Popular Fusion Takoyaki HBB Oishi Boru Opens A New Physical Store In Orchard


Qistina Bumidin •  Dec 03, 2021

Singaporeans love takoyakis, period. From finding its place as a staple in pasar malams, to various versions of the heavenly bite-sized balls of dough popping up across our little island, we simply can’t get enough of it.  ?

Jumping onto our neverending takoyaki fever is the newly opened Oishi Boru at Somerset. From its humble beginnings as a home-based business to selling out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY,  it is hard to be unconvinced of its deliciousness as their title promises. 

P.S. To avoid long queues and disappointment, order through their online booking form and collect your treats at the shop itself!

Apart from classic and popular fillings of prawn, octopus and ham and cheese, their unique fillings such as spicy beef, teriyaki chicken, mozzarella bolognese, have also gained them a strong following for such surprisingly oishi combinations. 

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Oishi Boru opens a new physical store in Orchard


Credit: Oishī Bōru (Instagram)

For those who need that little kick in their food, the spicy beef will do just the trick. The marinated minced beef paired with chili padi (you’ve been warned!), is definitely made for the bold and brave.


Credit: Oishī Bōru (Instagram)

Take your tastebuds to the extremes with their mozzarella bolognese filling. Its gooey stuffing is flavourful yet not overpowering with every bite. Along with its sauteed beef bolognese sauce over the borus, it’s the perfect takoyaki for cheese lovers!


Credit: Oishī Bōru (Instagram)

If you just prefer all things savoury, teriyaki chicken is your go-to filling. Chunks of marinated chicken thighs drizzled with their homemade teriyaki sauce makes up a rich, umami flavour that keeps you coming back for more. 

These borus come in three different sets: 6 pcs Personal Borus (S$6.90 for six pieces), 12 pcs Upsized Borus (S$13.60 for 12 pieces) and 35 pcs Teaser Platter (currently unavailable at the time of writing). 

Oishi Boru also offers sushi bakes, the latest quarantine food craze that swept up social media. For the uninitiated, a sushi bake is a deconstructed, layered sushi baked like a casserole. It keeps all the usual components of sushi - seasoned Japanese rice and typical ingredients— before being heated up in the oven. Each Personal Tray costs S$11.50, and comes in three flavours: California, Salmon Teriyaki, and Garlic Butter Prawns.


Credit: Oishī Bōru (Instagram)

This sushi bake is a twist of the famed California maki (roll) features Japanese rice layered with avocado, tamagoyaki (omelette) and kanimaki (crab stick). Topped with tobiko (fish roe) and mayonnaise, its elegant presentation is almost too pretty to consume. 

Bring your family and friends over this weekend and go wild in choosing these oishi borus and sushi bakes. Who knows, perhaps the fusion ones could be your new favourites! Itadakimasu!

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address:111 Somerset #01-K8, Singapore 238164

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