The Ultimate Guide To Halal Sushi In Singapore

The Ultimate Guide To Halal Sushi In Singapore


Fatehah •  Jun 20, 2023

Halal sushi in Singapore can be difficult to find - many of us have faced that familiar struggle of travelling all the way from the West to the East just to get our fix of halal nigiri or sushi rolls. ? If you're craving some sashimi or sushi though, you won't have to look any further than this guide to tell you where to order takeaway or delivery from! We've listed some places where you can get the best halal sushi in Singapore - this is the ultimate guide for all you sushi fans out there!

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Halal Sushi In Singapore

1. Hei Sushi

The Ultimate Guide To Halal Sushi In Singapore

Must-try dishes at Hei Sushi include the Aburi sushi and the Shake Tobimayo - seared salmon topped with tobimayo sauce (flying fish roe sauce & mayonnaise). The salmon was seared to the right degree and the sauce complemented the dish perfectly. Yummy!

You can't miss Hei Sushi’s speciality makimono either. With artistic creations such as the Spider Maki (soft shell crab and lettuce wrapped in Oba (perilla) leaf) and Sunshine Maki (breaded prawn sushi layered with mango), you’ll definitely be back for more! Their delivery and takeaway menu is offering promotions such as a 4 Teishoku deal, a Meal For Two which includes 2 Chawanmushi and 2 coke, and a sushi platter deal with 2 free sides!

Hei SushiHalal status: Hei Sushi outlets are Halal-certified by MUIS

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2. Maki-San

'Maki'-your-own-sushi right here at Maki-San! This is my personal go-to sushi place considering how fussy I am about my food, so much so that I want it personalized right down to every detail. ? A huge plus point is that the sushi here is affordable and there are so many ingredients to choose from to suit every appetite! They even have over 25 ingredients including more plant-based and meat-free options (like Impossible Meat) for even more variety.

Start by choosing which wrap you'd like your maki in - traditional nori (seaweed), crepe (egg wrap) or healthy soy wrap. You can also choose brown rice instead of Japanese white rice, if you prefer the healthier option. Then, take your pick of ingredients, sprinkles and sauces to complete your maki! I really was not kidding when I said your maki is personalized right down to the very detail. P.S. If you'd like to take your maki a notch higher, opt to fry your sushi at a small additional price! But you can only opt for this if you chose the traditional nori wrap.

Maki-SanHalal status: Maki-San outlets are Halal-certified by MUIS

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3. The Ramen Stall

Offering authentic Japanese food altered to suit the local palate, The Ramen Stall is a halal Japanese restaurant tucked away in North Bridge Road. The restaurant's name is enough to give away it's speciality dish but that's not all it's known for! There's also an amazing range of sushi for you to choose from at this restaurant to complement your steaming-hot bowls of noodles.

Apart from commonly found sushi such as the California Roll, indulge yourselves in torched salmon sushi, fresh salmon sashimi, torched beef sushi, and more. Eat to your heart's content here, as they are offering free islandwide delivery with a minimum spend of $50! Meanwhile, they have a Pick-N-Go Special offering 20% off when you order takeaway for their ala-carte items! Check out their menu on their website and simply place your order via Whatsapp. ? P.S. Looking for eateries open till late? We've shortlisted 17 halal supper spots in Singapore perfect for all your late-night cravings!

The Ramen StallHalal status: Halal-certified

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4. Inari-ku

This is one of the only halal sushi stores in Singapore which does not actually have a physical store. But do not underestimate the taste of Inari-ku, as this humble home kitchen is helmed by a stay-at-home mother who graduated from the Tokyo Sushi Academy! She was guided by experienced Japanese chefs and culinary talents during her time in Japan so you're guaranteed top-notch quality sushi here. ☺️ Try the Salmon Aburi Mentai to start - topped with savoury mentaiko (mayonnaise and fish roe) and grilled to smoky perfection!

One of her signature dishes is the Duo Inari Platter consisting of lobster salad inari and spicy chicken floss inari - truly a delicious combination of premium and standard toppings. She even has Curry Rice, Curry Udon, Takoyaki, and so much more - one bite will make you feel like you're exploring the streets of Osaka!

Inari-kuHalal status: Muslim-owned Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

5. Junshin Express

If you're wondering where to go to get some wallet-friendly sushi, then you've got to try out Junshin Express! Each piece of sushi here costs just 50 cents! ? Rows and rows of sushi will greet you as you enter this shop as you take in the sight of their seafood platters.

Junshin ExpressHalal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

6. Home of Sushi

This sushi spot might be a bit of a surprise because you'll probably recognise it by its other name - Home of Seafood! Yup, Home of Sushi is under the popular Home of Seafood seafood and zi char restaurant, so you can order fresh sashimi, sushi rolls and more on top of your seafood feast. ? Make sure to try their locally-inspired chilli crab and salted egg sushi, as well as their tempura maki! They're available for islandwide delivery too, so you can get your sushi fix delivered right to your doorstep.

Home of SushiHalal status: Halal-certified Find out more on Tribes by HHWT

7. Daya Izakaya

Daya Izakaya is the first halal Izakaya in Singapore. If you're not familiar with the term 'Izakaya', it refers to Japanese tapas or finger snacks and other comfort foods you're craving. While visiting, why not order a plate of sushi or two while waiting for your main meal to arrive? Their widely popular Spicy Salmon Roll delicately topped with black ebiko (capelin roe) is a crowd favourite.

Halal status: Halal-certified Instagram

8. Home of Seafood

Here's one eatery you wouldn't expect to offer halal sushi but does! Home of Seafood serves all kinds of seafood dishes from chilli crab to straight up seafood shell outs, there's something that'll satisfy your seafood cravings for sure. ?On top of those dishes, you can't miss their sushi platters. Try their warm Tempura Maki and Soft Shell Crab sushi! The atmosphere is cosy and it's open till late (10PM!) so you can visit for those late night supper munchies.

Halal status: Halal-certified Website

9. Emma's Halal Kitchen

This home based business makes sushi bakes! So if you're craving something a little like sushi but want to make it a personal order, this is where you can make that happen. There are lots of flavours to choose from too! From Salmon Mentaiko to Spicy Scallop Volcano sushi bake rice, you can choose the size that'll satisfy you! Not to mention, it's a great gathering food too.

Halal status: Muslim-owned Website With so many halal sushi options in Singapore, you'd be spoilt for choice when it comes to satisfying that sushi craving. Now do you believe us when we say that Singapore is a food paradise? ?