5 Easy Korean Rice Cake Recipes You Should Make At Home


Ili •  Jun 30, 2020

If you love Korean food just as much as we do, then you're probably familiar with Korean rice cakes. It's one of the most popular ingredients in Korean cuisine that has now become a household staple for many home cooks - and for good reason! With this one item, you can actually create several recipes out of it. From yummy snacks and hearty meals to comforting soups, check out our list below for some easy Korean rice cake recipes that you can and should make for yourself at home ?

1. Tteokbokki

Ah, the classic tteokbokki with its iconic spicy, rich, umami flavour. A true favourite among locals and travellers alike. Known as one of the most popular Korean street foods, this dish never fails to make our mouths water no matter what time of the day it is. And luckily for everyone, making tteokbokki at home is a piece of cake. With this easy halal tteokbokki recipe we’ve got ready for you, you’ll be able to enjoy a huge pot of Korean spicy rice cakes all to yourself in no time ? 

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2. Tteokkochi

Also known as rice cake skewers, tteokkochi is another popular Korean street food snack that you can easily find amongst street vendors in Korea. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, this addictive snack is made all the better with a generous amount of sweet, tangy and spicy sauce spread all over it ?

Perfect for anyone who loves Korean rice cakes and have never tried it this way, get ready to make your very own tteokkochi at home with this easy video recipe above. Using basic ingredients that require just a few simple steps to put together, you’ll find out soon enough why these rice cake skewers have steadily become a frequent go-to snack. 

3. Gunjung tteokbokki

Originating from the royal palace during the Joseon dynasty, Gunjung means ‘palace or royal court’ and was then known as the king’s snack. Today, the dish is served everywhere in Korea and widely enjoyed by people from all walks of life. 

Unlike the typical tteokbokki, gunjung tteokbokki is savoury and not spicy. It's made with a soy sauce based sauce and mostly meat which makes it a much richer dish that'll fill your stomach up nicely and keep you content for hours. So if you ever need to put together a meal that can guarantee to fix big appetites, whether yours or other people's, you'll know which dish to turn to ?

4. Tteokguk

Sometimes, all you need is a hearty bowl of soup to warm you right up and tteokguk happens to be one that can do the trick. Traditionally eaten on New Year’s for luck and prosperity, this soothing dish of sliced rice cakes, savoury beef broth and thinly sliced egg has become a classic comfort food that’s enjoyed all year round. 

Whether you're a fan of soups or not, it's hard to deny that this dish is perfect for snuggling at home on a rainy day while you catch up on some reading or spend time binge-watching your favourite K-drama series. So prepare yourself for whenever it starts pouring outside and check out this simple tteokguk recipe by honeykki. 

5. Rabokki 

Rabokki is a combination of ramyeon and tteokbokki. So for anyone who’s a huge fan of both instant ramen noodles and Korean spicy rice cakes, this combo was truly created for none other than you ?

As a popular Korean snack-meal, rabokki is the ultimate comfort food made with simple ingredients like noodles, Korean rice cakes, Korean fish cakes, cabbage, spicy sauce and hard boiled eggs. But just like many other dishes, you can always spruce it up by adding other things like dumplings, spring rolls and even changing up the type of noodles you use. However, if you prefer having a guide to show you how it’s done the traditional way, then Seonkyoung Longest’s video recipe above is perfect for you.

And there you have it! 5 easy Korean rice cake recipes that you can definitely whip up at home anytime for whenever you need a flavourful meal or a delightful snack to satisfy your K-cravings ?