In the midst of planning your trip to Hong Kong? We know – there’s so many exciting things and places that the eclectic city has that you’re at a loss of where to start planning. Let us ease your mind (and all that planning!).

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Complete your Hong Kong adventure with these 20 awesome things you have to add to your travel bucket list 🤗

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1. Explore Hong Kong Disneyland

No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a visit to Disneyland! Spend an entire day exploring this haven that’s perfect for both the young and old. RC Racer and Hyperspace Mountain are a must for thrill-seekers while The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Mad Hatter Tea Cups cannot be missed by families.

These rides are super popular, and you might need to spend quite a bit of time waiting. Which is why the FASTPASS tickets come in handy 😉 It’s free and all you have to do is head to the ticket machine at these rides (Hyperspace Mountain, Winnie the Pooh and Iron Man Experience) and come back at the stipulated time.

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2. Conquer Ocean Park

Your theme park adventure should not stop at Disneyland! Hong Kong’s oldest and second largest theme park deserves a spot on your travel bucket list too. Ocean Park consists of a marine park, theme park and an Instagrammable cultural zone. There’s so much to do here that you’d need a full day to fully experience this park!

As there are 2 parts to the park – the waterfront and summit – you’d need to take either a cable car or train to get there. Choose the cable car to enjoy stunning views of the ocean 😍

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3. Head up to The Peak

Immerse in the beauty of Hong Kong’s skyline and views at The Peak! At 428 metres above sea level, this is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong and you wouldn’t want to miss the views from the top. Head there right when it opens as it’s the least crowded! But if you visit in the night, the views are just as breathtaking too.

The famous tram ride to the top is an experience in itself too! It moves upwards on a 45-degree slope, so hold on tight if you did not manage to get a seat 😎

4. Hike Dragon’s Back

Wait, perhaps the best views are the ones you work for 😜 Not too hard though! Go out of the city and retreat into nature by taking an easy hike at Dragon’s Back. If you’re not up for a full hike, take bus 9 up to To Tei Wan and trek for an hour to the top. The views throughout the trail are enough to captivate you to reach the peak!

#HHWT Tip: We recommend checking the weather before heading on the trail. The sky was gloomy when we went, hence we could not fully enjoy the view 😢

5. Watch the Symphony of Lights

If the views of the city’s skyline alone are not enough to impress you, how about if we add light and sound to the mix? 😉 Prepare to be dazzled by the Symphony of Lights, the world’s largest permanent light and sound show!

The show is best viewed at Hong Kong’s largest mall, Harbour City, observation deck and Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade so head there after your shopping spree!

6. Aqua Luna

We know. The view looks so inviting that you wish you could take a dip in the water😌 Well… You can’t. But we’ve got something that’s close! Hop onboard one of Hong Kong’s last remaining red-sail Chinese junks and sail through the water on a comfortable lounge bed while enjoying a complimentary drink.

Book the evening slot just before sunset for the best (and most romantic) views 😉

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7. Star Ferry

For a more budget-friendly way to explore the harbour, the Star Ferry is your best bet! The ferry is actually a form of public transportation many locals use to get from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. There’s no free drink included in the price but we were impressed by how comfortable the ferry was 🤗

Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to interact with many of the locals onboard!

P.S. Here’s more budget-friendly ways to explore Hong Kong!

8. Ride the Ding Ding

Get closer to the city onboard Hong’s Kong beautiful trams – the Ding Ding! The Ding Ding might be 110 years old but its beauty is still unbeatable. Lean back, feel the breeze and explore the city’s top sights, all from the comfort of your seat at the open top upper deck.

Credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board

The best part is it won’t come with a hefty price tag, as the Ding Ding is the city’s cheapest public transportation! But if you’d like to know more about the stories behind the city’s sights, join the TramOramic Tour where you can learn about the local lives through a picture gallery, videos and audio guide.

9. Ngong Ping

Home to the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, Ngong Ping is a must-visit attraction that’s not just rich in culture but also beauty. The Big Buddha here is the most iconic attraction of Lantau but you’d need to climb 268 steps before reaching the top 😉 Be sure to spend some time exploring the village or even trying your hand at making your own traditional Lantau fragrant tea (cable car tickets are included in the package).

Spice up your journey to the village by taking the Crystal Cabin cable car. It’s a truly immersive experience seeing the gorgeous view from the cabin’s glass floor. Come early though, as the cabins are limited in quantity hence the wait for them might be long!

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10. Kowloon Mosque

Mosques are always the go-to place to find meet the local Muslim community and find a sense of familiarity as well as peace, amidst the hustle of travelling.  And Kowloon Mosque is the perfect place for all that! Hong Kong’s largest mosque is built with a beautiful white marble finish that’d also leave you in awe.

There’s no need to travel far to reach this mosque, as it’s located beside Tsim Sha Tsui MTR.


