've just found your favourite go-to meal  to make! Click here to see how you can make yourself a delicious, halal gilgeori toast recipe.

3. Egg Drop sandwich

If we had to include a sandwich in this list, it has to be the Egg Drop sandwich from the widely loved K-drama, Hospital Playlist. Thanks to the show, we've been introduced to this amazingly thick toast that is originally comes from a popular Korean chain known as Egg Drop. Anytime one of the characters takes a bite out of this amazing looking sandwich, our stomachs rumble and our mouths water. So if you’re anything like us and are dreaming of a taste of buttery brioche toast and fluffy eggs, this easy Egg Drop recipe will remedy that immediately.

4. Pajeon

Switch up your regular, sweet pancakes with savoury ones by making pajeon (scallion pancakes)! If you step into any Korean restaurant, you'll probably see a section of the menu dedicated to this dish. Other variations that are equally as popular are kimchijeon (kimchi pancakes) and haemul pajeon (seafood scallion pancakes). These crispy pancakes are usually served with a dipping sauce and they make for a simply delicious side dish! It's also super simple to make halal Korean pancakes at home from scratch, and we'll show you how with this easy halal pajeon recipe!

5. Bibimbap

Have some leftovers from last night's dinner? Go ahead and create an awesome bibimbap bowl out of it! There are endless variations to this dish and no matter what basic ingredients you choose to incorporate, you'll be good to go. If you have pantry staples like soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds, make sure to add those for extra flavours. While this dish is often eaten for lunch, all you need to do to make it a breakfast or even brunch item is replace a few ingredients! Modify the toppings to your liking and dig into this hearty dish that'll perfectly fuel your stomach.

6. Kimchi fried rice

As Southeast Asians, it’s no secret that we love our fried rice dishes and having them for breakfast is normal in many households. So the combo of kimchi and fried rice will surely delight you. It’s hard to go wrong when making this recipe as it really only requires day-old to two-day old rice and kimchi. But why stop there when you can add other things like mushrooms, eggs, chicken and even seafood. Get yourself started with our easy kimchi fried rice recipe right here.

7. Dakjuk 

Perfect for starting your day, especially on a cold rainy morning, whip up dakjuk (Korean chicken porridge) for a nutritious and hearty breakfast! This creamy porridge is made with all sorts of grains, proteins and vegetables. There are endless variations to this dish, so you won't have to eat the same thing twice - unless you've found your favourite combo, then by all means stick to that! If you just want to make the classic version, Korean Bapsang's easy dakjuk recipe will do the trick.

With these easy yet delicious recipes, skip your cereals and enjoy yummy Korean flavours for breakfast!

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