Here's What Flight Prices From Singapore To Hong Kong Look Like In Nov & Dec 2020


Faruq Senin •  Oct 16, 2020

[UPDATED 11 Nov 2020]

With the announcement that Singapore and Hong Kong will be starting their air travel bubble on 22 November 2020, it's definitely great news! This means that Singaporeans will be able to travel to Hong Kong for leisure without the need for quarantine. If you're interested to plan your trip, you might be wondering what flight prices from Singapore to Hong Kong are like for the end of the year.

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Designated flights from Singapore to Hong Kong in November and December 2020

When the travel bubble launches on 22 November, it will start with one flight per day into each city and there's a quota of 200 travellers per flight. Starting from 7 December 2020, there'll be 2 flights per day. This will be increased to two flights a day from Dec 7.

Travellers can only board one of the following flights between both countries:

  • From 22 Nov - SQ890 and CX759
  • From 7 Dec - SQ890, SQ891, CX734, CX759

However, if the average number of unlinked COVID-19 cases in both Singapore and Hong Kong exceeds 5, the air travel bubble will be suspended.

As time goes by, we hope to see more flights between both Singapore and Hong Kong!

Prices of designated flights

We did a little research on the prices for the designated flights and here's what we found:

1) Singapore Airlines

  • Nov - SGD324.50 one-way (only Singapore to Hong Kong)
  • Dec - SGD557.80 round-trip (first week of Dec), SGD618-SGD729 (second to fourth week of Dec), Prices can go over SGD1000 during the New Year period

Check it out here!

2) Cathay Pacific

  • Nov - SGD421.80 one-way (only Hong Kong to Singapore)
  • Dec - from SGD486.50 round-trip (first to second week of Dec), from SGD636.80 to SGD734.80 round-trip (second to fourth week of Dec)

Check it out here!

As there'll only be one flight from each city in November, do note that you'd have to travel to Hong Kong via Singapore Airlines and return via Cathay Pacific if your trip falls entirely in November. That will cost around SGD746.30 round-trip.

Considering that you'd expect to pay around SGD400+ on Singapore Airlines during a normal travel period and that prices can go up to SGD800+ during peak travel season, we'd say that the prices seem pretty reasonable for now.

Should you book your flights now?

As more people start planning their trips to Hong Kong, do note that flight prices might fluctuate. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide if you want to travel to Hong Kong. To help you make a better decision, check out everything you need to know about the Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble in this guide. Be sure to check out our articles to plan your Hong Kong trip: