This Ramadan Bazaar At Simei Opens Only During Weekends


Desi Erni •  Mar 17, 2022

It looks like Ramadan this year will definitely be a grand affair. With recent announcements that the iconic Geylang Serai Bazaar and Laloolalang are returning this year, albeit, on a smaller scale, we're more than happy that we can finally look forward to one of the most enjoyable moments of Ramadan. In the spirit of festivities, here's one more bazaar you can look forward to at Simei!

8 Stalls To Check Out From This Weekends-Only Ramadan Bazaar At Simei

Located at Sing See Soon Experiential Garden Centre in Simei's heartland, known for providing spaces for other bazaars and flea markets, Big Boy Events' Ramadan Bazaar: Balik Kampung will be held on the last three weekends of Ramadan — namely the weekends of April 16, 23 and 30. There will be about 20 booths set up selling a variety of items from food, beverages, apparel,  shawls, candles, snacks and more!  A portion of the vendor line-up will be refreshed every week, which will keep you coming back for more. In light of the theme, there are a variety of nostalgic activities for you to check out! For now, there are 8 vendors confirmed to be a part of Ramadan Bazaar: Balik Kampung. Let's check out what they have to offer!

1. Indosnack

Credit: @she_wan for Instagram

If you're craving some snacks after breaking fast, Indosnack's delicious, affordable snacks will definitely fix those hunger pangs! ? They ships all of their unique, authentic snacks from Indonesia directly such as Tempeh Chips Balado, Purple Sweet Potato Chips, and the highly popular (and Indosnack-recommended) Matoh Cassava Chips. Cassava chips are much healthier than your usual potato chips, which makes them a perfect snack to munch on after a whole day of fasting! ? If you can't get enough of it (it's so addictive, we get you! ?), you can always order more at their Shopee link.

Halal status: All of the products brought in have the halal certification logo.

Facebook | Instagram | Shopee

2. Big Boy Franks (BBF)

Credit: @bigboyfranks.sg for Instagram

If you prefer to indulge in a hearty meal, Big Boy Franks's big, juicy burgers and hotdogs is something you can look forward to! In addition to their loaded, cheesy delights, they will also be serving up classic Ramadan delicacies with their own twist: taco dendeng, lotus dendeng and more. Are you looking and this picture and drooling right now, because we are ? There will be more items on the menu for you to dig in, so stay tuned to updates from their social media ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Facebook | Instagram

3. Candles by whimssical

Credit: @candles_by_whimssical for Instagram

With cases steadily decreasing, and Ramadan bazaars returning, there might be a LITTLE hope that we can celebrate Raya physically with our loved ones! ? We must all be busy doing house preparations, so why not make your home Raya-ready in an instant with fresh aromas from Candles by whimssical? All of their candles are manufactured with high-quality soy wax and premium aroma oils in reusable jars, so it's environmentally-friendly and definitely will keep your future visitors (and yourself) relaxed and at home. Since 2021 their candles have been infused with crystal gemstones, for a touch of luxury! It's a celebration, so go big in style! ?

Website | Instagram


Credit: @feyonkasg for Instagram

Muslimahs, it's time to do a revamp of your wardrobe with Feyonka! They offer modest clothes from day-to-day outfits to Raya styles ? You can even wear matching sets with your children for Raya as well! They also do Instagram live sessions, so if you're looking to score the best deals, you can check it out too! Of course, it definitely doesn't beat seeing their beautiful, colourful ranges for yourself at the bazaar ?

Website | Instagram

5. Feruzshop

Credit: @feruzshop for Instagram

If you love Feyonka's fabulous collections, you'll definitely love their shawl designs at their sister company, Feruzshop! Home to jersey shawls, which is one of the most secure fabrics to style, even without accessories AND doesn't need ironing, you can say goodbye to bad hijab days ?

Website | Instagram

6. Raise A Glass

After an entire day of fasting, a nice, refreshing drink is definitely a must to quench your thirst! Look no further and check out Raise A Glass, with their selections of mocktails. From freshly made pina colada mocktails to strawberry mocktails, you'll be spoilt for choice! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned


7. Kopiboy

Credit: @kopiboy.sg for Instagram

Coffee lovers will definitely need to check out Kopi Boy! From a humble HBB to a full-fledged beverage company, Kopi Boy brings top-notch quality coffee and non-caffeinated drinks made by award-winning baristas ? Expect favourites such as Authentic Kopi, Luscious Dark Chocolate, Teh Tarik, Creamy Matcha Latte, Red Velvet Latte, Nutella Latte, Strawberries & Cream and Spiced Chai Latte. The shell-life of non-dairy drinks can last up to 7 days and 5 to 7 days for dairy beverages, so you can keep these drinks for your sahur or iftar ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Lime & Lemon

Credit: @limelemon_kidswear for Instagram

Planning to do a little shopping for your kids? Come support Lime & Lemon, a local company that sells ethical garments for babies and toddlers! Your kids are going to look super stylish in their unique, modern designs! ?


We're so excited to see more bazaars propping up! These 8 vendors are only a few of the many confirmed, so do stay tuned to further updates on Big Boys Events' social media pages. See you there! ?

Application for vendors here

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