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7 Halal Takoyaki Deliveries In Singapore To Satisfy All Your Cravings


Shasha Dania •  Jun 06, 2020


If you're looking for something easy and convenient to snack on, takoyaki should be one of the first to come to mind! These bite-sized balls of dough have fillings such as octopus, prawn and more and are so yummy you can end up finishing a whole box before you realise it. While you can't visit Tokyo right now to get an authentic takoyaki fix, you can still order takoyaki to satisfy your cravings from these 7 takoyaki deliveries in Singapore! Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

7 Halal Takoyaki Deliveries In Singapore

1. Aflaha Takoyaki

Since they opened in 2017, Aflaha Takoyaki has sold over 10,000 tubs of their signature takoyaki! Their takoyaki comes in sets of 24, 36, or 48 and you can choose from various fillings. They're perfect for a larger order for a celebration or surprise, and you can even take it up a notch with their Cheesy Lover takoyaki that's covered in cheese sauce. Halal status: Muslim-owned View More

2. Yummy Takoyaki

Yummy Takoyaki used to be a familiar sight at bazaars and night markets, and you can still get their takoyaki delivered to you across the island. Apart from classic and toppings like prawn, octopus, and shaved bonito flakes, they have unique options like hot and spicy chilli tuna, and even Cheese Banjir! ? Halal status: Muslim-owned View More

3. Cutie Patch Kitchen

If you're buying takoyaki, two of the most important things is that it arrives with a generous filling and delicious sauce. Cutie Patch Kitchen's takoyaki have even compared the taste to Gindaco Takoyaki, so you know they'll be worth it! You can even order platters or party bundles for a larger order because you definitely won't be able to stop at just a few. Halal status: Muslim-owned View More

4. Topping De Cuppies

You might have seen Topping de Cuppies before at a bazaar, and now you can order their takoyaki for delivery right to your doorstep! Their weekly orders open every Monday and close once slots fill up, so you might have to race against their other fans to get a slot. For an extra kick, make sure to add on chilli flakes to the toppings! Halal status: Muslim-owned View More

5. JP Kitchen

JP Kitchen serves up takoyaki as well as other popular Japanese snacks like maki rolls, yaki-udon, and donburi rice bowls! They use only premium Japanese flavour for the takoyaki, and you can add an extra kick to your order with their premium Spicy Dragon Fire Sauce or Truffle Goma Sauce. ? Halal status: Muslim-owned View More

6. Oishi Boru

Tired of the typical takoyaki fillings? You should try Oishi Boru's premium ingredients instead! From Chuka Idako to Teriyaki Chicken and even Mozzarella Bolognese, they put a new spin on this Japanese snack. They even offer bolognese sauce that you can drizzle all over for extra deliciousness! Halal status: Muslim-owned View More


The newest takoyaki seller on this list, MADTAKO officially launched on 2 Jun 2020! Apart from the classic flavours, they actually sell sweet takoyaki too, stuffed with nutella, kaya, red bean, or peanut butter and jelly. ? So now you can get dinner and dessert at the same time! Halal status: Muslim-owned Instagram It may not be the same as visiting Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto - but we're definitely glad we can still get authentic takoyaki (and even some unique creations!) right here in Singapore.