11. Islamic Centre Canteen

There’s no way you can miss trying authentic dim sum in Hong Kong. Known as the best halal dim sum place ever, Islamic Centre Canteen is the place that will satisfy those cravings! Take your pick from their wide range of steamed and fried dim sum. Our personal favourites are the succulent steamed siu mai with chicken and the crispy deep fried shrimp won ton 😋

#HHWT Tip: Head to the canteen early, as dim sum is not sold after 3pm or it might be sold out earlier depending on the crowds. But you can still try their amazing Cantonese dinner menu for lunch or dinner!

12. Wai Kee

Visit Wai Kee Duck Rice for the best Halal roast duck. The eatery is nestled on the second floor of Bowrington Road Market, a short walk away from Islamic Centre Canteen and Causeway Bay Station. This is probably the only place you can find halal roast duck in Hong Kong, so savour every bite!

There’s no questioning the quality and taste of food here, not when locals also flock to Wai Kee for some heavenly duck rice (and mutton curry too!) 😌.

If you’re looking for more yummy halal food near major attractions, we’ve got 8 more options for you!

13. Islam Food

Allow us to attest to how good the veal goulash here is. It was served steaming hot and the stew in the patty oozed out when we cut into the goulash. On the outside, it was crispy but filled with juicy and tender meat on the inside. We could even feel the meat melting in our mouths 🤤

Don’t leave after trying the goulash! Islam Food has plenty of other noteworthy food like their beef dumpling soup, curry mutton and scallion pancakes that’ll leave you drooling.

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14. Chrisly Inn (Bakery)

Savour Hong Kong’s local snacks while you’re here! Muslim-friendly local snacks are not easy to find but Chrisly Inn Bakery went to great lengths to be the exception by ensuring all ingredients used in their bakery are halal. Our favourites are the pineapple bun (bo lo bao) and egg tart which are baked to perfection ☺️

Note: The dine-in cafe is not halal, but their bakery is separate from the café. You may choose to take-away your snacks!

15. A1 Tofu Company

Your sweet treats do not stop at Chrisly Inn Bakery. Visit A1 Tofu Company for some silky smooth bean curd! With a history of over 50 years, this tofu place is not to be missed. Try some of the locals’ favourites including black sesame, horlicks and almond paste.

The space in the eatery is small, so there’s only a small standing area for your to enjoy your snack!


16. Sham Shui Po

Known as the heart of Hong Kong’s textiles manufacturing industry, Sham Shui Po is made up of an array of shopping streets from Button Street to Leather Street. Yes, this is the place to get all the fabric you need for your next Eid costume 😉 Prices are competitive here as most things are wholesale, and there are a line of shops selling similar items.

Credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board

P.S. Get a renowned red blue and white bag (originated from Hong Kong!) here to keep all your loot 😉

17. Ladies Market

Looking for a one-stop place for all your souvenir shopping? Ladies Market is your answer! The market is lined with shops, many of which sell similar items but if you look hard enough, you’re bound to find something unique ☺️ The market is especially crowded on weekends so head there during the weekdays if you don’t want to jostle with the crowd!

#HHWT Tip: Haggle your way to the lowest prices here. If it does not work, just walk away (they’d most likely call you back😉) or head to another store – there’s bound to be similar things with better prices.

18. Fa Yuen Sneakers Street

This street is every sneakers’ fan dream come true 😍 Fa Yuen is home to an extensive of sports shoes and sportswear shops from Nike, Adidas and New Balance. The highlight here is its array of latest and limited-edition designs from around the world.

Take your time browsing through the different shops and compare the prices, as some might sell your dream shoes at a cheaper price!

19. Harbour City

Hong Kong’s largest mall is your one-stop shopping paradise! Harbour City has over 450 shops, from local brands like Sugarman to international brands. It is also home to Louis Vuitton’s largest store in Asia and Chanel’s Asia Flagship store 😍

Be sure to add LCX (Level 3) to your shopping spots. Filled with chic fashion and beauty accessories, this is the go-to store for young adults!

Instagrammable Spots

20. Old Town Central

Ah the ‘gram. We’ve got you covered for that gorgeous Instagram feed you’ve been dreaming of at the city’s oldest but one of the most hipster neighbourhoods 😉 There is a good mix of washed out street art and newly painted walls here, so take your pick!

Credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board

To fully experience Old Town Central, go on a walking tour with this map that’ll help you navigate the area’s 5 main routes.

From must-visit attractions to the best local food, this list is everything you need to kickstart your planning. Now that you have this list, we hope you’re ready for an epic Hong Kong adventure 🤗

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Book your tickets and hotels with Cathay Pacific!

Fly to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific and use our promo code "HHWTHKG" to enjoy SGD50 off your flight and hotels. Plus, you can enjoy discounted tickets on major attractions and many more 😍


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